Big Uncut Cock, White Socks, Foreskin, and Cum at Maskurbate

THE UNCUT COCK loves….Marco the Fireman and His Big Hose –

If you like Muscles, Foreskin action and Dick-Play, you’ll love Marco !
This time we’re far from fiction. Marco truly is a Fireman and never would have done this clip if it wasn’t for the partial mask that covers his face.
I’m glad it happened because he’s a great entertainer and has the dick-size and body-type that made so popular !

Recent Readers Comment:

“The ancient Greeks loved their foreskins and a long foreskin was considered a beauty to behold. That little fleshy “Nipple” at the tip of this model’s beautiful male member that covers the glans and head has a beautiful name, which you may, or, most probably, not know. The ancient Greeks named it because it was beauty incarnate to them. It’s called the “akroposthion” and a long akropostion was a desired attribute indeed in boys and men alike.”

THANK YOU Mount Hood! All about the “akroposthion” here!!!  Check Out All The Scorching HOT akroposthion at MASKURBATE!