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No these pics aren’t morphed, this horse hung Euro twink boy is the real deal.  Meet Steven Prior and his MASSIVE uncut dick from HARDBRITLADS.  The funny thing about Steven Prior is he’s exactly the kinda guy you would expect to have such a HUGE cock – At only 5 feet 8 inches (170 cm) tall, a thin body, and cute, boyish face; Steven looks harmless. That is until his dick gets hard. When that happens watch out! Steven’s thick uncut cock is anything but harmless. Especially for newbie unsuspecting bottom boys. As Steven sits in his white boxers playing with his nipples and dick it becomes very clear that this timid hard Brit lad wields a very large cock. As his tool grows it stretches all the way across his leg and rests on his hip. I’m not usually into guys wearing underwear but this boy is cute and seeing the outline of his gigantic cock tool is awesome!

Steven lowers his underwear to give us a good long look at his 10 inch (25 cm) cock. Even with all the girth it still stands out from his body and has a very nice curve to hit that special spot. After a few minutes of jacking his big dick and playing with his juicy veiny foreskin, he takes out an original style Fleshjack, applies lots of lube, and rams his monster into the masturbation toy. With the thickness of his dick; I bet they had to provide him with an extra wide opening! Anyways, Steven moves the Fleshjack up and down his 10 inch cock shaft then stands up to hold the toy steady and fucks it, moving his bony hips back and forth like he was fucking an imaginary friend’s ass. The action is scorching hot for a solo scene.

He works his massive cock in the Fleshjack and he’s really loving it. And he splooges a really hot cumshot – thick and white, and lots of it! God, isn’t that a beautiful sight! This is one fucking unforgettable jacking-off session.

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Meet horny little pigboy Shayne, getting fucked in the pics above, Blake Mason’s redhead twink assistant, who made this unauthorized video and only told Mr. Mason after the fact. Here’s how ginger pubed firecrotch Shayne says everything went down:

“Well, ever since I first filmed Kyle C. he hasn’t stopped texting and flirting with me—in fact it’s happened on every shoot I’ve filmed with him since then! Given that he’s got a HUGE uncut cock and promised to be gentle with my tight pink pucker hole, I decided to go for it… but wanted this to be a nice surprise for the boss!

I waited for a date that I knew Mr. Mason would be out in a meeting with the web developers (they’re always long and boring, so he says!) and arranged for Kyle to pay me a visit on the understanding that I would set up the cameras and film us sucking and fucking for the site. Kyle, of course, loved the idea of a “private” fuck on camera and so when he arrived we went for it… and I’ve got to say his beautiful uncut cock is even more impressive up close! But the one thing I already knew about Kyle was that dirty talk really turned him on—so I went in to overdrive whenever my mouth was free!”

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Man, can Shayne slurp his lips around a big, fat uncut dick or what – anyone would think he had been starved for a month! Shayne just loved thrusting his own fat cock meat right down Sam’s throat!

However, the biggest surprise came when Sam S gave up his tight white hole for Shayne – who wasted no time in sliding his solid hard dick deep in to that eager ass! Humping away, these fellas kind of melted perfectly in to each other – slow and fast grinding movements sure put a smile on Sam’s face. And once Sam was laid on his back with Shayne jerking his dick and plowing his ass there really was no stopping his thick creamy cum spunk gushing forth allover his ginger pubes!

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