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RECENTLY,I found out one of our sites was hacked somehow  and  a malicious script was somehow “injected” into our site – causing Google to blacklist us and  warn readers  NOT TO ENTER our site.

Traffic plummeted.

After doing some research, I could not locate the problem. I am not a programmer.  I am a blogger and publisher!

Someone told me about  SUCURI.  For  $89  they claimed they could fix the problem, remove the bad code and monitor my site for the next year.

Skeptical –  I paid the $89.  On a Sunday morning, within 2 hours – they cleaned the site and I was able to re-secure it with new passwords. And they have submitted us with a clean bill of health to Google.

If you EVER have an issue – we HIGHLY RECOMMEND  Sucuri!

Protect your sites

with Sucuri!

Web site


MALWARE removal!

IT WORKS!     We have used it!!


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  1. If you look in the right sidebar, there is a box you can add your email and click to subscribe. Thanks!

  2. I don’t know. People just are not buying these days. I don’t generate any income, unless people buy from the advertisers.

    We may have to shut the site down – I can’t afford to get going. We’ll see

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