THE UNCUT COCK features SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY aka Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Super-SuperModel Simon Dexter!!!


Okay, so this is one of the many, many reasons I love my job publishing hot cock and boy ass so much…  Yesterday, I’m working on some posts for the site and come across an image of a “Harley” who did a solo jack-off shoot for SEAN CODY…  I find Harley this gorgeous, young guy, dark blonde-ish, lean, ripped, totally handsome and sexy, great smile, HOT bubble butt jock boy ass with a little crack fur AND… a ginourmous uncut cock…so you know already I’m totally in love…it’s late in the day, I save the pic on my desktop…

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-1

This morning, I go to find these pics of Harley from SEAN CODY to do a post for you and discover SO much, much, much more about this innocent looking straight guy next door (grinning, loving every jack-offable minute)…  Since his original solo at SEAN CODY, Harley has been quite popular and busy, both as a SCORCHING HOT power top and bottom at SEAN CODY

Harley & Claude
Harley & Ajay
Harley & Boyce
Harley Fucks Neil (Hard)
Harley & Cole
Harley & Terry
Carlton & Harley
Harley & Jurek
Harley & Emory
Harley & Emory: Behind the Scenes
Harley Gets Fucked!
Harley Gets Fucked: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Berke
Harley & Berke: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Addison
Richard & Harley
Ski Retreat Fuckfest
Ski Retreat Fuckfest: Behind the Scenes
Owen & Harley Flip-Flop
Owen & Harley: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Mitch
Harley & Mitch: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Kurt
Harley & Kurt: Behind the Scenes
Pete & Harley
Doug & Harley
Doug & Harley: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Matt

I couldn’t link directly to Harley’s WHOPPING 3 pages of videos and pics at SEAN CODY, but just click the drop down at the top and search for him by name…  this is probably my top fav of him fucking this HOT white blonde pubed hottie CARLTON…I’m wet!…

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-2

Sooooo then…  I discover this hottie, in his spare time from doing porn, is actually a super-super model and has gone by the names “Simon Czaplinski” but I believe has settled on “Simon Dexter”…  KUDOS to you Simon!!!  It makes sense you’re a supermodel since you’re gorgeous and have such a versatile…look!!!

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-3

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-4

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-5

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-6

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-7

All I know is this Hottie, no matter what name he may choose, can do no wrong in our book, we wish him HUGE success and how he’s flown under our radar screen until now is a mystery… hmmm, fate at work again 🙂

THE UNCUT COCK features SEAN CODY ‘s Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY aka Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Super-SuperModel Simon Dexter!!!

BelAmiOnline Ripped Abs, Blonde Furred Bubble Butt and Veiny Fat Uncut Cock

Another PERFECT Euro Twink Boy Hottie ~ BelAmiOnlines Michael Kents Smooth Ripped Abs, Blonde Furred Bubble Butt, Delicious Veiny Fat Uncut Cock, Beautiful Brown Eyes (and a 3rd tight pink virgin one) and million dollar smile ~ BELAMIONLINE

Argentina Beauty at Buenos Boys

Some of them are tough and some are downright trouble. Others are students, models, dancers, DJ’s, athletes or just plain laborers. The one thing Buenos Boys all have in common is their lust for life. They are the ones who shine like beacons and stand out in a crowd. I can always spot them. Everyone is going somewhere, but the Buenos Boys are different—they are searching for some place they haven’t found yet, missing someone they haven’t met yet, searching for something higher, better, worthy of all the joy and frustration and voraciousness they have to devour it with. Only the young drink life to its dregs with such joyful abandon. Those are the boys I see, and who see me.


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Uncut Cock and High School Wrestlers!

Athletic 19 year old Brad is everyone’s High School wrestler fantasy. He was a popular All-State player on his school team in Washington State and he has the legs, big thighs and killer butt of a true high school wrestler! A real Polish / American, he is blessed with a classic uncut European dick – beautiful & long with a tight helmut head of foreskin! I met Brad smiling behind the counter of the hamburger joint where he works while attending Community College in Honolulu.

