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PerfectGuyz Raymond is enjoying his journey of sexual exploration. We invited him back to venture into new territory with the PerfectGuyz Blue Dildo. Our friendship with Raymond has grown over the past few months, so it was no surprise to us that Raymond was eager to tackle the daunting toy.

First and foremost, Raymond’s body is spectacular. Devoting himself to a healthy lifestyle and fine-tuning his workout routines, Raymond has developed his body into a lean, ripped machine. When he began with the dildo, his sexual energy exploded.  PerfectGuyz Raymond is one of the best amateur guyz we’ve met and his performance, especially his cum shot….is simply over the top! Enjoy Raymond in his encore PerfectGuyz performance.


Twinks fuck and suck at Hard brit Lads

We’re taking a survey today –   do you guys just look at the pictures?  or do you read some of the content we put up?   Some people say don’t bother with all the text!  Some like it –  what do you think?  Leave us a comment –

Super Hung and Super Cute Luke Desmond, with his massive uncut 9 incher, returns to HardBritLads for one scorcher of a scene, paired up with handsome new lad Dan James who sports a thick uncut dick which is permanently solid…

Dan and Luke begin by kissing and groping each other, pulling off their tops and eagerly squeezing each others throbbing bulges inside their sports shorts. Both lads are versatile and hung, and both love big cocks, and couldnt wait to get started.. and the energy and passion in this scene just builds and builds.. no sooner have they pulled their tops off, Luke is reaching inside Dans shorts to release his cock. It hangs over his shorts, still soft, but very thick with plenty of foreskin, and as Luke strokes it, you can see it visibly harden.. Dan then reaches into Lukes shorts and pulls out his cock as well, which even when soft is so massive it hangs about a third of the way down his thigh.

The lads kiss and rubs their cocks together, which both become rock solid.. those of you who like foreskin with love Dans dick.. its very meaty and even when rock solid, his foreskin covers the head.. Luke gets down onto his knees and begins to suck on Dans thick shaft, sucking about halfway down, then pushing deeper, getting most of if down, and its very hot to see him struggling to get it all in.. he gets dans cock really wet, grips the base and licks the end, workin his tongue around the foreskin..

He stands, they kiss briefly, and Dan cant wait to get his lips around Lukes huge 9 inch uncut monstercock, and he is down on his knees taking as much as he can deep into his mouth. He manages about two thirds, but sucks very well, his own dicks throbbing as he sucks. Luke takes hold of his cock firmly and rubs it against Dans face, slaps him on the tongue with it, then pushes it to the back of his throat.. incredibly horny..

They move onto the floor for some incredibly hot 69 action. Dan lays on his back with Luke on top, getting his huge dick licked and sometimes fucking Dans mouth while he sucks deep and fast on Dans fat cock, so wet the saliva streams down his meaty dick as he sucks it. Then Dan gets on all fours, his arse facing the camera, and Luke pulls his smooth arse cheeks apart and spits into his tight hole.. he rubs the spit in, then pushes his tongue up there, jerking him off as licks his hole. Dan then lays on his side, next to Luke, who rubs his throbbing nine incher against Dans wet hole.. then slowly pushes it in.. Dan takes it well, and it makes his own cock rock hard, as Luke begins to fuck him.. Dan whispers Yeah, fuck me, and Luke starts fucking hard and deeper.. Dan encourages him to go harder.. and Luke does.. till he is pounding with long hard thrusts.. The fucking here is SO SO hot..

Next, the lads FLIP.. Dan lays on his back holding his thick cock up and Luke lowers himself onto it.. and here is where you get one of the horniest sights ive seen in a long time.. as Dans meaty dick pushes up into Lukes arse, Lukes cock throbs and twitches left and right, its SO solid it points right up, looking the biggest it has ever looked.. as Luke begins to ride Dans beefy dick up and down, his cock bounces around, super stiff, and its so horny this alone is gonna make some you spunk in your pants right away… Luke rides it for a bit, then leans back as Dan grips his arse and thrusts into him..

For a final position, Luke is on his back, with Dan on his knees, he eagerly pushes his cock back inside Lukes hungry butt, and quickly speeds up, fucking him hard.. Lukes cock looks about to burst at any moment, but he doenst, and Dan keeps fucking.. till he suddenly pulls out, pulls the condom off, and spunks REALLY hard over Lukes chest… but he is so turned on that his cock stays rock solid and he puts another condom on and plunges his dick back into Luke and fucks him some more.. and Luke cant hold off any longer, and he shoots several thick creamy blobs of cum over his tight abs.. Dan takes Lukes cock and licks the cum off it, and sucks it, both lads are still hard.. as Dan sucks the last drops of cum from Lukes cock, he stays inside him, and keeps fucking gently…. SUCH a hot scene.. Will have you spunking over and over..


