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The stars of the European porn studio Bel Ami usually look a little more like “Love Me Tender” than “Rebel Yell”. The new photo book by Spanish celebrity photographer Joan Crisol is proof that they can switch mode at any time.



rebelsHe portrays the handsome boys in bold poses and puts the spotlight on their wild side. The resulting works are extremely sexy and absolutely convincing. With aplomb and appeal these ever-so-sweet guys show that they have plenty of raw and rampant sexual energy in them after all.

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Alex Orioli Massage Therapist

Alex graduated from the BelAmi School of Porn. He understands sexual choreography and knows camera angles better than my videographer. Did I mention he can keep hard all day long? Always a pro, always cheerful.

Alex Orioli is a certified masseur. I asked him to demonstrate his skills with newcomer Giuseppe Pardi. Too bad the massage didn’t last long: Alex seemed far more interested in raunchier activities and Giuseppe all too eager to comply.



Bel Ami Cocks – Uncut and CUT

BEL AMI has introduced a fee new faces – from America – who are of course cut.

I got flack last week from 2 readers who were pissed I showed a cut cock on this site.  Well you know what –  99.9%  of the time we show uncut cocks. So if I want to show a cut cock – on someone of exceptional beauty – once in a while – I think I can. Thank you very much.  I mean,  it is my site. And it’s basically free. So should you really be complaining?!  Turn your head the other way and don’t look, if a cut cock makes your stomach turn!

Onward –

Dolph Lambert, Mick Lovell & Alex Waters really hit it off during their recent scene. The boys hit is off so much so that they were ready for more action, this time with Mick as the bottom for both Dolph & Alex! Watch as they fuck Mick’s hole wide open with their big dicks and then cum on his face! Hot boys, big dicks and daily content updates exclusively from!


Double Bonus from Bel Ami

2 hot sets of pics today!



Phillipe Gaudin & Gaelan Binoche are 2 boys whose stock is rising fast here at Gaelan has been growing his body to match his huge uncut cock and Phillipe is learning fast how to take big cocks. These 2 were a great physical match and today see them flip flop fuck in a 2-part condom free scene. In part 1 Gaelan will deliver a hot big dick fuck to the sweet ass of Phillipe. Hot boys, big dicks and daily content updates

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ENCORE  from  Derek Rayser!

Today we have something very special for the fans of hot studly muscle boys. Meet Derek Raser, again, back by popular demand!   He is nothing short of a stunning bodybuilder. We like everything we see especially his bulging pecs and huge biceps, Derek is big all over. Watch as he poses, flexes and strips for the camera. Hot boys, big dicks and daily content updates

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ERIK BOUNA and the Bel Ami Interviews in Budapest

On our recent trip to Prague and Budapest, we had the opportunity to get a tour of one of Bel Ami’s studios and hang out with four of their models on a Saturday afternoon!  How lucky were we?!

The boys were all wonderfully charming, very nice and very down to earth. No attitude and  even more beautiful in person!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share some interviews we had with the guys. Some of them spoke English – some spoke none – and we had a translater.

First up –  Erik Bouna  age 24, he has been  with Bel Ami  for about  3 years –  took English courses in school and speaks pretty well.   Cock is 17.5  but  very  thick!

Erik explains, “I was discovered on a Facebook-type site, here in Hungary. A scout discovered me and I got this email. I was very interested, because I had a strong interest in becoming a fashion model.  But so many companies, wanted money from me. So, I was intrigued!”

Erik is a special case. He comes from a small city close to Budapest and when he first appeared in our offices for a casting he was almost trembling with fear and anxiety. After 17 years, you develop some instincts and despite his severe neurotics I told myself he could be a very sensual performer,” G. Duroy says.

His Biggest turn on?  Erik says, “ I just like sex- like it all. I like all sex. Boy or girl. I love to be sucked…slowly.  When I first met George, he wanted me to top. Because of my thick cock. But after some shoots, George felt I did not make a good top – so I started to bottom. And I had no experience with guys, ever!  But the studio and actors were very patient with me, showing me how to do things, and how to relax,  now, it is no problem,  I am very comfortable and relaxed and enjoy being bottom! I enjoy it very much!!”


For almost a year we couldn’t get a usable performance out of him. He was too nervous. And yet he really had an ambition to do it. He wanted to be a porn star. Many of my collaborators thought I am crazy because we shot him ten times with no result,” George says.

In the end, it happened. Something clicked and now he is first class. But he really made me work for it!” Erik  is fully bisexual with a big dick and enjoys sexual experimentation. He is quite bright and is preparing to become a personal trainer. He also works as an assistant in the Budapest office.
See more  at  CLUB  BEL  AMI


(Erik Bouna here with Paul Mekas – who has a very big cock!!)