It was Brad’s suggestion that we shoot at a ‘remote’ location in the mountains of Eastern Oahu.  After an hour hiking in the jungle with him and his college roommate Tony, carrying all my equipment, we came to a beautiful spot… but there were people hiking everywhere!  As we passed a group of guys on the trail, Brad greeted a classmate he recognized.  We shot this footage while these young fratmen and other hikers passed by, just out of view of Brad’s naked body. Listen closely and you can hear them as they march by below, unaware that Brad is fully nude above!  

This is Brad’s first time posing nude in front of a camera and it shows.  ”I’m a little jittery, but ready to go!” he says when I ask him if he is nervous.  Watch just how nervious he is when I ask him to strip out of this boxer shorts out in public! Once nude he is VERY nervous knowing Tony & his other classmate are so near.  Listen also for his nervous laughter when I ask him questions while he is naked and comment on his rockin’ smooth gym body! But like a true sportsman, Brad conquers his fear and continues with the shoot!

He is even comfortable enough to show off and does a set of nudist pushups on a rock!  Like DJ Berkley and Kawelo, Brad has both his tongue and his ears pierced. He explains that he first got his ears pierced at the age of 7!  Watch him enjoy sucking on his tongue piercing as he prepares to bust a nut!  Included is a very long voyeuristic scene in which beautiful Brad is left standing alone in the woods and begins to masturbate. With just the camera watching him, his fine uncut cock grows from a limp floppy cock to a raging uncut hard dick in just minutes.  

You even catch him checking us out as he looks into the camera several times while jerking off alone! It is fun to spy on a young buck while he jerks off all by himself. Watch how he really gets into being naked outdoors and starts to play with his smooth nut sack while he lubes up his rigid Polish sausage!  Brad is a special Island Stud with a real athletic body and super polite personality.

We know we will return for more burgers!


Uncut and Uncensored – Jonny McGovern and Celebrity Donkey Punch


We  have  to  take  a  1 minute  break  from  cock!


Jonny reads this site, and I told him, I would spread the word about his new show on YouTube!

As you probably know by now,Comedian Jonny McGovern
moved from New York City to the glittering Holloywood.

In case you have been under a rock, (or a cock) His PodCast  continues  FREE on iTunes !  (YEAH!)  Every Tuesday, Jonny  (pop superstar, TV personality, and nightlife legend)  serves it up!

He’ll  also be filming new episodes for The Big Gay Sketch Comedy Show soon  PLUS , he just unvieled  CELEBRITY DONKEY PUNCH  on YouTube, a warped look at America’s Finest Journalistic Efforts…CELEBRITY MAGAZINES!

In This   Episode : Taylor Lautner Never Wears Underwear! Britney Spears Gets Naked! John Travolta Gay Sex Tape! Oprah’s Employees Tell ALL!   Kim VS Khloe! Featuring Nadya Ginsburg!

I love  “Oh NO, SHE DIDN’T!”   And  he reports on all the HARD news, with his  “The Bulge Report”!   FYI, The Situation is NOT hung, and hottie twink Taylor Lautner never wears underwear to the gym!  Hola!

Subscribe Now and don’t miss a scandalous episode ! More New Episodes coming soon!

see also  BOSSY  BOTTOM and


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Hot Cock from Raphael at Randy Blue

I hope you love Raphael Cedano as much as I love him. This 22 year old muscular college stud from Sunny Miami, FL spends his free time swimming, which gives him his beautiful dark tan and working out to improve his already perfect hard body. Raphael has never been on camera before this but you can already tell he could have a successful career in gay porn.