THE UNCUT COCK features SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY aka Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Super-SuperModel Simon Dexter!!!


Okay, so this is one of the many, many reasons I love my job publishing hot cock and boy ass so much…  Yesterday, I’m working on some posts for the site and come across an image of a “Harley” who did a solo jack-off shoot for SEAN CODY…  I find Harley this gorgeous, young guy, dark blonde-ish, lean, ripped, totally handsome and sexy, great smile, HOT bubble butt jock boy ass with a little crack fur AND… a ginourmous uncut cock…so you know already I’m totally in love…it’s late in the day, I save the pic on my desktop…

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-1

This morning, I go to find these pics of Harley from SEAN CODY to do a post for you and discover SO much, much, much more about this innocent looking straight guy next door (grinning, loving every jack-offable minute)…  Since his original solo at SEAN CODY, Harley has been quite popular and busy, both as a SCORCHING HOT power top and bottom at SEAN CODY

Harley & Claude
Harley & Ajay
Harley & Boyce
Harley Fucks Neil (Hard)
Harley & Cole
Harley & Terry
Carlton & Harley
Harley & Jurek
Harley & Emory
Harley & Emory: Behind the Scenes
Harley Gets Fucked!
Harley Gets Fucked: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Berke
Harley & Berke: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Addison
Richard & Harley
Ski Retreat Fuckfest
Ski Retreat Fuckfest: Behind the Scenes
Owen & Harley Flip-Flop
Owen & Harley: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Mitch
Harley & Mitch: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Kurt
Harley & Kurt: Behind the Scenes
Pete & Harley
Doug & Harley
Doug & Harley: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Matt

I couldn’t link directly to Harley’s WHOPPING 3 pages of videos and pics at SEAN CODY, but just click the drop down at the top and search for him by name…  this is probably my top fav of him fucking this HOT white blonde pubed hottie CARLTON…I’m wet!…

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-2

Sooooo then…  I discover this hottie, in his spare time from doing porn, is actually a super-super model and has gone by the names “Simon Czaplinski” but I believe has settled on “Simon Dexter”…  KUDOS to you Simon!!!  It makes sense you’re a supermodel since you’re gorgeous and have such a versatile…look!!!

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-3

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-4

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-5

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-6

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-7

All I know is this Hottie, no matter what name he may choose, can do no wrong in our book, we wish him HUGE success and how he’s flown under our radar screen until now is a mystery… hmmm, fate at work again 🙂

THE UNCUT COCK features SEAN CODY ‘s Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY aka Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Super-SuperModel Simon Dexter!!!

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DrakeRock thought Alex Granger would have to show the ropes to newcomer Conrad Spector, but the camera didn’t bother Conrad and he knew his way around Alex Grangers juicy uncut boy cock so well that he was a natural.

Considering the size of Conrad’s own uncut dick, DrakeRock wanted them to flip flop fuck! What he didn’t know was that Alex is a power bottom, and when DrakeRock finally talked him into topping Alex, Conrad was a bit timid in the first fuck position. But after Alex nailed his tight sweet wet pink ass in a couple of positions, Conrad drilled into Alex until it was almost like he was jack hammering his ass until he finally shoots his thick creamy cumload on Alex’s quivering hole.

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Another PERFECT Euro Twink Boy Hottie ~ BelAmiOnlines Michael Kents Smooth Ripped Abs, Blonde Furred Bubble Butt, Delicious Veiny Fat Uncut Cock, Beautiful Brown Eyes (and a 3rd tight pink virgin one) and million dollar smile ~ BELAMIONLINE

UOMO TV IS BACK and More Foreskin and Latin Cock Than Ever Before

I am so glad this site is back! They disappeared for a while – but readers have LOVED THEIR STUFF! —-Though, the last shot of the monkey…WTF? I don’t know what that is all about!

You have to go to the site and find out I guess!

Uomotv This is the website for those that love uncut cock on nude latin men. We have the hottest naked latino men, or hombres desnudo in Spanish.

Brez and JP fuck and suck at Blake Mason

Love this hot euro couple –  but look at how he stretches the guys cock in the last image!  OUCH!

OK, Brez W and JP met each other during the 4-man sex fest featured in Episode 19 of our “After Hours” series. Following on from that shoot, I had a call from JP who really wanted to get it on with Brez but “au-natural” style on the famous BLAKEMASON bed. However, up until now, Brez (whose curious side has now been thoroughly explored!) was only prepared to play with Luke D… but having already met JP he was finally up for trying things with a new partner!

