Big Hairy ROMAN at Butch Dixon

I’m happy to add Roman to the list of rugged, hansdome men who have come my way from America lately. Roman had just stepped off a plane after a 12 hour flight, so I filled the tub with hot suds for him to soak his muscles in. And what muscles. As the soapy water glistened over them , matting the thick rug of fur on his chest, we began to talk and as Roman relaxed, we got to talking about sex… it wasn’t long before that thick dick of his started swelling and throbbing above the waterline. As Roman soaped hos hairy balls and let a sudsy hand slip down between the cheeks of his ass, teasing his hole with a couple of fingers, his hard cock was rigid against his furry belly and obviously aching for release. We continued to talk a little as he stroked his cock, gently at first, then with the intensity of a man who really needs to shoot a load. And shoot a load he did; a big thick load that glistened on his belly before being washed away by hot water.

The look on Roman’s face one of pure bliss.  BUTCH  DIXON


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Show Me Your Ass! – Alexsander Freitas and Dean Monroe

Alexsander Freitas is sitting in a red. leather chair. He’s naked and stroking his dick. His body is hard muscled and covered in tattoos – a lot of ink! Dean Monroe enters the room and Alexsander summons him closer. “Get over here!” he barks. “Strip out of your clothes.” As Dean obeys he’s standing naked and bends over to remove his socks. “Leave them! That looks sexy,” Alexsander says. “Now turn around, show me your ass!” Dean bends over and spreads his butt cheeks and shows Alexsander the puckered butt hole he’s going to be fucking in a few minutes. Alexsander approaches Dean and the two horny men get into a passionate kissing session.

Dean chews on Freitas’ nipples, then works his way down to his sensational uncut cock. After deep throating Alexsander’s hard cock, Dean bends over the table and takes it up the ass. And judging by the look on his face, it’s hurting, but in a good way. After pounding Dean’s ass, the dark-haired muscle stud sits back on the sofa and Freitas jerks off, covering Dean with spunk. Boy, Butch Dixon sure knows how to pick his men. These two studs were on fire for one another.

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BUTCH DIXONs Hung Hairy French Daddy GEORGE SAUVAGE Jacking Off His Big Uncut Cock and Pissing!

george-sauvage-BUTCH DIXONs Hung Hairy French Daddy Jacking Off Big Uncut Cock Pissing-1

What BUTCH DIXON has to say about Hairy Man Taking a Shower starring Hung Hairy French Daddy GEORGE SAUVAGE and His Meaty Uncut Cock and Pissing Scene:

“I treated myself to some time off in France over the holidays and I couldn’t resist inviting some of the local, hot Frenchmen over to get naked for a bit of impromptu filming. My suite had a great washroom with a glassed-in shower stall, so I figured I’d get one of these hot hung hairy men to take a shower and jack off. I’ve featured a few men taking showers and jacking off on Butch Dixon before, but this sexy, uncut Frenchman is definitely a favourite. As the scene opens, George Sauvage comes into the washroom, slips out off his underwear briefs, and massages his uncut cock over the bathroom sink.”

BUTCH DIXONs Hung Hairy French Daddy Jacking Off Big Uncut Cock Pissing-2

“After getting his beautiful uncut dick semi-hard he strips naked and gets in the shower. He’s got a beautiful manly body — very solid, beefy, and hairy — and his meaty uncut dick and balls hang heavily between his legs. Inside the shower, he massages his body and jerks off under the spray. After a few minutes, George shuts off the water and takes a piss in the bathroom sink. It’s fucking hot! (sorry, don’t have any pics of that, you can watch the free preview video below on the site).”

BUTCH DIXONs Hung Hairy French Daddy Jacking Off Big Uncut Cock Pissing-2bb

BUTCH DIXONs Hung Hairy French Daddy Jacking Off Big Uncut Cock Pissing-3

“Then George gets to work on stiffening up his meaty, uncut cock. He’s got a nice set of plum-sized, hairy balls and I love watching them wobble to the rhythm of his stroking. He snorts his armpit and his dick starts to stiffen. I lie back on the floor and George stands over me, jerking his cock and staring into the camera. It’s a big turn-on for me to be watching him like this. And then, finally he starts to grunt and groan; in a few more seconds, he’s spraying his thick cum load all over the place. While he doesn’t hit the camera, a couple of errant drops fall on me. It’s one of the “hazzards” of my job and this hairy man is going to need to take another shower!”

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The Uncut Cock and Gay Bukkake Birthday Cum Party At BUTCH DIXON!

For his first anniversary, Butch Dixon decided he wanted to do something fun and kinky. So he assembled six hot hairy men who appeared on his site in the past year, and then, he got one of the hottest cocksuckers, Ben Statham, to take care of these horny men’s dicks with his warm wet mouth and throat.

Butch Dixon ‘s Ben Statham is one superb cocksucker, he could suck the freckles off a redhead. Ben gets down on his knees and these six hairy men encircle him and Ben goes to work. He takes a turn slobbering all over each of their big nobs.

And for foreskin worshippers, you’re going ot love this video – every one of these men is uncut. When Ben has had his fill of dick, he sits back in a chair, and then, one by one, the men spew their loads all over his face and chest. I have to say, Butch Dixon sure has a way of making a birthday party fun!

The Uncut Cock and Gay Bukkake Birthday Party At BUTCH DIXON!

