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Adam Dacre

Adam’s been thinking about breaking into porn for a while and I’m glad to see that a lot of that thinking has been done in a gym. With his chiseled looks and lively green eyes he’s a striking man. Being hung and having a very dirty mind should help him get ahead in the adult biz.  The BEST in British  gay  porn…UK NAKED MEN.


Bull Dog Pit and Ben Rio Hot Cocksucker

Slim dark haired super bottom Rio returns from a fair time away from the Eurocreme scene to take on new boy Ben and he’s certainly got a package to work with!! The nicely formed dick is a great mix of length and girth, giving Rio’s peachy butt a real seeing to, taking his breath away as the hard slamming really gets them both going. Slow-mo shot lets us see Rio flex his butt around the shaft as he squats over his mate, letting him have as much of his ass as he wants, his smooth balls bouncing around against that delicious hole.




Happy New Year from UNCUT farm boy Mason Wyler

As you know, if you are a regular reader – you know we worship  MASON WYLER!

Mason is a fun guy to be around. He has  witty humor and intelligence, there always seems to be something on his mind worth talking about. Especially sex and cum!

His LIVE SHOWS make me wet.  I would LOVE to worship that cock, for an hour next time he is in Chicago!

The blonde haired stud gives you a strip show before stroking his massive uncut cut to a creamy conclusion, dumping his man milk all over the bed.- or my face!

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Long Latin Cock at World of Men

This young Cuban  guy loves playing with his much larger than average cock (which looks even bigger attached to his short tight body). Duarte goes into the shower playing with his body and cock in a playful manner, then he starts to get hard and his big 10″ cock grows until it is fully grown. He flips it around making loud noises as it slaps his legs (hot!) He then finally cums and shoots for the camera.


Bel Ami Beauty Kris Evans


kris evans long cock bel ami

What a delicious speciman of Uncut Cock and hottness!

Kris  Evans   at  the  new  and  improved   BEL  AMI!


The Bel Ami stud has been forced out of his police officer job and into exile after his small Hungarian hometown discovered that Kris was fucking and sucking  men on camera.
Nagyatad is the a small Hungarian town, population 12,000, where the impossible-bodied Bel Ami hunk Kris Evans called home. But now Kris is looking for somewhere new to live after local tabloids and TV reports spread the news that he was a porn star.

According to the tabloid, Kris Evans’s dirty little secret was likely leaked to reporters by a  local who was jealous of the designer clothes and nice car that Kris was able to afford with his new porn money. The tabloid states that Kris quit the police force before they had a chance to fire him, and that he’s planning to move abroad to weather the storm.

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10″ + of cock on the Island!







Is that a pineapple in your pants? or you just happy to see me?


Solomon – 19 & Hawaiian with 10 Uncut Inches!

Hapa is the Hawaiian word for half.  Solomon, a 19 year old local boy
from Kauai, is hapa Hawaiian & Mexican.  In my limited time on the
Islands, I have ‘discovered’ that mixed ethnic boys often have big
meaty uncut dicks.  Solomon is a beautiful brown Hapa boy with 10 fat
inches of uncut canoe between his legs! 

While filming in the kitchen
Solomon spontaneously picks up a pineapple and begins tossing it with
one hand while stroking his thick stick with the other.    While on
camera, Solomon asks me to witness that his hard cock is in fact
bigger then the ripe fruit in his other hand!  Yes, indeed it is!
Don’t miss this special moment as Solomon delights in the size of his
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Broke and Horny


Someone please get a membership with this site, so this poor guy can make a few dollars! Hell, I’d slip him a   $50  to suck that hot cock!

You are going to love this str8 guy. his name is Fernando, so Nando for short, he is 26 yrs old, works as a fireman and oh yah – loves to get naked for guys to look at!

He is what I consider to be near perfect, soft blue eyes, good muscled build with great biceps, medium height, and a cock that makes me drop to my knees and beg for it.

Man he could blow a few loads on my face and I would be slurping and licking it up while pumping out my own loads…. His cock is big, long and thick. And in case you need more to get you off, check out his ass – it is a perfect hairless hole, puckered and pink, ready for rimming and maybe more.