Intact Uncircumcised Uncut Cock from Around the World

Thanks to all the readers who send us their delicious, close-up, clear images of the beautiful cocks for us to all share!

The intact penis is a work of art – and each one is so different!

The foreskin of the human male’s penis should not be removed at birth except in rare instances. In Finland,  for example, where the circumcision rate is zero at birth, the risk of needing the foreskin removed later is one in sixteen thousand, six hundred sixty seven (1/16,667), an extremely rare event! The prepuce is invariably normal and almost never requires removal.  IT’S  LUDICROUS that doctors tell parents, that it should be removed!

The prepuce is an integral part of the human penis, as it is of all mammalian penises. This highly specialized region of mucous membrane and skin has several important functions. All of the reasons given to justify removal have turned out to be invalid. The risk of myriad complications far outweighs any alleged “benefits.” And no one else has the right to remove an important part of someone else’s body.

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