Meet Brett at Austin Zane!

So I met this bou at the Grabbys a couple weeks back –  cute cute cute!

Hey everyone it’s Bret, today’s shoot was a little different and we wanted to offer a solo that was a little out of the norm from the apartment…. Austin and Zane thought it would be a grand idea to hike miles up into the rocks for this shoot so we woke up early in the a.m. and hiked up the mountain with our gear searching for a spot to shoot. We found  a spot at the very top that we thought would be secluded so we got to work. We began with a simple introduction then I dropped my pants… half way through you will notice the sound of a helicopter flying above.  Praying it wasn’t CNN or FOX news, Zane stood in front of me blocking me from them as I continued my solo. As you can see, I started this shoot out white as can be and ended it with a 2nd degree sunburn across my chest.  I did a variety of techniques while jerking it because I love to switch everything up throughout my process of getting off!! I was outdoors and on the edgy side of getting caught.. just my definition of having fun and enjoying myself  it ended with a great cumshot that covered myself and the rock around me.. I hope you enjoy what you see and please comment and let me know what y’all think about both my solo.   AUSTIN  ZANE 

Hot Hung Fuckers at Video Boys

After Brandon Jones’ dildo scene on Videoboys, they asked him who he might like to do a duo with. “Well I’ve already fucked with Hayden Colby and it was REEEALLY good,” he told VideoBoys. So they decided it would be fun to see them recreate that earlier magic and naturally they both had no objection.

From the moment these two started into the foreplay it was obvious that they really knew what they were doing. Both Brandon and Hayden are very experienced in the ways of love and putting them together is like putting two great pianists together in a room and telling them to improvise something. These two are virtuosos of sex and in this scene they made beautiful music, beautiful LOUD music, together. The banging got so loud at one point we got some complaints from the downstairs neighbor. But no complaints from Brandon and Hayden. Both left the scene extremely satisfied.




Big Dick Boys and Sweet Holes for Plowing

There are lots of things to love about Xavier Powell. His cute twinky-boy face, his hard, chiseled abs and his fat, uncut cock. But probably the one feature that generates more excitement than any other on Xavier’s body is his smooth, bubble butt. Everyone wants to fuck that sweet little ass. And if they can’t fuck it themselves, then they want to see someone else really stretch that hole open.



Adorable little BOTTOM Twink


Joey Lafontaine. He’s an attention magnet. He’s so friendly and so cute that he can convert a room full of strangers into great friends in a matter of minutes. Part of his charm is his innocent friendly smile but even people who aren’t turned on by cute young guys can’t help but be attracted to Joey’s smouldering sexuality. Animal (? well, maybe puppy) magnetism, that’s what he’s got.


we put  Joey  in the shower and let him be. It wasn’t long before  Joey was pulling and  jerking his big boner on the edge of the bathtub. From there he moved to the shower and let the water cascade all down his smooth, teen-boy skin while he soaped himself all over. For his big finale we found Joey down on the shower floor, soaking wet, two fingers, then three,  up his ass and jerking his cock like a wild man. A happy ending.

See him at VIDEO  BOYS

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Long Hair, Ripped Body and Foreskin

Micky is a serious type of guy. Right now his focus is on working out and getting more muscular and he’s not fooling around. He works out hard and with purpose and he pays strict attention to diet and resting. You probably won’t be surprised to find that Micky is straight and does fairly well with the girls. And he takes his sex as seriously as his bodybuilding. He’s a real expert.  SQUIRTZ


Cocks Uncut at the Car Wash

Cocks Uncut!  at the CAR WASH!

Enzo Riminez and Mike Events get clean and dirty at car wash time. the temparature’s rising and Mike thinks Enzo could do with a cooling spray… Put a hose in a guy’s hand on a hot day and what do you think’s going to happen? The two are soon stepping out of their wet clothes and working up a lather of their own. Enzo’s spread over the hood taking Mike’s stiff uncut cock, pushing back to get every inch inside him. Mike’s furry buns look fantastic as they push his cock home and the they leave hand, ass and nut prints all over the car as they grapple with each other. Hot loads shoot onto hot bare flesh and the guys need to hose down again.   SEE MORE


THE UNCUT COCK features SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY aka Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Super-SuperModel Simon Dexter!!!


Okay, so this is one of the many, many reasons I love my job publishing hot cock and boy ass so much…  Yesterday, I’m working on some posts for the site and come across an image of a “Harley” who did a solo jack-off shoot for SEAN CODY…  I find Harley this gorgeous, young guy, dark blonde-ish, lean, ripped, totally handsome and sexy, great smile, HOT bubble butt jock boy ass with a little crack fur AND… a ginourmous uncut cock…so you know already I’m totally in love…it’s late in the day, I save the pic on my desktop…

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-1

This morning, I go to find these pics of Harley from SEAN CODY to do a post for you and discover SO much, much, much more about this innocent looking straight guy next door (grinning, loving every jack-offable minute)…  Since his original solo at SEAN CODY, Harley has been quite popular and busy, both as a SCORCHING HOT power top and bottom at SEAN CODY