See more  at  CLUB  BEL  AMI

BelAmiOnline Ripped Abs, Blonde Furred Bubble Butt and Veiny Fat Uncut Cock

Another PERFECT Euro Twink Boy Hottie ~ BelAmiOnlines Michael Kents Smooth Ripped Abs, Blonde Furred Bubble Butt, Delicious Veiny Fat Uncut Cock, Beautiful Brown Eyes (and a 3rd tight pink virgin one) and million dollar smile ~ BELAMIONLINE

JOE RIVAS fresh new uncut meat at BEL AMI

In the last 9 months, we have seen BEL AMI become one of the top 5 most popular sites we promote – The models have been getting more and more fantastic.

“We have worked with many difficult models in the past, but George Duroy believes that Joe Rivas has to be the most difficult of them all.

Besides this set of photos we managed to film 1 scene with him before we gave up. Still, he is a very sexy guy.

Hot boys, big dicks and daily content updates exclusively from!”






Elijah Peters and Vadim Farrell

Todd Rosset  and  Trevor Yates

Superstars  Kris Evans and Dolph Lambert

Horse Hung Bareback fun with Trevor Yates



FOUR of the BEST OF BEL AMI were in Chicago

this past weekend for the Annual GRABBY AWARDS and created quite a sensation!  People lined up out the doors of clubs,  just to get in and mingle with the beautiful men of Europe! And let me tell you, they are equally as beautiful in person, as they appear on film – and all, so nice!

BEL AMI superstar  KRIS  EVANS  won 

Best Cock – Hottest Uncut in the world 2011 

“Kris came to us when he was 18 years old through our Hungarian office. At the time he was very boyish. He now has three different looks: his first pictures, then his return with shorter hair and sideburns, and his current style. He looks like three different people. “I wanted him very badly when he first came to us, but he was extremely reluctant to shoot anything,” G. Duroy recalls. “Eventually he told me that he was still a virgin and did not want to lose his virginity to a boy on camera. He felt he was heterosexual. I told him to give us a call down the road and I am glad he did.”
During the winter of ’09, he resurfaced and indicated an interest to work on film, so obviously he had worked out his virginity issues. Despite his youth and having grown up in a very small town, Kris is well aware of his worth. “He is one of the very few who has it all: intelligent and ambitious, good looks, beautiful dick, great cumshots, a great kisser, wonderful body. It was obvious from day one it would work out,” George says.

In the beginning, Kris had a lot of preconceived notions about sex and what is wrong or right about life in general. With time and a little maturity he is not quite so rigid, but he still waffles back and forth between his small-town upbringing and the larger world. Otherwise, he is quite sensual with a strong sexual identity. He loves assplay. So even though he professes heterosexuality, George hears about his private behavior with our other models and therefore believes there is more than just a passing interest in boys.

George believes Kris has the potential to eventually transition behind the camera as a camera operator or editor. He has a natural interest along these lines, just like Lukas Ridgeston. In the meantime, he has expanded his worldview by traveling the planet with Bel Ami, including to the U.S. and Cape Town, South Africa. During such a trip in the spring of 2010, a vindictive fan outed Kris to the media. His story was splashed across the local and national news for days and we believed Kris would leave us. After some time in contemplation, during which time he was counseled by George (who has seen this kind of exposure happen to other models), Kris came to peace with the exposure and remains a part of the Bel Ami family.

Award 2 –
Best International Movie – Too Big To Fail
He was in financial distress, we bailed him out. Trevor Yates (above) stars in this  tribute to the Wall Street rescue. Who better to call Too Big To Fail?

Award 3 –

Best European Theme Website – BelAmiOnline

Well of course!  Breathtaking Bel Ami boys! And their stable is growing at leaps and bounds. European erotica to warm your heart and heat the rest. Thousands of hardcore pics, hundreds of video clips and  more and more.

Since 1993 George Duroy has grown Bel Ami into a world force to be reconked with. Growing and expanding the brand worldwide to be one the top producers in the world.



For behind the scenes and party pics of Kris Evans, Kevin Warhol, Dolph Lambert and Jean Daniel Chagalle, check out our facebook page.

More Bel Ami Beauties from Prague!

One day Ariel Vanean & Dario Dolce are hanging around a Slovakian castle with George Duroy…you finish the story. GDuroy takes out his camera and shoots an amazing scene with 2 athletic studs! Ariel & Dario are both super energetic and love sex. In part 1 the boys work each other over before Ariel gives Darios sweet ass a good fucking! Two great cum shots, from 2 hot studs to end this scene. The hottest boys in the world plus daily content updates exclusively from!

