Meet Brett at Austin Zane!

So I met this bou at the Grabbys a couple weeks back –  cute cute cute!

Hey everyone it’s Bret, today’s shoot was a little different and we wanted to offer a solo that was a little out of the norm from the apartment…. Austin and Zane thought it would be a grand idea to hike miles up into the rocks for this shoot so we woke up early in the a.m. and hiked up the mountain with our gear searching for a spot to shoot. We found  a spot at the very top that we thought would be secluded so we got to work. We began with a simple introduction then I dropped my pants… half way through you will notice the sound of a helicopter flying above.  Praying it wasn’t CNN or FOX news, Zane stood in front of me blocking me from them as I continued my solo. As you can see, I started this shoot out white as can be and ended it with a 2nd degree sunburn across my chest.  I did a variety of techniques while jerking it because I love to switch everything up throughout my process of getting off!! I was outdoors and on the edgy side of getting caught.. just my definition of having fun and enjoying myself  it ended with a great cumshot that covered myself and the rock around me.. I hope you enjoy what you see and please comment and let me know what y’all think about both my solo.   AUSTIN  ZANE 

Jesse Clinton and His Cock are Back at You Love Jack







“Jessie’s 8 inch uncut cock is already rock hard as he sits back on the couch and casually tugs at his balls. He glances down at his rod quickly then bends over and starts slurping on that knob for all he’s worth! Deelicious!”

“His hand is a quick blur on his massive 8 inch uncut cock as he leans forward and gives one last lick to the head of that monster as the cum starts flying. The first shot glances off his chin and lands with a splat on his chest. The second massive shot of jizz squirts directly into his open mouth as he greedily gulps it down then opens wide for more!”

YUM! See more of him right now at You Love Jack!

Hot Hung Fuckers at Video Boys

After Brandon Jones’ dildo scene on Videoboys, they asked him who he might like to do a duo with. “Well I’ve already fucked with Hayden Colby and it was REEEALLY good,” he told VideoBoys. So they decided it would be fun to see them recreate that earlier magic and naturally they both had no objection.

From the moment these two started into the foreplay it was obvious that they really knew what they were doing. Both Brandon and Hayden are very experienced in the ways of love and putting them together is like putting two great pianists together in a room and telling them to improvise something. These two are virtuosos of sex and in this scene they made beautiful music, beautiful LOUD music, together. The banging got so loud at one point we got some complaints from the downstairs neighbor. But no complaints from Brandon and Hayden. Both left the scene extremely satisfied.




Hot Butch SkinHead With Awesome Cock

The thing that I like about Butch Dixon is that this gay porn site features all kinds of masculine men. Most of the men fall into the hirsute, muscle bear, and daddy categories. But every once in a while, Butch Dixon throws in a guy who is completely different. Dawson Jenkins is a British skinhead who recently took his clothes off for Butch Dixon. Dawson starts his scene off wearing a tight t-shirt, faded and well-worn jeans with yellow suspenders, and black combat boots. His dark hair is close cropped. He’s the perfect looking skinhead. As Dawson strips out of his clothes, he shows off his heavily tattooed body – this skinhead is covered in ink.

But the best is yet to come. After playing with his foreskin, Dawson strokes his cock until it’s rock hard. He’s got the most beautiful, mushroom-head cock. It’s a cocksucker’s fantasy come true; can you imagine wrapping your lips around that fat cock head? Dawson is featured in a photo gallery at Butch Dixon, but in another couple of weeks Butch Dixon will be posting this skinhead’s suck and fuck session with leather man Harley Everett.


THE UNCUT COCK features SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY aka Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Super-SuperModel Simon Dexter!!!


Okay, so this is one of the many, many reasons I love my job publishing hot cock and boy ass so much…  Yesterday, I’m working on some posts for the site and come across an image of a “Harley” who did a solo jack-off shoot for SEAN CODY…  I find Harley this gorgeous, young guy, dark blonde-ish, lean, ripped, totally handsome and sexy, great smile, HOT bubble butt jock boy ass with a little crack fur AND… a ginourmous uncut cock…so you know already I’m totally in love…it’s late in the day, I save the pic on my desktop…

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-1

This morning, I go to find these pics of Harley from SEAN CODY to do a post for you and discover SO much, much, much more about this innocent looking straight guy next door (grinning, loving every jack-offable minute)…  Since his original solo at SEAN CODY, Harley has been quite popular and busy, both as a SCORCHING HOT power top and bottom at SEAN CODY

