Tristan Jaxx is Back

Tristan Jaxx is pretty much the perfect lad, with rugged good looks, strong square jaw, a super hot body with big muscle all over, and on top of that, a massive cock. In this solo Tristan shows off his incredible body and huge meat in lots of positions, before shooting hard over himself. Seriously hot.

Wearing sexy sports kit with little shorts that give us our first glimpse of his spectacularly muscled legs, Tristan starts off by rubbing the big bulge in his crotch. He takes off his top, revealing his awesome body. His pecs are defined and hard, his shoulders and biceps are big and ripped.

He rubs and squeezes his bulge some more, and gets it rock solid, you can see the shape of it clearly, straining to get out of his little running shorts. He slowly pulls them down, and with it, inch by inch, he reveals his dick, which is long, thick and rock hard.

He lifts his arm and leans back into it as he jerks off, giving us some hot shots of his armpits. He begins to speed up the wanking, and as he does so, his leg muscles start tensing and bulging.

He beats away harder and faster, and then quickly shoots his load, the first jet spunking all the way up his chest to his shoulder, the rest of it landing on his bulging abs. We see it twice, in real time and in slow motion. Tristan squeezes out the last few drops of jizz as he catches his breath.   HARD  BRIT LADS

Hot Hairy Butch Men with BIG COCKS


A big, brawny, burly daddy and a donkey-dicked young sub – what a sexy combination. Jeff Stronger likes ’em young and hairy, sexy Sam Bishop loves to please, he can’t wait to hold his taut, tight arse cheeks open wide for the quick succession of Jeff’s fingers, tongue and fat, uncut dick. Sam’s a plucky lad and takes the pounding like a man, eagerly straddling Jeff’s stiff dick and sliding down to feel it hot, deep, inside him.

Sam likes to be in control, sometimes, to decide how much dick he’s going to take and how fast. But the insatiable bottom boy loves to feel the masculine weight of a big man on top of him, and to take the almighty pounding he craves. Jeff delivers on every level including a copious, creamy load of man-juice.  SEE MORE NOW

Jeff Stronger at BUTCH DIXON

Gentle giant Jeff returns and this time we have him all to ourselves. He’s looking stunningly good in his made-to-measure leathers, but of course we want to see him out of them, so there’s a slow, teasing strip until he’s naked and very proud, his thick uncut cock bouncing to life as it’s released from clothing. I let Jeff loose in my toy box and he chooses the transparent  toy – a good choice – we get to see every inch of his cock thrusting into it and he gets to feel the unique sensation.



Rough and Tough Butch Men at BUTCH DIXON

This one is for all you twink haters!

An extra helping of burly and hairy in the form of Pete Finland and Tom Colt. These cock slurping, arse eating piggies sort each other out good and proper. Pete ends up face down on a glass table, spreading his furry cheeks for Tom’s big dick, moaning as inch by inch it slides inside opening him up to a gut spreading plough/fucking.



Hung and Uncut Felipe

Felipe is back showing off his gorgeous body and sensual smile. There is just something about this mustached macho guy that will straighten your dick in just a few moments. If you wanted a dick straightening update then Felipe is the one to watch. Horny straight guys whipping it out and jerking off for


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Butch Hairy Daddy Fuckers

For all you twink haters – here’s a couple butch hairy fuckers!

Dolan – the estate agent is eager to make a sale, and if it means putting out to a handsome American client – then thats the extra mile he’ll go. Handsome Max is packing a surprisingly, long, thick dick in his pants and though Dolan’s eager, his eyes are tearing up as it squeezes down his throat. He strips out of his suit and eagerly pushes up his rump for Max’s pleasure…

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David Dirdam & Tony Aziz

David Dirdam’s hands roam over his body, caressing his muscles and releasing his beautiful, uncut cock. In comes Tony Aziz who works his way down Dirdum’s body with his lips, licking down to the water flowing off his cock. Tony then fucks Dirdum under the water, pounding his cock in his ass as the water rains all over Dirdum’s back. Aziz pounds him harder, deeper until the hard pounding makes Dirdum releases a load of cum all over his soaked torso.

Aziz now yearning to be fucked by Dirdum’s sill hard uncut cock, stands with his back to Dirdam and pushes his rear back to impale himself, on the thick piece of manhood.   HAIRY GUYS!


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On you’ll find the most masculine Spaniards, ready to make your wildest fantasies come true. Our hairy and well-hung Mediterranean macho men are sexy, dirty as hell, and love extreme sex! Here, we have total pigs ready to show you how truly twisted they can be. Our men are 100% real, from the streets of Barcelona and Madrid to the best sex clubs in Spain. They play hard and go to the edge of what others consider to be forbidden. Jalif men are horny and fuck hard. They’re exhibitionists and they’re waiting for you, no matter what your fetish might be. Pissing, fisting, sneakers, leather, spanking, foot worship; this is the extreme porn you’ve been looking for. Join us at Jalifstudio and you’ll get all our scenes and be the first to enjoy brand-new material, shot exclusively for you. You also get filthy pics of the dirtiest Jalifstudio studs, Behind -The-Scenes, Interviews, Screensavers and Wallpaper for your computer. Plus you’ll also be able to watch your favorite scenes on your mobile. In addition, members will enjoy special prices on our DVDs. We’re waiting for you with massive hard-ons and plenty of thick, hot cum.









Hairy Guy Back again for an Encore!

Hot J (what a strage name!) gets right down to business in this jack off video from Butch Dixon.  You guys loved him SO MUCH last month, we have more of him!

Hot J’s package is busting out of his underwear briefs, and when he fishes out his cock, you’ll see why. It’s a delicious fat uncut piece of meat! As he starts stroking his loose foreskin slides easily along the length of man meat. Hot J even bends over and gives us a good look at his furry ass hole. You’re going to have plenty of time to watch this hairy Spanish hunk in this 18-minute video. And wait until you see his vigorous and generous cumshot – it’s definitely worth the wait.

Head over to Butch Dixon now and check out the free preview.

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Beefy Gay Men Who Are Uncut and LOVE Piss and Cum

The makers of the insanely popular “30 Loads of Facials” brings you a new instant hit series, “Thugs in Public”!!! The series starts off with Lucas Gabo, a hairy Argentine bodybuilder with a monster cock to match the rest of this massive thug.

Lucas starts off chugging some beer before he decides to strip out of his gear and give us and the neighbors quite the show. Gabo takes the rest of his beer and pours it all over that huge furry chest of his soaking his entire upper body and his white jockstrap. This is where all the fun begins!!! Get ready to worship Luca’s every muscle, that tight lubed-up virgin hole of his, his ass-breaking cock and every last drop of that rancid piss before you take in all of his jizz.

Mouth Watering Delicious Uncut Cock at Drake Cameron

We were so thrilled to have Marek to service Martyn the way he did.
Martyn seduces Marek by gently massing and kissing his chest and

Then turns him over to plant kisses down his back and tease
his tight hairy hole with his lips and tongue all the way down his
leg. Marek returns the favor by sucking Martyn’s thick uncut dick. When
Martyn is ready to cum, Marek gobbles his nuts until he unleashes his
load onto his own chest.