Tim Tales Nominated for BEST SITE CONTENT this year


When our friend Gerald came by last time for a series of shoots, we really wanted him to have a good time 🙂 So we got two bareback fuckers for him, to join them in a threesome.
Tom Jaxx and David Esten are a real life couple and love to fuck muscleguys raw, so they were happy about my proposal to meet Gerald.
After they had a good time together, Gerald was covered with cum.

TIM  TALES was voted by Cybersocket – as BEST SITE CONTENT!

Bareback My Hole and Breed Me Raw

The scene opens with Lee, Chad and Colin passionately kissing and groping one another as Chad eagerly slides down to service both of their cocks. He sucks and swallows each of them as he works his talented tongue on their balls. Lee kneels down to assist Chad with cock sucking duty as they both share and swap Colin’s thick pierced cock. The sex steps into high gear when Colin bends Chad over and rims his raw ass. Chad arches his crack up in the air for Colin to see what talented hole waits. He licks and teases his butt while Chad continues to work over Lee’s huge uncut cock. The action intensifies when Chad is pulled to edge of the bed and tag teamed by Colin and Lee. They each take turns fucking Chad’s bareback ass. Colin grabs Chad by the hips and thrusts his huge rod into him deep. Chad relinquishes control as his ass is pounded even harder when Lee takes his turn. The scene reaches its climax when Lee shoots his nut and leaves Chad a huge cum facial! .

Chad licks and swallows the load as Colin nails him with relentless precision. Colin busts his load all over Chad’s raw hole as he pushes the load deep into his ass and breeds him. With one sloppy load shot all over his face and another sloppy load shot deep in his hole, Chad shoots his nut all over his chest and stomach. He wastes no time in eating up all the freshly shot jizz while he licks his own fingers clean. Sweaty and exhausted the scene ends as it started with these guys passionately kissing and groping one another.





Cock Sucking Butt Fucking Foreskin Lovers

Dark, seedy alleys of the city.  Ah yes.  Down and dirty. These masculine and adventurous Alley Cats, clad in their hottest leather gear, roam the side streets and hidden areas of the city for the thrills of anonymous meetings with other horny men on the prowl. These chance meetings in public raise the intensity level the maximum and get these hunks supercharged with testosterone. The hard core sex that follows between these strangers is gritty, thrilling and roughly passionate. Come venture with these Alley Cats as they explore their deepest fantasies in the tough city streets.

Scene 1 – Jessie Colter & Alexander Garrett
In a secluded alley, tattooed, rough stud, Jessie Colter finds, tall, ripped and harnessed Latino hunk, Alexander Garret hiding in the shadows. Their eyes meet and Alexander signals Jessie with a crotch rub.  RAGING  STALLION

Big Hot Hairy Guys


David Dirdam & Tony Aziz

David Dirdam’s hands roam over his body, caressing his muscles and releasing his beautiful, uncut cock. In comes Tony Aziz who works his way down Dirdum’s body with his lips, licking down to the water flowing off his cock. Tony then fucks Dirdum under the water, pounding his cock in his ass as the water rains all over Dirdum’s back. Aziz pounds him harder, deeper until the hard pounding makes Dirdum releases a load of cum all over his soaked torso.

Aziz now yearning to be fucked by Dirdum’s sill hard uncut cock, stands with his back to Dirdam and pushes his rear back to impale himself, on the thick piece of manhood.   HAIRY GUYS!

Massive Men and Foreskin

Nothing better to end the movie up that the fourth scene with Ruben Rodriguez and Jorge Blanco. Two massive guys ready for filtht action. You already know massive tattooed hunk Ruben Rodriguez from “Boots and Bondage”. Jorge Blanco makes here his first appearance in porn ever. Deep throat blow job, armpit, nipple licking and ass hole drilling before this two massive hunks shoot their cum!We hope you will enjoy the movie as we did finding all these new hunks for you!!

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