Harley & Claude
Harley & Ajay
Harley & Boyce
Harley Fucks Neil (Hard)
Harley & Cole
Harley & Terry
Carlton & Harley
Harley & Jurek
Harley & Emory
Harley & Emory: Behind the Scenes
Harley Gets Fucked!
Harley Gets Fucked: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Berke
Harley & Berke: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Addison
Richard & Harley
Ski Retreat Fuckfest
Ski Retreat Fuckfest: Behind the Scenes
Owen & Harley Flip-Flop
Owen & Harley: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Mitch
Harley & Mitch: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Kurt
Harley & Kurt: Behind the Scenes
Pete & Harley
Doug & Harley
Doug & Harley: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Matt

I couldn’t link directly to Harley’s WHOPPING 3 pages of videos and pics at SEAN CODY, but just click the drop down at the top and search for him by name…  this is probably my top fav of him fucking this HOT white blonde pubed hottie CARLTON…I’m wet!…

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-2

Sooooo then…  I discover this hottie, in his spare time from doing porn, is actually a super-super model and has gone by the names “Simon Czaplinski” but I believe has settled on “Simon Dexter”…  KUDOS to you Simon!!!  It makes sense you’re a supermodel since you’re gorgeous and have such a versatile…look!!!

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-3

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-4

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-5

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-6

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-7

All I know is this Hottie, no matter what name he may choose, can do no wrong in our book, we wish him HUGE success and how he’s flown under our radar screen until now is a mystery… hmmm, fate at work again 🙂

THE UNCUT COCK features SEAN CODY ‘s Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY aka Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Super-SuperModel Simon Dexter!!!

Uncut Cocks and Cum Facials


30 Loads of Facials Season 3 Episode 3

Season 3 continues its public route in this very special episode. Casa de Campo is a huge green space inside the heart of Madrid which is an infamous cruising ground. Here Damien Crosse finds his next prey, a hot young man with quite the hefty piece. He follows him while stroking his cock in one of the hottest installments of ¨30 Loads of Facials¨, the world´s nastiest mini-series. Season 3 really raises the bar in reality porn and Episode 3 is the best example. Join Stag Homme now, and you´ll never go back to ordinary porn!!


Bucharest Romania Uncut Beauty

I love my Euro men!

Prague, Hungary, Poland, Germany and ROMANIA!

Just got back from another tour of duty in Bucharest Romania. When Molnar showed up for our casting call, I knew we’d found yet another scorching Wolff exclusive from this great country. Molnar is a natural athlete who excels at everything from football to competitive swimming. This shoot captures his 6’1 190 lb frame in all it’s natural glory. Lot’s of lean natural muscle, great skin tone, handsome face and nice big dick!  with Pearling! that’s plastic beads that are surgically implanted in the penis CRAZY!

Pearling is not that uncommon, mostly done in Easter Europe ( Russia) as well as Asia.  Is popular with Asian and Russian mafia members and sailors. Just Google Pearling or surgically implanted beads in penis.


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More Uncut Meat with Lucas Entertainment

michael-lucas-1 It’s been an exciting sexual game of cat-and-mouse between these two studs for quite a while: tall and handsome Adrian Long has had his eye on Lucas Entertainment’s hot Australian exclusive Mathew Mason for some time now, and he’s finally gotten his chance up in Canada to have his way with the guy. Adrian is a well-known Lucas Entertainment top, and Mathew isn’t shy to bottom for the sexiest of porn stars.

The Australian starts out by sucking on Adrian’s uncut Canadian meat, who then turns around and shows his partner how hot and horny he’s made him. Adrian manages to get Mathew’s big, fat cock in his mouth for some more oral action before Adrian flips him around and eats him out. And overlooking a Montreal skyline by night, the exclusive bends Mathew over a chair and thrusts his cock deep inside for some sizzling prostrate-massaging anal sex that can only be experienced between two men!



Can I have some piss with that Foreskin??

For over a decade, has been bringing you the HOTTEST boys that love to get dirty….and wet! No matter what kind of watersports that your traffic is into, whether it’s self-soaking, underpants wetting, drinking, even piss-fucking, has you covered. Now onto our latest update:

Piss chugging twink Dustin Fitch guzzles down a hot stream right from buff Roman’s cock! Then Roman drinks down Dustin’s piss! Roman eats Dustin’s hungry hole, pisses in it, and then fucks him good with his big uncut rod! Roman busts his load all over Dustin’s face and then pisses it off!   BOYS PISSING!


Fresh New Young Meat at Latin Boyz

We noticed Lucas shooting some hoops by himself at a public park a couple weeks ago and couldn’t help but wonder what this Puerto Rican papi would look like naked. When he decided to take a break and go to the bathroom we decided to make our move.

Our photographer stood next to him at the urinal and said, “With a dick like that you should be in porn,” Lucas laughed at first but then quickly asked how much it pays. They ended up leaving immediately and doing this shoot right on the spot.