Uncut Cock Brad Patton Tribute


I found some old pics of Brad this week and forgot just how HOT he was!

Brad Patton (born Joel Mangs 7 August 1972, in Melbourne, Australia), is a former gay porn star. Brad spent most of his time growing up in Sweden before being discovered by porn director Chi Chi LaRue. He currently lives in Amsterdam.

Patton typically played the top role in films.

He has retired from the business, saying on his web page “I have had a lot of changes in my life recently which have led me to decide to retire from the adult (film) industry. It hasn’t been an easy decision and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my loyal fans and members. ”

He was in a relationship with former porn star Brian Hansen. The couple lived in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Hot Wired 2: Turned On (2003)
Drenched Part I: Soaking It In (2003)
The Taking Flight Set (2004)
Man Made (2005)
Trunks 2 (2006)
Casting Couch (2007)
Heaven To Hell (2005)

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ERIC and VILEM…Friends with benefits and nice cocks!

Eric and Vilem are real-life friends. Both consider themselves straight, both are seriously into bodybuilding (can you tell?). Neither has any sexual hang-ups. If you ever doubted two friends could have man-on-man sex with each other –let alone two ‘straight’ friends– take a good look at Vilem and Erik together: hot, piggy sex, hard bodies, harder dicks… and gaping holes!!

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Horse Hung Twink Latin Boyz


Holy crap!

Check out sexy 20 year old  Savior from Central California. A BIG BIG fuckin’ WHOPPER  uncut dick! Plus this little twink  has a cute face, sexy tight body and amazingly hot ass, THAT LOVES GETTING RIMMED!!

We met him online, where else?  and thought that big uncut meat of his was just too good to be true and dared him to come over and prove it’s real. It was already getting hard before he even whipped it out of his jeans. a TWO HANDER!  He loves sex and is versatile though he will only bottom if the other guy knows how to rim him really good first.

My tongue is ready! I will make your toes curl!


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Hot Hung 9 incher guy on an Island!~


How would you like to be stuck on an island with Malu?

6’4″, 21 year old tough local boy cage fighter with the HUGE 9″ uncut cock is back showing off his monster dick in Hawaiian style!

Half African American and half Hawaiian, Malu has a beautiful smooth hairless brown body except for the thick bush of dark BLACK untrimmed dick hair covering his GIANT uncut cock which stays ROCK HARD for most of this video!

Malu is more ripped, muscular and mean than in his first photo shoot.  Feast your eyes on this tall tough Hawaiian’s lean muscle body and HUGE UNCUT COCK as he works! After working and taking a long PISS, Maul sits fully naked on a bench outside and lubes up his monster 9″ cock for a lengthy hard core JO session!

This horse hung Hawaiian covers his hands and furry crotch with loads of thick bad boy jizz! His cum shot is NOT to be missed! Malu is STILL HORNY and HARD after his cums! Malu treats us to a sexy shower scene including soaping up his STILL ROCK HARD UNCUT 9″ cock in the hot water! If you like soft spoken street fighters with BIG COCKS, this sexy surfer jock will delight you!   ISLAND  STUDS

Big Dick Devon Moss Gets Plowed

Horse Hung Twink DEVON MOSS Gets Fucked By MARIO COSTA'S Even Bigger Uncut Cock at EXTRA BIG DICKS-1

Horse Hung Twink DEVON MOSS Gets Fucked By MARIO COSTA'S Even Bigger Uncut Cock at EXTRA BIG DICKS-2

Horse Hung Twink DEVON MOSS Gets Fucked By MARIO COSTA'S Even Bigger Uncut Cock at EXTRA BIG DICKS-3

Devin Moss is a baby-faced twink,  smooth and hairless with delicious vanilla white skin yet a nice dark hairy bush of pubes and a larger than life big fat 10 inch uncut cock. I have seen it in person!  ITS  BIG!

EXTRA BIG DICKS hooked him up with horse hung Latin hottie boy Mario Costa. Mario is 23 years old and originally from Cuba, now living in Miami. Mario and his thick 11 inch uncut cock was the perfect fuck buddy for a huge cock “Sword Fight.”

EXTRA BIG DICKS touts  “21 inches of uncut wrist-thick horse dick” and their math isn’t bad. Cuban stud-puppy Mario Costa presents an excellent anal challenge to underdog porn twink, Devin Moss, new to bottoming.

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Big Dick Jessie Alan

ExtraBigDicks.com favorite cock slinger, Jessie Alan is back this week and you’re gonna be in for a treat as this 23 year old and that 9” cock of his have met their match in 20 year old Jon Estevez.

Jon starts to lick and suck on that cock as he hauls it out and takes that uncut monster in his mouth.

Jon can’t get enough of that dick as he shoves it down his throat. Jessie grabs his head with both hands as he face fucks Jon’s pouty lips. Jessie then returns the favor as he goes down on Jon’s aching cock.

Jessie rims that hole deep, making Jon wants that dick in more than just his mouth. Face down on the chaise Jon is in position as Jessie moves into position and buries his cock to the hilt. Jon braces as his ass gets stretched wide and Jessie starts to give him every thick inch of it.



