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The name “English Lads” may invoke visions of lanky, pale private school boys. But we’ve got news for you: English Lads is one of the biggest, hottest sites online today, for young hot guys and miles of foreskin!

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Handsome Chase Reynolds at Hard Brit Lads

Hot muscle lad Chase Reynolds is a great looking guy, with strong classically handsome features, dark hair, and a very hot body, from dedicated working out.

He strips down and oils up his muscles, then plays with his uncut cock for us, getting us some great foreskin action as he gets hard, then jerks off in different positions before shooting a hot sticky load over his sweaty six pack.


Real Jocks with Big Cocks and Lockerroom Antics

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If your fantasy guy is a handsome, 20-something, coffee-skinned South American soccer player then you have found the perfect site.

Authentic Footballers is a showcase for an all-star collection of footballers that is constantly improving its wares, with more high-definition and duo jerk-off sessions being added all the time.


JOCK COCK in the Middle


Jock Guy in the Middle

Video ID: hx102_scene51

Release Date: Today

Studio: 8Teenboy

Models: Max Carter, Casey Tanner, Connor Kline

Key Words:

Horny college jocks find any excuse to fuck. This time a Miniature Golf game turns into an all American threeway with Max Carter and real life boyfriend’s Casey Tanner and Conner Kline. The rock hard boys can’t wait to get home for the fun to begin so they get their rock hard cocks out in the car. Casey gives Max road head while Max goes down on his bf. At home bubble butt bottom jock Conner loves taking dick up his muscled ass and Max is having the time of his life sandwich fucking between the two boyfriends. Stay till the end for a hot shower finale with our three hot jocks.


Fresh New Young Meat at Latin Boyz

We noticed Lucas shooting some hoops by himself at a public park a couple weeks ago and couldn’t help but wonder what this Puerto Rican papi would look like naked. When he decided to take a break and go to the bathroom we decided to make our move.

Our photographer stood next to him at the urinal and said, “With a dick like that you should be in porn,” Lucas laughed at first but then quickly asked how much it pays. They ended up leaving immediately and doing this shoot right on the spot.




Bound Jocks at IML Chicago

The annual IML show in Chicago was a great event for us. Tons of hot viewers came by our booth to try out and audition to be a part of our new BoundJocks site. One of the furriest and sexiest was  uncut Dolan Wolf from the United Kingdom.

Our in-house knot expert Knotty Brent had Dolan trussed up in no time and his rock-hard dick was at full attention with the first glance of what he might be in for. Dolan gets more and more aroused the tighter he is suspended and the more people come by and watch – So much in fact he blows his load for the crowd’s enjoyment (and ours too)!



Naked Frat House Full of Piss and Cum

Eryk Eastman and Aleco Sahara are out at their local park to workout and get in a nice long run.

Eryk comes to a stop and pulls down his shorts telling Aleco he has to pee really bad. They both stand next to each other and release their warm golden liquids into the brush.

All their hydrating is sneaking up on them again and they rush into the men’s bathroom. Eryk shares the same urinal with Aleco and they both gaze down at each other’s man meats. Eryk grabs Aleco’s cock and strokes it lightly while they both take a pee. Aleco not far behind reaches over and begins to stroke his buddy Eryk’s stick.

Now that these two studs have completed the first part of their workout, they head into the shower to rinse off. Eryk can’t resist any longer and gets down to suck Aleco while the water gently pelts his back. Aleco then pulls Eryk up and takes his turn down on his knees sucking Eryk’s hardened manhood. They finish their shower and towel dry off while each of them sneak peaks at their naked bodies.

Eryk leads Aleco over to the couch and places his tongue and lips over Aleco’s thick uncut cock! After that the guys just can’t control themselves and they start to go at it. Aleco rubs his chest and grabs his nipples while he moans out loud from the glorious blow job he is receiving from Eryk. Aleco wants his turn right away and gets up to return the favor to his buddy. He sucks and shoves Eryk’s dick as far down his throat as he can, while he strokes himself. Eryk got his fix from Aleco’s mouth and now he is ready for the second part of the meal. He pulls Aleco up and bend him over and starts to munch, lick, and suck on Aleco’s tight hole. Eryk spreads Aleco’s ass apart with one hand and with the other he gives the all-important reach around. Eryk is ready to give his dick the attention its been craving and flips Aleco over onto his back and with a slow but firm thrust, he slips into Aleco’s warm man cave.