Bel Ami and Lukas Ridgeston Crank it up with a bit of KINK

Today we feature screen captures from Scene 1 of Kinky Angels first issue. This scene has Andre Boleyn with Todd Rosset and was filmed December 2010 in Cape Town by Lukas Ridgeston. It’s the first scene from next weeks Kinky Angelsl Issue 1 devoted to Andre Boleyn.

Every Friday more hot sex from   BEL AMI Kinky Angels.

Everett Anderson Shows his Tight Butt Hole and Foreskin


Everett definitely has a cute face and smile and a down-to-earth quality about him that is quite endearing. He has a decent-sized 6.5″ cock with a long foreskin that looks hot when his dick is soft, and even hotter when it becomes erect and he stretches it so perfectly around the head of his smooth penis. But neither his face nor his smile nor his uncut cock are his strongest attribute — that would definitely be his beautifully defined physique !


Michael Arnett and Erik Bouna at BEL AMI

Michael Arnett & Erik Bouna are working innocently in the office when Erik gets a note off the printer that Michael wants to fuck him! The action moves quickly from that point and Erik kneels in front of Michael and pulls out a huge hard uncut cock! Erik works on Michael’s cock for while then Michael does the same for Erik, but its Erik that’s about to get fucked! Michael lays Erik on his back and gives him quite a hard and fast fucking. Erik shoots a huge load with that big cock in his ass.

 Yet Michael is not done and fucks him some more,

but ultimately jacks his load in Erik’s mouth!


Huge Euro dicked hottie stud Kris Evans has come on a lot since his first appearance at BelAmiOnline a few months ago, with a new hair style, an even more defined and toned body (first photo strip), as well as becoming increasingly confident at showing off his big veiny uncut cock and plump round jockboy bubble butt ass for the camera. Kris Evans is certainly becoming one of the hottest European studs around at the moment, which when paired up Bel Ami Online and their ability to take stunning models and photograph them perfectly, makes for a great match.

Head over to Bel Ami Online to see MORE of Kris Evans and MORE hot uncut European studs and twinks in full on suck and fuck action, even some barebacking!

Bel Ami Beauty Kris Evans


kris evans long cock bel ami

What a delicious speciman of Uncut Cock and hottness!

Kris  Evans   at  the  new  and  improved   BEL  AMI!


The Bel Ami stud has been forced out of his police officer job and into exile after his small Hungarian hometown discovered that Kris was fucking and sucking  men on camera.
Nagyatad is the a small Hungarian town, population 12,000, where the impossible-bodied Bel Ami hunk Kris Evans called home. But now Kris is looking for somewhere new to live after local tabloids and TV reports spread the news that he was a porn star.

According to the tabloid, Kris Evans’s dirty little secret was likely leaked to reporters by a  local who was jealous of the designer clothes and nice car that Kris was able to afford with his new porn money. The tabloid states that Kris quit the police force before they had a chance to fire him, and that he’s planning to move abroad to weather the storm.

See more of KRIS   at  BEL  AMI  right  now!

Joel D’amici and Mark Aubrey – 2 Perfect Uncut Cocks

I was in heaven when this photoset came to me!

2 gorgeous uncut cocks – plus a delicious Bubble Butt!

We hear Mark Aubrey’s name and think: “Sexy boy!” George Duroy recalls that when Mark first arrived in Bel Ami’s offices, “he had the kind of body I really loved. It was well-proportioned and tight.” Mark was a cyclist and could talk fluently about sports. He is also the most literate and well-read model with whom we have ever worked. Mark earned a university degree in computer sciences and then went on the graduate from law school. “If there was one model who was totally compatible with my very French sense of humor, it was him,” George recalls.

Joel D’amici is another of our brightest models. He holds degrees in business from two renowned universities, and speaks fluent English, German and Dutch. Joel reorganized the Prague offices for us some years ago. Despite some excellent episodes, George Duroy feels that Joel was never filmed as a top properly. “I feel like I never filmed his sexual reality,” he says.

He also likes to talk about Joel’s “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” personality when it comes to sex. “When you talk to him, he is very communicative with a good sense of humor, and this is an important quality for me,” George says. “But the minute it comes to sex, he becomes very intense and focused. He is probably one of the best tops I have ever seen in my life, on the level of a Brandon Manilow. He was able to fuck for hours and hours. Joel was definitely not the romantic type; he liked fairly hard sex. He was really fabulous.”


Hot Czech Guy Alan Connery Fratisek Maloch

Gorgeous Alan Connery hails from Prague in the Czech Republic and has done most of his porn work for the European studio Bel Ami, although his first work was a magazine spread under the name of Fratisek Maloch. With a swimmer’s build, he was a waiter and trainee chef as well as a dancer before going into gay porn. He debuted in 2001, often bottoms and made far too few movies.