Michael Lucas is a Man Whore – But So Am I


Michael Lucas spots Leo Domenico, a young and handsome hunk ready for sex, and whisks him away into a great English manor. Michael places a “Do Not Disturb” on the door and moves in to make out with Leo, who loves all the attention the porn legend showers on him. They kiss against the bedpost before Michael directs Leo down to his knees to suck on his erect 10 inches of uncut cock, and there’s no shortage of slobber strands as he does the sucking!

Leo’s chest, stomach, and legs are covered in the sexiest down of short course body hair and it’s never been more masculine on any other gay porn star! Michael is prepared to put Leo through some serious acrobatics, but first he lubricates the guy’s hole with his tongue. With his condom on, Michael fucks Leo in all sorts of positions: doggy, on his stomach, missionary, and even some reverse jackhammering!


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Alec Rothko & Manuel Rios at BEL AMI


Some time ago we showed you a casting with Alec Rothko, who at the time was not interested in shooting. Alec he has a beautifully shaped big dick, is quite a good fucker (as you will see in this weeks 4way) and boy next door appeal to him. For his first BJ with BA we combined him with Manuel Rios who was the only boy that could completely swallow Alec’s cock.

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Big Cocks with Extra Inches of Foreskin

Xtrainches is dedicated to photographing and filming guys with bigger than average cocks. They are either porn stars shot by Raging Stallion Studios in San Francisco or amateurs that Xtrainches photographed and filmed in Australia, Canada,

the United States and Brazil.

Check them out!!!

XTRA INCHES, Lucas Apollo (above)  lifts up his baggy pants to reveal an incredible rocking hot body and ripped set of washboard ab muscles. Even though Lucas’ cock is relatively soft when he finally pulls it out, you’ll be shocked at how long and thick and fat his cock really is and when it’s hard his veiny foreskin looks more like silk wrapped around that thick shaft and mushroom head as it slides up and down till he

blows a huge cum load all over himself.

Meet Alejandro from XTRA INCHES. Check out the beer can thickness and delicious veiny and long C10 foreskin swinging between the kness of this sexy fucker. Alejandros dick looks ass tearing in width and there’s no doubt you’d feel a cock that

big deep inside your guts!

Extra XTRA INCHES Of Veiny Foreskin

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Innocent and Sweet with a BIG FAT UNCUT COCK


Liam is a dancer and you can tell that the instant you see his powerful legs and his bubble butt. Because of his obvious good looks we assumed Liam would have had plenty of sexual experience, but we learned that Liam has actually been very low key with his sex life and as of our shooting this video, he had only ever been with three other boys. But this video is Liam’s declaration that things are about to change. Liam wants to experience all the pleasures the flesh has to offer.  See him now  at  SQUIRTZ

Waiting for the Money Load

BLAKE MASON was a young ENGLISH LAD. All the Men of Berlin, are very hot!

He was a FIT YOUNG MAN , full of delicious EURO CREME!

He has an EXTRA BIG DICK and loved to jack off at night, while watching the AMATEUR HOUR on TV. He also likes hi VOD movies for about 8 cents a minute!

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Matt Hughes at Bull Dog Pit 3 way

Hooking up in the club, these three lads are in for a long night full of hot sex and rampant butt fucking that will leave us all exhausted!! Matt Hughes and his famous 11 inch dick are back and in fine form as it gets shared around Czech superstar Alex Stevens(THOSE ABS  ARE SIC!)  and curly haired Philippe.

Alex is looking so buff, his abs rippling with muscle, and his biceps bulging beyond belief!! Sucking Matt’s meat, he takes as much as that handsome face can manage before his ass slowly opens up with Philippe’s rather thick meat as Matt shares his around and gets his tongue around Alex’s rock hard cock!! Proving highly versatile, Philippe proceeds to take all Matt has to offer and the cum showers begin!!







I remember when I was younger, there was a futuristic movie called  BRAINSTORM with Christopher Walken, back in 1983.  He had this device that could feel and simulate sex!

While not quite the same , but sort, now  comes  REAL TOUCH.  25 years later after brainstorm,  a device that lets you feel like you are fucking with Barrett Longs Huge Cock – or plowing  Brent Corrigans sweet  delicious ass!

RealTouch is the scientifically advanced device that enables men to watch encoded adult movie clips on their computer screens and enjoy virtually the same sensual experiences as the actors.

Along with  Corrigan and  Long, other actors included in the Top Ten most often downloaded included  Aaron Tyler, Logan McCree, Kaden Saylor, Enrico Cruiz Roman Heart, Antton Harri, Dawson and Alan Gregory. 350  stars to choose from!  Who do you want to fuck?!

The most frequently downloaded clips for Brent Corrigan were from the Dirty Bird Pictures/Prodigy Pictures release “Brent Corrigan’s Summit”. Barrett Long scored high with a Dirty Bird Pictures release as well, “Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour”.

 RealTouch was developed by a NASA engineer and used haptic technology to synchronize the device in real time with the action in the video the user is watching, delivering all the warmth, moistness and relative motion of an authentic sexual encounter.  The system provides piracy proof entertainment and is a complement to AEBN which streams more than a million hours of online adult video each month.