Men in Suits – One cut, One Uncut

D.O. sneaks away from his white-collar job for a cigarette, and his place of choice is a fire escape overlooking the back alley of his office building. But Edji Da Silva, a new hot shot around town, is already there. He and D.O. share a cigarette before taking advantage of their seclusion. The guys make out before taking of their jackets and feeling up their packages. Edji takes a seat on some boxes and yanks out his fat cock — D.O. hasn’t had sex in awhile, so he can’t hold out from sucking on what Arabic businessman has between his legs.

He gives his mouth a solid workout.

D.O. whips out his huge cock, and Edji swallows it right up and gives him a deep and wet blowjob. The guys eat out each other’s holes before Edji  pounds D.O. out, showing him what he has to offer and what he’s capable of. D.O. bends over and takes every thrust like a champ. Afterwards Edji offers hi s ass to D.O., who fucks him with the same aggression and intensity!



Dominant Guys Having Their Way

Welcome to MANHANDLED!

Men who aren’t afraid to get down ‘n’ dirty. Dominant guys forcefully taking their pleasures: face-fucking, gagging, drooling, kissing, rough play, and bondage. Verbal tops keeping their submissive bottoms in line. Fucking hard, playing hard and pushing the limits. (Not all of the men are Uncut).

Meet    Steve Vex  &    Adam Russo

Ever hear the expression ‘Let sleeping dragons lie?’  Adam Russo learns exactly what that means at a business conference with the too-hot-to-be-real Steve Vex.  A late night at the bar leads to Adam helping a drunken Steve to bed…but what’s a guy to do when you’ve got a stud like Steve passed out in front of you?

We can hardly blame Adam for being tempted to take advantage…and we definitely can’t blame Steve for being tempted to take some payback when he wakes up right in the middle of being violated.  Be careful what you wish for Adam, cuz you’re about to get a mouthful…