Harley & Claude
Harley & Ajay
Harley & Boyce
Harley Fucks Neil (Hard)
Harley & Cole
Harley & Terry
Carlton & Harley
Harley & Jurek
Harley & Emory
Harley & Emory: Behind the Scenes
Harley Gets Fucked!
Harley Gets Fucked: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Berke
Harley & Berke: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Addison
Richard & Harley
Ski Retreat Fuckfest
Ski Retreat Fuckfest: Behind the Scenes
Owen & Harley Flip-Flop
Owen & Harley: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Mitch
Harley & Mitch: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Kurt
Harley & Kurt: Behind the Scenes
Pete & Harley
Doug & Harley
Doug & Harley: Behind the Scenes
Harley & Matt

I couldn’t link directly to Harley’s WHOPPING 3 pages of videos and pics at SEAN CODY, but just click the drop down at the top and search for him by name…  this is probably my top fav of him fucking this HOT white blonde pubed hottie CARLTON…I’m wet!…

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-2

Sooooo then…  I discover this hottie, in his spare time from doing porn, is actually a super-super model and has gone by the names “Simon Czaplinski” but I believe has settled on “Simon Dexter”…  KUDOS to you Simon!!!  It makes sense you’re a supermodel since you’re gorgeous and have such a versatile…look!!!

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-3

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-4

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-5

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-6

SEAN CODYs Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Simon Dexter-7

All I know is this Hottie, no matter what name he may choose, can do no wrong in our book, we wish him HUGE success and how he’s flown under our radar screen until now is a mystery… hmmm, fate at work again 🙂

THE UNCUT COCK features SEAN CODY ‘s Hot Hung Uncut HARLEY aka Supermodel Simon Czaplinski aka Super-SuperModel Simon Dexter!!!

HUGE Massive Uncut Cock

big huge fat cock dick

Sit on this! Bareback that HOLE!

Drew’s mouth and tongue feverishly service Antonio’s huge man meat as he opens wide to swallow his massive 10 x 7 uncut cock. Drew snorts, tears, and gags as his oral talents are put to the test.

Drew arches his back and quivers as he is stretched wider and wider by Antonio’s huge probing cock. Antonio plows his ass in a 101 positions as his huge low hanging bull balls slap up against Drew’s ass. He blasts his nut all over Drew’s gaping hole. He slips back in and continues to fuck the load into him. Drew slips off the sofa and onto his knees. He tastes his own ass as he cleans off Antonio’s fuck pole. Drew strokes and sprays his cum all over Antonio’s cock and crotch, then kneels down and slurps up his own load as he continue to clean up Antonio’s rod.  Watch what happens next!

JOCK COCK in the Middle


Jock Guy in the Middle

Video ID: hx102_scene51

Release Date: Today

Studio: 8Teenboy

Models: Max Carter, Casey Tanner, Connor Kline

Key Words:

Horny college jocks find any excuse to fuck. This time a Miniature Golf game turns into an all American threeway with Max Carter and real life boyfriend’s Casey Tanner and Conner Kline. The rock hard boys can’t wait to get home for the fun to begin so they get their rock hard cocks out in the car. Casey gives Max road head while Max goes down on his bf. At home bubble butt bottom jock Conner loves taking dick up his muscled ass and Max is having the time of his life sandwich fucking between the two boyfriends. Stay till the end for a hot shower finale with our three hot jocks.


Twink with Monster Cock Fucks Boy Like Crazy


Ahhh, the great outdoors! What is it about all that fresh air that makes us horny? Perhaps it’s all that expansiveness that makes us daring and, thinking there’s no one around, makes us want to get naked and jerk off. Let’s take Carl Baxter an example. This innocent-looking and adorable young man is quite sexy and super horny so he just kicks back and starts playing with himself when, lo and behold, along comes amazingly hot, smooth young jock, Thor. Now, don’t think of the blond Norse god. However, this Eastern European hottie DOES have the type of body you’d imagine a God having.