He puts on quite the hot show rubbing his smooth hard body and working up a stiff boner that tents his briefs before he totally strips down naked. Rephael seductively pulls on the foreskin of his colossal uncut cock as it grows larger and larger. Raphael then 2 fists his now rock hard shaft working up a big load of cum  that he has been holding in for a full week. This super sexy jock gave us one hell of a hot show and I for one am looking forward to seeing his next porn shoot.


THE UNCUT COCK features Young Euro Twinks Getting Nasty With Their Foreskin and Hungry Asses at ALEX BOYS

The Uncut Cock Young Euro Twinks Foreskin Hungry Asses JAN at ALEX BOYS

Meet Jan (above) from ALEX BOYS!  Jan started studying photography one year ago and he seems to be very good. He already had some of his pictures in an exhibition. We would say he is good as a model as well!!!  Love his furry hungry boy butt hole!!!

The Uncut Cock Young Euro Twinks Foreskin Hungry Asses DALE at ALEX BOYS

Meet Dale from ALEX BOYS!  Last time with Dale, Alex talked about music and stuff. It turned out he knows a lot about alternative music and every good guitar player out there. On the course of this very interesting talk guitar playing turned out to be his biggest passion. During the final take his dick jumps out to demand some hot jack-off action!

These uncut euro twinks are smoking hot over at ALEX BOYS!  They have something for every raw, bareback twink boy lover – big dicks, hairy crotches, shaved pubes, big pube bushes, huge boi jizz loads, tight bubble boy butts, juicy veiny foreskin and young boy butt holes that love to be fucked RAW!  Show these Euro hotties some luvin over at ALEX BOYS!

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THE UNCUT COCK shares BERLIN MALEs HOT Hung German Jock Boy Muscle Stud HECTORs Big Juicy Veiny Uncut Cock!

BERLIN MALEs HECTOR Big Veiny German Uncut Cock Jock Boy Muscle Stud-1A

BERLIN MALEs HECTOR German Uncut Cock Jock Boy Muscle Stud

Meet my new dream lover, big fat veiny uncut cock-ed Hector from BERLIN MALE.  Some people call him “Igor” online and say he’s got the face of a ugly monster, I totally can look past anything with this hot German fucker and think his face is very German-East-Bloc-sexy with that big schnozzle that matches the big fat mushroom head on his bratwurst downtown!! 

Smooth, lean, ripped muscle washboard abs, meaty jock boy thighs…and that leg of a cock!!!  Hector is 29-years-old and hails from Lichtenberg, Germany and works out a good load of thick creamy muscle jock boy cum outta his XXL uncut cock while in the gym. Thats our kinda workout!!!  There are 4 video clips in all, including a slow-mo recap-playback of the cum shot.

The Uncut Cock and BERLIN MALE s HOT Hung European Jock Boy Muscle Stud HECTOR and His Big Fat Veiny Uncut Cock!

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Male Perfection with Jakub Stefano



 Is this not the most beautiful man, or what?

Beautiful body and beautiful uncut cock!


He is pretty much flawless!

Ever since he graced Bel Ami with his presence, I have followed this hottie.

He did an amzing shoot with  Drake Rock and Male Perfection last year.

Catch him on his live  cam show and he’ll  flex and pose  for ya!


The Uncut Cock Votes STANLEY Still Favorite Young Hung Blonde Big Uncut Cock Swinging Hottie at ENIGMATIC BOYS!

STANLEY ENIGMATIC BOYS Young Hung Blonde Pubes Big Uncut Cock bubble butt ass- 1

STANLEY ENIGMATIC BOYS Young Hung Blonde Pubes Big Uncut Cock bubble butt ass- 2

Ahhh…Stanley…Stanley…Stanley ~ Meet our poster love child from ENIGMATIC BOYS.  Now I’m not saying that I don’t fall in love with other boys everytime I visit ENIGMATIC BOYS site to do an update, but Stanley has always held the most special place in our heart and hard-ons here at THE UNCUT COCK…

Stunning, handsome, sexy, lean, ripped, muscular boy body, big thick veiny au natural uncut cock and blonde pubes, plump round smooth bubble butt jock boy ass…and loves piss play…need I continue?

