Force feed me! BRUTAL TOPS

Master Nick and Master Lee demand absolute submission. The confident fearsome men teach their new pony how to ride, sitting on his back, shouting orders at him and beating his naked ass every time he slows or collapses in the dirt.

The sub is sweating and exhausted with the weight of the men on his back.

The dominant masters kindly let him eat from the trough and add their own special ingredient, unleashing their thick cocks to piss in his oats and water. To be humiliated, abused and have your face ground into the mud by two confident muscular tops is a privilege for any lucky sub.


Brutal Tops Rape Force Fuck

Uncut Master Nick and  Uncut Master Toby are physically fit young men, in their prime and at the top of their game. Any bottom that wants to be considered worthy enough to worship them will need to prove themselves first. They shout at their sub pushing him through grueling physical exercise while they tease him with their perfect muscular bodies. Master Nick strips naked and stands on a chair. Bending at the waist he positions his ripe ass crack directly over the sub’s face, ordering the sub to do standing squats with his tongue sticking out so on every up and down movement his tongue will drag through the cleft of Nick’s ass cheeks.

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