I’d Sit on that Huge Cock! FLAVAMENs Huge Horse Hung Uncut Cock XAVIER VEGA-1

FLAVAMENs Huge Horse Hung Uncut Cock XAVIER VEGA FLAVAMENs Huge Horse Hung Uncut Cock XAVIER VEGA-3

FLAVAMENs Huge Horse Hung Uncut Cock XAVIER VEGA

Xavier Vega is a picture of pure Latino perfection. This 26 year old cutie is new to the business, but don’t let his inexperience fool you. This bi-sexual native of Evanston, IL (Chicago)  stands at 5’11” and weighs 135 pounds. He’s got the cutest booty you ever did see and a pretty 9 inch uncut cock. He loves to fuck, but says that one day getting topped may not be out of the question…

FLAVA MENs Huge Horse Hung Uncut Cock-ed Hottie Cover Model XAVIER VEGA

Bigger than Big Dicks at BEL AMI this week!

This week we feature Roger Lambert & Paul Mekas 2 of the stars from our latest DVD title, Bigger Than Big 2. For big cock lovers this scene is nothing short of a wet dream.

Our Pin-Up this week is a newly remastered, high resolution photoset of BelAmi stud Matt Phillipe in all his young glory. That cock head!   DELICIOUS!

Check them out now at BEL AMI ONLINE


Horse Cock Erick Lewis

25 year old Erick Lewis comes to us from St. Petersburg, Russia. Erick is Straight, single and works as an Exotic Dancer at a local nightclub. After the interview, he begins rubbing his amazing body. His guns are huge and he has abs of steel! He removes his jeans, showing off his smooth tight ass, massive thighs and finally his huge uncut cock.

Even soft he is hung like a horse!

His underwear comes off and he sits back with a leg up, stroking his massive man meat! He rubs his cock across the seat of the chair, then stands and shakes his tool back and forth. Bent over he tugs downward on his cock, showing off his huge, firm balls. Erick is now hard as a rock and accelerates his stroking action. He moans as he reaches his peak, delivering a thick, white creamy cum shot across his dark skinned body.


Hot Thug Latin Boy at Latin Boyz

Growing up in a rough neighborhood of the East Bay in Northern California, Vixen as never tried to hide the fact that he’s bisexual and has gotten in lots of fights because of it. He has no problem fighting when he has to and is studying kick boxing. But he has also fucked and been fucked by some hot gang members, too, so it’s all good.

He’s 20 years old and Mexican. He has a beautiful fat banana-shaped uncut dick that he loves to fuck with. Although he’s mostly a top, he also has am amazing ass and likes to get fucked sometimes when the moment is right!  LATIN BOYZ


Horse Hung Donkey Dick at TIM TALES

God is that a nice cock above!! That is JUST THE SIZE for me to kneel in front of him and have him fuck my face and slide that rod down my throat….

Now my mouth can only handle SO MUCH – there is BIG – and there is more than a mouthful!

and this cock – FUCK ME – that is HUGE. I would gag and choke on that – I think…

You have to see their video – at TIM TALES!

Big Long Cock with a Furry Butt Hole and Loads of CUM

Devon takes his enormous 8 inch uncut cock out of his pants and holds it up for the camera’s approval. He glides his hand along the thick shaft as he looks nervously down at the camera – excited to be showing off but still unsure of his new found sexual desires! He slides his finger into his ass and fucks himself before sitting up and dumping a beautiful load of creamy white cum all over the smooth bare skin of his chest and belly. Welcome to the gay side, Devon!  SEE MORE  AT  YOU LOVE  JACK!



Here is a BIG welcome to a very well endowed young man, feast your eyes on the lovely Rio and his huge 9 inch uncut dick! He is a 19 year old student from London who lives to dance but it is definitely NOT classic or ballet! This guy is a raw street dancer and he is so good at it that hes danced on stage with some very famous names! But thats not his only talent… like I said already, his cock is fucking awesome and luckily enough for us he does not mind sharing!

So we start by having a short chat with Rio before he pulls his fit slim body out of his clothes and stands proudly as Mother Nature intended showing off his very low hanging member in perfect style! Sitting back and stretching out, Rio begins to work his big dick to full mast and what a big mast it is! Not only that but he has a lot of foreskin to play with… and he loves to play. Those of you who are big fans of uncut guys with plenty of foreskin are going to love this jerk off!

But anyway, once his cock is thick and hard he really begins to enjoy himself by showing his meat to the cameras with real enthusiasm. As he gets more and more turned on his breathing gets heavier and his moans of delight increase… and while tugging away on his foreskin he decides to hop to his knees… and then Rio stands to show off his ass (which you have to be very lucky to get into!). Finally he settles back on the sofa to lose his load and wow, Rio must have been saving his load for a long time because it just kept on cumming!