The Uncut Cock Votes STANLEY Still Favorite Young Hung Blonde Big Uncut Cock Swinging Hottie at ENIGMATIC BOYS!

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STANLEY ENIGMATIC BOYS Young Hung Blonde Pubes Big Uncut Cock bubble butt ass- 3

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Valentino Luis BI LATIN MEN Hung Horny Amateur Latin Cocks Big Uncut Dicks Fucking Sucking-1

Valentino Luis BI LATIN MEN Hung Horny Amateur Latin Cocks Big Uncut Dicks Fucking Sucking-2

Meet Valentino and Luis from BI LATIN MEN. BI LATIN MEN is dedicated to HOT bisexual porn and hung naked Latino men. Hombres desnudos!!! Big uncut dicks, amateur mexican boys fucking and sucking, huge Puerto Rican cocks and Brazilian bubble butt asses hungry to be licked and fucked by another guy, Mexican porn, foreskin pictures, gay cholos, naked gangsters, Hispanic guys, AND plenty of vergas grandes to keep you begging for more! Best of all, they update their web site at least 5-7 times per week. with hot original videos, pictures, erotic stories and erotic art, so you’ll always have new content every week!

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Hung Hottie SLADE Working His Big Juicy Uncut Cock and Bubble Butt Ass Over










SLADE, SLADE, SLADE… We are so in love with this new triple threat ~ Perfect body and face, delicious hot hole and bubble butt tight ass, and the helmut-apple-mushroom HUGE head on that magnificently veiny uncut cock! Truly a work of art ~ Slade was/is definitely built for sex… and plenty of it! I would suck that dick and rim that ass hole till my jaw, throat and tongue wore out! Slade can be seen in the scorching new video “Locker Room” over in the Backroom at HOT HOUSE!

Locker Room at Hot House

Or in this new video photo spread at PERFECT GUYZ ~ YUMMMMMILICIOUS!



HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! From Us and Ty Colt at Falcon STR8 Men!


Regular readers of our other sites know we LOVE us some hung blonde hottie boy Ty Colt…It’s unconfirmed as of yet exactly how much foreskin he has soft, but what we can say at bare minimum is he is at least “French Cut”  hard, which means even if a doctor sliced him, they were kind enough to leave behind PLENTY still to be played with ALL DAY/NIGHT LONG!!! 

Only at Falcon STR8 Men



Young and Hung Lean KAI’s Juicy Fat Uncut Cock at REAL BOYS 4 U







Meet blonde, smooth, lean, young and hung KAI and his fat, JUICY uncut cock! YUMMMMM… this young muscle hottie boy is from Berlin and ummm what a tiger this horny fucker is in bed. A ripped boy body and big man’s uncut cock… Kai is built for sex, always hard and horny, and man does he deliver. We need to take a trip to Berlin… fuck me hottie boy!!! I’ll work your foreskin over till its red and swallow or take every drop of your load(s)!

Young and Hung Lean KAI’s Juicy Fat Uncut Cock at REAL BOYS 4 U

EUROBOY College Soccer Tournament

















I love me some uncut euro boy jocks!  YUM!

Nothing gets me more cranked up than guys in  jockstraps and a room full of guys showering together!

Put together a group of horny college guys after a hotly contested soccer tournament and watch what happens in the locker room. The soccer kits come off, revealing hard, toned bodies and big, juicy cocks. Then they’re checking each other’s cocks out in the showers. Soon these guys are sporting hard-ons which get readily attacked by their buddies – lots of sweaty lockerroom sex – sucking, fucking, group sex, and cum eating too! 


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Starring:  Reese Digle , Liam Grant , Alan Grau , Tiago Hamilton , Tim Krauss , Paul Matus , Marco Noel , Brandon Walsh


Studio:  EuroBoy