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Huge 2WINK Underwear Swim Wear SALE


Out with the old; in with the new! The popular and only Western Australia underwear company, 2wink Australia, is dumping its “Made in China” stock to make way for new 100% Australian-made inventory!
To take advantage of this promotion, and to enjoy free worldwide shipping, log onto 2wink Australia is getting rid of its Hot Angel, Cool Devil, Graffiti, Loaded, Solid and Tanga ranges, which come in both briefs and trunks. Get yours for as little as $9-$10  USD!
“It’s the end of an era for us as we sell off the last of the ‘Made in China’ stock and remove it from our website, entirely,” says Carl McNeill, 2wink Australia co-owner.

2WINK Swimsuits and Underwear Gain Popularity in 2012 with New Styles

Australia’s brand name was conceived from the concept to wink your eye
(hence to wink) Combined with that the company produces Aussie made
products the result is 2-wink Australia. It is not TWINK.

2WINK is the hottest Australian-made designer Underwear and swimwear that is popular all around the world. Briefs, boxers and a fashionable swimwear.
(Pictured with Model Lee Stram,  Photoshoot by Paul Dedona Photography.)

“WalkAbout” is Australia’s first range of Aussie made underwear using
Aboriginal artwork on the waistband. Design by popular Aboriginal artist Peter Mulchay of Queensland, these briefs provide a sexy masculine look and feel.

Outstanding Aussie craftsmanship and made from using a mixture of cotton/spandex, these briefs and trunks hold firm and highlight your front and rear assets. External exposed grey stitching further enhance the appearance of these sexy looking low rider briefs and comfortable trunks.

2WINK has scorching hot models and ads – but also deliver a great quality product. They strive for top-notch quality and products are all made in Australia with strict quality controls. Their product has grown at leaps and bounds in the last year and can be found in over 40 countries.

You can always order online as well, with free shipping.

2 WINK   Look sexy and feel great.

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Gregg Homme 2011 Underwear Collection

The new Gregg Homme campaign takes the fans into a dark, empty parking lot in the middle of the night, in the naughtiest underground city north of the American border (Montreal – you’ve guessed it). Our hot new model goes commando right before your eyes to fulfill your darkest, wildest fantasies. Will you resist the temptation?

 “Our underwear collections emerge from men’s wildest fantasies and desires: it was the natural thing to do to give our fans a video to tantalize their imagination,” explains Eric Boisvert, Gregg Homme’s president.

Fans of the brand rejoice: the new collection includes zippers, latex-like and leather-like materials and other of our namesake advanced enhancing technologies. Gregg Homme takes the world of men’s underwear very seriously without forsaking the aspect of fun. Serious fun!


Work that Foreskin – Sniff Your Underwear









You know, I just love the strong, masculine type of guys just as much as the lovable, huggable twinky types.  Benjamin is  the kind of guy who just wants to have sex and have fun… but the dirtier the better.
This fit man quickly yet gently rubs his dick into a semi before removing his underwear. Once free, Benjamin finds his pace and teases us with some terrific foreskin action along with some playful attention to his hairy hole! 
Pretty soon I think he had forgotten I was even there, spitting down onto his cock and then sniffing his trainers and rubbing them over his cock! Well, I couldn’t stop him enjoying himself, could I? As time went by it became clear that Benjamin had definitely lost himself in a frenzy of self gratification, and before long he was shooting rope after rope of hot cum… on his chest, arm, and even a little on the wall behind him!