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BERLIN MALEs HECTOR Big Veiny German Uncut Cock Jock Boy Muscle Stud-1A

BERLIN MALEs HECTOR German Uncut Cock Jock Boy Muscle Stud

Meet my new dream lover, big fat veiny uncut cock-ed Hector from BERLIN MALE.  Some people call him “Igor” online and say he’s got the face of a ugly monster, I totally can look past anything with this hot German fucker and think his face is very German-East-Bloc-sexy with that big schnozzle that matches the big fat mushroom head on his bratwurst downtown!! 

Smooth, lean, ripped muscle washboard abs, meaty jock boy thighs…and that leg of a cock!!!  Hector is 29-years-old and hails from Lichtenberg, Germany and works out a good load of thick creamy muscle jock boy cum outta his XXL uncut cock while in the gym. Thats our kinda workout!!!  There are 4 video clips in all, including a slow-mo recap-playback of the cum shot.

The Uncut Cock and BERLIN MALE s HOT Hung European Jock Boy Muscle Stud HECTOR and His Big Fat Veiny Uncut Cock!

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