Aleco adjusts fairly quickly and moans for Eryk to go harder. Eryk grabs onto the back of Aleco’s head and rams into him with swift hard pounds. Eryk senses his partner is ready for a switch up, and pulls out of Aleco’s hole. He sits down and motions for Aleco to sit on his man rod. Aleco obediently listens and rides Eryk while Eryk grabs and squeezes Aleco’s tight plump ass cheeks.

Aleco spins around to face forward and uses Erky’s legs for support. Aleco reaches his climax and tells Eryk he is about to cum. Eryk orders him to cum and Aleco explodes ropes onto his hairy body! Eryk pulls out and stands up, Aleco assuming his position on the ground to receive Eryk’s load straight into his mouth and his face! Aleco licks and sucks Eryk’s wet dick clean thus completing both of their work outs for the day.   NAKED    FRATHOUSE

Marcus Mojo and Tryston Bull

Emerging from the hot tub, Trystan Bull strokes his cock through his undies. Pulling them down, he starts to stroke his fine uncut man meat admiring it — what’s not to admire. It is one of the hottest pieces on the planet — long, thick and meaty with a great head covered with the perfect amount of foreskin. He’s not the only one who is admiring it. Marcus Mojo watches from a distance and Trystan notices, smiles at Marcus and starts to show off a little. Now, Marcus knows it’s his chance to get a taste of the hot cock attached to Trystan’s hard body.

He swallows it down, working it head to base and coating it with saliva. If sucking cock was a sport, Marcus would hold all the titles. It’s quite possible that he can take a cock in his throat better than any living man, and his prize for this round of cock sucking is major squirts of cum shooting out of Trystan’s cock. Pleased with his performance, Marcus congratulates himself by squeezing out a load as well..





Real Men – Hot Raunch Sex

Bound Jocks, who specialize in “Clean-Cut Jocks Doing Dirty Things,” features HD scenes, model interviews, live cam shows, and exclusive training videos by an expert crew.

“We offer the hardcore bondage that enthusiasts crave with the clean-cut jocks who typically appeal to a wider all-male audience,” Says Director Mr. Kristofer, the brainchild behind BoundJocks. “With this mix of jock type models, clean white sets, brightly colored ropes and athletic apparel we are able to introduce and make what other sites are doing as ‘too dark’ and ‘average models’ more palatable for fans that are curious or new to the BDSM community. Yet we still keep our content raw and authentic for the real BDSM player.”

Mr. Kristofer draws from over 25 years of experience working in the fetish industry, as a bondage performer, director and enthusiast. Together with bondage expert Knotty Brent and the rest of the BJ crew, their goal is to both stimulate and educate the BoundJocks community.

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SCARY FUCKERS will make your hair curl!

We find Zsolt XL and Tattoo Junior, leather clad in a small, forgotten storage basement in a well known building. These leather buds like the taste of dick a lot, so that’s where it starts, but not where it ends…

Zsolt gets on his hands and knees and lets Tattoo bury his huge dick inside of him from behind. He grunts in pleasure, but it’s clear that he wants something bigger in him, and Tattoo is more than happy to oblige. He greases up his hand and wrist, and gives Zsolt a pleasant surprise…



Hot men from UK NAKED MEN



This one stars UKNM’s new porn sensation Issac Jones, who’s name we predict will be familiar to all very soon – this guy will go far in adult entertainment. Here he’s in the very capable hands of Jay Roberts, an established name and famously fantastic performer, who brings out the very best in Issac in a video that’s destined to be a UKNM best seller. You saw him here first, now just watch him go…

Hard-hatted Porn sensation Issac Jones takes on porn sharp-suited legend Jay Roberts in this tale of two sides of the construction indutry where blue & white collars and muscled flesh rub together, uncut cocks are swallowed whole and friction between workers and bosses is definitely a good thing. Hot jets of cum help releave the tension and both sides a very happy with the outcum.

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Nick Torretto has never looked better, and this beatiful stallion shows off his stuff in style in our latest jerk off vid! Nick has worked really hard to get the rock solid body he has, and even though he is drop-dead gorgeous, Nick is an amazingly sweet guy, with a bit of a flirtatious side.

Nick works up his hot uncut dick in seconds, and from this point on proceeds to pound his meat for us, playing a little bit with his foreskin and simply enjoying himself. After a while, Nick bends over and gives us a peek at his muscled butt and tight asshole. Nick rolls back onto the chair to bust a hot load, and smiles with a big grin when he is finished with this great scene. WATCH THE MOVIE