Hot Uncut Man Meat at Butch Dixon


Hot J (what a stage name!) gets right down to business in this jack off video from Butch Dixon. As soon as the camera starts rolling, HotJ starts peeling off his clothes. This Spanish hunk’s sculpted arms are already looking pretty nice in his muscle shirt, but when Hot J pulls the shirt over his head, we’re treated to a gorgeous hairy chest. And if you look closely you’ll see a ripped pair of abs under that layer of fur.

 Hot J’s package is busting out of his underwear briefs, and when he fishes out his cock, you’ll see why. It’s a delicious fat uncut piece of meat! As he starts stroking his loose foreskin slides easily along the length of man meat. Hot J even bends over and gives us a good look at his furry ass hole. You’re going to have plenty of time to watch this hairy Spanish hunk in this 18-minute video. And wait until you see his vigorous and generous cumshot – it’s definitely worth the wait.

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Someone please get a membership with this site, so these poor guys can make a few dollars! Hell, I’d slip either one a   $50  to suck their hot uncut cocks!

You are going to love these str8 guys who love to get naked for guys to look at and get paid!  Man either one could blow a few loads of thick creamy cum on my face and I would be slurping and licking it up while pumping out my own loads….

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Meet A Couple Hot Sexy Bald Men with Big Uncut Cocks Over at BUTCH DIXON


BUTCH DIXON SAYS…”Cristian Torrent is one of my favorite hairy men on BUTCH DIXON’s site. He’s a gay porn photographer’s dream come true. His cock stiffens on command, he gives good attitude in a photo session, he sucks dick like he really loves to – and he does – and he can take a big dick up his ass hungry pig bottom ass just as well as he can fuck like a power top and drill his bottom to orgasm. In “Noisy Orgasm,” you’ll see Cristian adoring his big cock in a mirror. And I just love how he smeared his big load of spunk all over that mirror!

He’s also done a hardcore fuck scene with a sexy Cigar Smoking Daddy “Oliver” where he swallow’s Oliver’s hige mushroom headed daddy cock like it’s execution day and this fat, uncut dick is his last meal. But I think where Cristian really shines is in the video “Who’s the Boss?” This sexy bald man is playing the foreman of a construction company and he’s got to haul in one of his workers for a little discipline session. His worker, Ulysse, has been running his mouth about the boss, so now Cristian is teaching this fucker what a mouth is really used for. And this construction worker has little choice: either suck his boss’s fat dick or hit the unemployment line. This Sexy Bald Man gallery features Cristian Torrent all by his lonesome. Just you, him, and that delicious, long uncut dick. Enjoy!”

Meet Sexy Uncut Bald Man Number One At BUTCH DIXON ~ Cristian Torrent


BUTCH DIXON SAYS…”Ben Statham is a cute muscle boy BUTCH DIXON has been working with for a while. He’s a real sweetheart, and a damned good cock sucker, too – well, from what we’ve seen anyway. Ben has a beautiful body ~ that ass, and asshole, and those eraser nipples that are wired ~ YUMMM. He works hard in the gym and I love every crease and crevice of his lean and muscled body. I’d love him a whole lot more if his chest were a little hairier, but what are you going to do? You’ve got what you got. Ben recently filmed a video with hairy daddy Tim Kelly, which is debuting later this week, and I was extremely jealous.

Watching Ben snuggle up in Tim Kelly’s big, strong arms got me revved up. You can see more in Mad Passionate Sex and you’ll notice how blissful Ben looks curled up next to his daddy. The final result was more like watching two men making love than having sex. (Check out the free preview at Cum for Daddy.) And one of the things I love most about this bald guy is his big hard uncut cock. I asked him to tug and pull on his foreskin and he sure did. I love it when a man has a loose foreskin and Ben’s got ample enough to play with. I get so hard thinking about sucking and chewing on it. Enjoy!”

Meet Sexy Uncut Bald Guy Number Two At BUTCH DIXON ~ Ben Statham

Hung, Masculine and Hairy Ted Colunga Works His Big Fat Uncut Cock Over at BUTCH DIXON


Hairy Man in Suit – Ted Colunga

There’s nothing sexier than a muscular man wearing a fine suit. Ted Colunga recently stopped by Butch Dixon for a photo shoot. When the photographer opened the door the hung hairy hunk was standing in front of him wearing a suit. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be so formal,” Colunga said, “But I’m just coming from another appointment and didn’t have time to change.” Butch Dixon told him that he had nothing to apologize for and suggested that they start shooting right away.

So Ted Colunga climbed the sprial staircase in the photographer’s house and started stripping out of his suit. He had that just-home-from-a- long-boring-wedding look and needed a good wank to get rid of some of the day’s stress. As Colunga peels out of his suit we first see his beautifully hairy chest; and then, Colunga fishes his super beer-can fat, uncut cock out of his trousers. Good Lord! Talk about more than a mouthful! What a delicious hunk of uncut dick meat! And that mushroom cock head! He can barely get his hand around his cock when its hard! Butch Dixon did three photo shoots that day with Ted Colunga, and you’re going to want to head over there and see them all!

Ted Colunga Works His Big Fat Uncut Cock Over In A Suit at BUTCH DIXON


Hung, Masculine and Hairy Ted Colunga Works His Big Fat Uncut Cock Over at BUTCH DIXON

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