And somehow I think after this scorcher of a film we should change his profile to Bi at the least! Brez must have been putting in some practice at home because he now appears to be a very seasoned top – you just have to watch JP’s face to tell you this! I also think it’s fair to say that he’s also much more relaxed in this film then you might have thought he’d be 😉

Anyway, things kick off with some serious kissing as they strip each other down. Brez is the first to taste cock and he swallows that cock to the hilt! He certainly likes the taste of JP’s dick as it barely leaves his lips but JP’s equally eager and they take turns pleasuring each other with their oral skills! But Brez wants to sink his thick cock into JP’s willing arse… desperately so. JP begins to ride that lovely dick expertly before Brez gets his own way – first in doggy and then with JP on his back! Fucking fast, hard and deep he wanks JP off to completion, before pulling out and shooting his load over JP’s face!

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Horse Hung Donkey Dick at You Love Jack

Man there is nothing like a big horse cock in my mouth! And that piss slit! Wow! I just want to bury my tongue down there and suck the come right out of that monster!

The video starts with a close-up of this Italian twink’s beautiful face as he works his cock through his jeans. The camera work is spectacular as he shows off every bit of his 9.5 inch monster before sliding two fingers inside his ass and depositing a load of delicious cum all over his belly!

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SpunkWorthy Uncut Casey From Down South

Casey is a 23y/o southern boy who came out to San Diego for a vacation and maybe try to meet some ladies. A friend of his suggested that he get in touch with me since he was going to be in the neighborhood.
When I first met Casey I wasn’t sure what to expect. He has the look and demeanor of a nice, innocent guy you could take home to mom. Once the clothes came off, there was a whole other side that came out. He certainly isn’t afraid of the camera and seemed to be having even more fun showing off than I was filming him!
I love Casey’s dick. It’s just down right pretty. He’s uncut and when I told him that members were going to appreciate his foreskin, without missing a beat he replied, “There’s plenty of it.”
He had saved up for a couple days, normally jacking off 2-3 times a day, he says. And, damn, what an intense climax! By the end Casey is covered in sweat and shoots a load that flies everywhere.

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Horse Hung Twink DEVON MOSS Gets Fucked By MARIO COSTA'S Even Bigger Uncut Cock at EXTRA BIG DICKS-1

Horse Hung Twink DEVON MOSS Gets Fucked By MARIO COSTA'S Even Bigger Uncut Cock at EXTRA BIG DICKS-2

Horse Hung Twink DEVON MOSS Gets Fucked By MARIO COSTA'S Even Bigger Uncut Cock at EXTRA BIG DICKS-3

Devin Moss is a baby-faced 20 year old twink, naturally smooth and hairless with delicious vanilla white skin yet a nice dark hairy bush of pubes and a larger than life big fat 10 inch uncut cock. EXTRA BIG DICKS paired him up with horse hung Latin hottie boy Mario Costa. Mario is 23 years old and originally from Cuba, now living in Miami. Mario and his thick 11 inch uncut cock was the perfect fuck buddy for a huge cock “Sword Fight.”

EXTRA BIG DICKS touts this update as a combined “21 inches of uncut wrist-thick horse dick” and their math isn’t bad. Cuban stud-puppy Mario Costa presents an excellent anal challenge to underdog porn twink, Devin Moss, new to bottoming.

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What a nice piece of meat!

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Here at we have a totally unique & exclusive collection of amateur British twinks. We have digital quality photos and hot videos, that show off our lads in all their glory. The “Behind the Scenes” section of out take footage and bonus pics will make you “feel” even closer to the action! Explore the  extensive FREE AREA and then why not join? As existing members will testify,  they are oh so glad they did!

TWINK Tyler Brandons Fat Mushroom Headed Uncut Cock at YOULOVEJACK

Meet TYLER BRANDON ~ YOULOVEJACKS TWINK OF THE YEAR!   From Tylers short blonde hair and big pouty lips to his skinny body – there’s no doubt that Tyler is the twink of the year! But once you see his massive 7 inch mushroom headed uncut cock you might just nominate him for twink of the century!

Tyler shows off his meaty uncut cock as he slowly works his fingers inside his asshole. One finger is replaced by two. Two fingers are replaced by a butt plug and next thing you know this perfect little twink is blasting a load of cum so powerful that it hits him in the chin! Nice aim, twink!

The video starts when Tyler drops his shorts and sits back on the couch wearing only a pair Ginch Gonch underwear covered in the cutest monkey pattern. But the only thing that matters is the massive boner of a dick stretching his briefs all out of shape. He gives his cock a couple of strokes through his underwear before dragging the camera in for a close-up.

Once Tyler’s got it positioned between his legs he grabs his pulls up the leg of his shorts and lets his fat uncut cock pop out. He gives his rod a couple of quick strokes the pushes his shorts down around his ankles as his rock hard cock bounces against his tight twink belly and leaves a delicious trail of precum glistening on his perfect skin!

He scoots his ass forward and pushes his uncut cock head right up in the lens. You can tell this little twink is totally into showing off and he can’t help but grinning in the background and he rolls his foreskin off the sensitive skin of his mushroom cock head. Letting the camera linger on his bare manhood for just a second before grabbing his cock and stroking the foreskin back up and over his cock head.

Tyler pushes the camera back a bit and just lays back on the couch as he lazily jacks his meat. Looking like a little angel as he expertly works his cock. Slow deliberate strokes – nothing hurried and nothing put on. Just a vibrant young man pleasuring himself the way he does is nobody else is around.

As he slowly jacks his uncut cock his free hand trails down between his legs and starts to poke around his asshole. He pulls the camera back around to the front and pulls his feet up to show off his asshole as he spreads his cheeks wide open. Nothing shy about this one!

He grabs a bottle of lube and greases up his finger before bringing it to his asshole and pushing it deep inside his body. His expression barely flinches ad he drives his digit two knuckles deep in his hole. He slowly slides that finger out and spreads his cheeks wide again for another shot of his asshole now that it’s been violated.

One finger felt great so he lubes up his middle finger and drives 2 fingers into his ass as his eyes bulge wide and his mouth opens with an involuntary gasp. There’s no doubt that this twink is a bottom and his hungry hole is itching to be filled! He drives both fingers back inside his ass and begins the slow fucking motion that will get him where he needs to go.

Slowly he fucks himself. In and out with precision before sliding his fingers all the way out and showing the camera his bright red asshole. On fire from all the solitary attention! His blinks open and holds a tiny little gape for a second before clamping shut just in time to be violated by his probing fingers one more time.

He slides his fingers out and reaches for a transparent butt plug which he lubes up and slides inside himself with ease. The camera is zoomed in close for a macro shot as he slides that intruder in and out of his body as his poor little asshole stretches and contracts as it matches the girth of that transparent beauty. Every glorious detail captured in full HD!

Tyler shoves the butt plug in deep and lets his legs fall as he returns his attention to his aching uncut cock. He sits up on the couch so the plug is still buried deep in his ass and starts to work on his cock. His head falls back in gentle surrender as the sensations build and he’s on the road to sweet relief.

There’s a simple beauty to his actions as he just relaxes and lets the sweet sensations build. He stops every so often to look right in the camera as he holds up his perfect uncut cock. Letting it stand perfectly still as if he’s us to take control of that monster. Lovely!

Poor little fella is aching to get off and he just can’t hold out any longer so he positions the camera one last time and gets ready to nut. His hand becomes a blur on his cock and in a couple of seconds his body tenses and the cum starts to fly. And does it ever!

Stream after stream of delicious twink cum blasts out of his cock and coats his bright blue t-shirt. The first two streams hit him chest high and the third blasts him straight in the chin. Before he’s done he’s glazed himself in swirly mess of creamy white goodness that only a twink could deliver! Fucking hot!

He takes a second to catch his breath as he gives his still hard cock a couple more tentative strokes before letting it flop back on his smooth twink belly. He looks right in the camera with a little grin before sitting up to show off the mess he created on his t-shirt. It’s a work of art and his cock was the paint brush!

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Hombres Des Nudos and BIG Uncut Dicks at BI LATIN MEN ~ Hung and Horny Amateur Latino Cocks Looking To Fuck A Hot Hole and Get Sucked!

BI LATIN MEN is dedicated to HOT bisexual porn and hung naked Latino men. Hombres desnudos!!!  Big uncut dicks, amateur Mexican boys fucking and sucking, huge Puerto Rican cut and uncut cocks and huge dicks everywhere and Brazilian bubble butt asses hungry to be licked and fucked by another Bi guy.

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Mexican porn, foreskin play and pictures, gay cholos, naked gangsters, Hispanic guys, AND plenty of vergas grandes or BIG LATIN COCKS to keep you begging for more!  Best of all, they update their web site at least 5-7 times per week. with hot original videos, pictures, erotic stories and erotic art, so you’ll always have new content every week!

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“One of our models called us up a couple of weeks ago saying that he has a new 21 year old neighbor FRANKIE with a 9.5 inch uncut dick and that he needed to make some quick money. Needless to say he caught our attention! But there was a catch. He didn’t want to bring in his neighbor unless they could do a scene together so he could make some money too (not to mention he wanted to get fucked by Frankie’s HUGE foreskin covered uncut cock!).

He brought Frankie in the next morning. He proudly pulled down Frankie’s pants and whipped out that huge uncut monster cock and it was everything promised to us and then some…  …  …

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Some things only get better as they mature! Badpuppy is the oldest, largest adult Gay site online. Badpuppy will excite you with over 500,000 Images, Exclusive Original Models, The world’s Largest Online video clips collection, Live Sex, Amateur Pictures, 6000+ Gay Streaming XXX Video Feeds, Message Forums, Picture Personal Ads, CuSeeMe, Chat, News, Newsgroups, Over 100 Contributors and Webcams, Exhibitionists, Erotic Stories, and So Much More.

Meet BADPUPPYS Matt Mills pictured above.  From the UK, this 23 year old twink is always fucking horny and ready to drain a hot thick load of boy cum from his big ole swinging balls into his foreskin to be lapped up!  From his punk spiked hair to his tattooed twink body, this Euro boy has the whole package. Watch as Matt strips down to his comic strip print boxer briefs pushing his huge uncut cock out the side. See how it takes both of his hands to squeeze the cum from his foreskin. You won’t believe your eyes!

 Meet AJ From Badpuppy pictured above!!!  Be honest ~ can’t you just see yourself dropping to your knees in front of that long, uncut cock with AJ backed up agaisnt the stove!  Aj is one of the hottest Badpuppy models we think we’ve seen.  AJ is tall, lean, reddish blonde pubes and oh so hung and has that look .. you know the one… “wanna fuck”…

BADPUPPYs Horse Hung Twinks MATT MILLS and AJs HUGE Uncut Cocks and Long Veiny Foreskins!

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Meet hung muscle stud hottie LEO from MASKURBATE.  I swear, Maskurbate find the hottest uncut straight studs I’ve ever seen. Leo here has one fuck of a well-defined muscle body as you can see. He sure looks great in a mask too, doesn’t he?! To top it all off though, Leo was blessed with a sensational, uncut, 8 inch dick. I’m talking about the kind of dick that makes us uncut fans drool for an instant taste of.

Leo took his time stripping down and getting naked for Maskurbate. Straight or not, the man knows how badly we all want to see that physique of his exposed. Once he starts jacking off his cock though, it’s all he can do to keep from blowing a tasty load of  cum juice all over those perfectly chiseled washboard abs of his. Lunch anyone?!

It’s always great when the Maskurbate models bring around their pals for a shoot. Hung hottie Leo (above) then introduced Brendan to the crew and with one look at the martial artist’s sensational lean ripped muscle body, it was a no brainer to have him get naked and beat his tasty uncut cock meat.

Maskurbates Brendan claims that engaging in the martial arts helps him out sexually with his stamina. Well, with nary an ounce of fat on his body and seeing how good of shape he’s in, I would imagine that he’s a fucking sexual dynamo in the sack. As you can see, Brendan also has one incredible juicy and veiny uncut dick too – with a thick foreskin I’m sure most of us wouldn’t mind getting our tongue onto and into! While this was Brendan’s first time ever jacking off on camera, he certainly didn’t show any reservations about it all. This would be evident by the THICK massive load of muscle hottie cum goo he sprayed all over the place!

Meet hung hot muscle stud fucker Ricky from Maskurbate (above and below)  Ricky has done alot of hot fucking shit at Maskurbate with his big fat uncut cock and one of Ricky’s fans wondered how big his cock could get if he used a penis pump. Would it fit in? Would it reach the top of the pump? If you have never seen a 9 incher in a cock pump before, you’ve got to watch this clip!  HOLY FUCK ME BATMAN!

Ok, now this is one of the most amazing things I can honestly say I’ve ever seen in my life. Maskurbate had very well hung, uncut, thickly muscled stud Ricky cum back for another shoot, but this time, he really impressed everyone immensely. Besides being drop dead fucking gorgeous and carrying a massive unsnipped cock, Ricky was actually able to blow his cum load  without..yes indeed…using his hands. In fact, just to make sure Ricky didn’t cheat, the webmaster tied his hands behind his back while he sat in a chair. Fuck me guys, this is incredible! Ricky spewed out quite the thick cum load of man jizz as you’ll see in the last few pics. Doesn’t Ricky have one astounding uncut dick or what?!

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