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Meet TYLER BRANDON ~ YOULOVEJACKS TWINK OF THE YEAR!   From Tylers short blonde hair and big pouty lips to his skinny body – there’s no doubt that Tyler is the twink of the year! But once you see his massive 7 inch mushroom headed uncut cock you might just nominate him for twink of the century!

Tyler shows off his meaty uncut cock as he slowly works his fingers inside his asshole. One finger is replaced by two. Two fingers are replaced by a butt plug and next thing you know this perfect little twink is blasting a load of cum so powerful that it hits him in the chin! Nice aim, twink!

The video starts when Tyler drops his shorts and sits back on the couch wearing only a pair Ginch Gonch underwear covered in the cutest monkey pattern. But the only thing that matters is the massive boner of a dick stretching his briefs all out of shape. He gives his cock a couple of strokes through his underwear before dragging the camera in for a close-up.

Once Tyler’s got it positioned between his legs he grabs his pulls up the leg of his shorts and lets his fat uncut cock pop out. He gives his rod a couple of quick strokes the pushes his shorts down around his ankles as his rock hard cock bounces against his tight twink belly and leaves a delicious trail of precum glistening on his perfect skin!

He scoots his ass forward and pushes his uncut cock head right up in the lens. You can tell this little twink is totally into showing off and he can’t help but grinning in the background and he rolls his foreskin off the sensitive skin of his mushroom cock head. Letting the camera linger on his bare manhood for just a second before grabbing his cock and stroking the foreskin back up and over his cock head.

Tyler pushes the camera back a bit and just lays back on the couch as he lazily jacks his meat. Looking like a little angel as he expertly works his cock. Slow deliberate strokes – nothing hurried and nothing put on. Just a vibrant young man pleasuring himself the way he does is nobody else is around.

As he slowly jacks his uncut cock his free hand trails down between his legs and starts to poke around his asshole. He pulls the camera back around to the front and pulls his feet up to show off his asshole as he spreads his cheeks wide open. Nothing shy about this one!

He grabs a bottle of lube and greases up his finger before bringing it to his asshole and pushing it deep inside his body. His expression barely flinches ad he drives his digit two knuckles deep in his hole. He slowly slides that finger out and spreads his cheeks wide again for another shot of his asshole now that it’s been violated.

One finger felt great so he lubes up his middle finger and drives 2 fingers into his ass as his eyes bulge wide and his mouth opens with an involuntary gasp. There’s no doubt that this twink is a bottom and his hungry hole is itching to be filled! He drives both fingers back inside his ass and begins the slow fucking motion that will get him where he needs to go.

Slowly he fucks himself. In and out with precision before sliding his fingers all the way out and showing the camera his bright red asshole. On fire from all the solitary attention! His blinks open and holds a tiny little gape for a second before clamping shut just in time to be violated by his probing fingers one more time.

He slides his fingers out and reaches for a transparent butt plug which he lubes up and slides inside himself with ease. The camera is zoomed in close for a macro shot as he slides that intruder in and out of his body as his poor little asshole stretches and contracts as it matches the girth of that transparent beauty. Every glorious detail captured in full HD!

Tyler shoves the butt plug in deep and lets his legs fall as he returns his attention to his aching uncut cock. He sits up on the couch so the plug is still buried deep in his ass and starts to work on his cock. His head falls back in gentle surrender as the sensations build and he’s on the road to sweet relief.

There’s a simple beauty to his actions as he just relaxes and lets the sweet sensations build. He stops every so often to look right in the camera as he holds up his perfect uncut cock. Letting it stand perfectly still as if he’s us to take control of that monster. Lovely!

Poor little fella is aching to get off and he just can’t hold out any longer so he positions the camera one last time and gets ready to nut. His hand becomes a blur on his cock and in a couple of seconds his body tenses and the cum starts to fly. And does it ever!

Stream after stream of delicious twink cum blasts out of his cock and coats his bright blue t-shirt. The first two streams hit him chest high and the third blasts him straight in the chin. Before he’s done he’s glazed himself in swirly mess of creamy white goodness that only a twink could deliver! Fucking hot!

He takes a second to catch his breath as he gives his still hard cock a couple more tentative strokes before letting it flop back on his smooth twink belly. He looks right in the camera with a little grin before sitting up to show off the mess he created on his t-shirt. It’s a work of art and his cock was the paint brush!

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More about Jessy Karson… What is not to like about this young guy? Jessy is 22, 125 pounds ~ YUMMMM! 5’8″ with a monster 9 inch uncut cock!!! In the amateur gay porn scene, Jessy has been getting around and its no wonder given that beautiful baseball bat of a dick swinging between his legs! Jessy made the transition from a twink boy who was a submissive bottom, into a rough skinhead type who is an aggressive, dominant top. And from what we can gather from those who have slept with him, he has found his calling 🙂

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Alright, we admit it…We are totally in lust with this hot hung French boy and his big uncut man cock. We featured him recently for a shoot he did with VIDEO BOYS, we have some pics from a “shoot” (and swallow) he did for SQUIRTZ and this is his most recent with YOU LOVE JACK.

What’s not to love about Jessy Karson. Totally versatile (although he is mostly topping on camera these days) ~ can pound a hungry pig bottom boy or throw his legs up in the air and get piggy himself, begging to be filled up with the biggest of cocks. Hot inked lean smooth boy body, big balls and ball sac full of cum and that massive uncut cock with tons of foreskin rolling off his dick, even when rock hard (that’s called a C10) and the way he sucks himself off and swallows up his hot loads of cum…YUMMMMY!

Jessy Karson-we think you have a VERY BRIGHT FUTURE ahead of you doing amateur gay porn and we look forward to be one of your biggest advocates and fans!

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BUTCH DIXON SAYS…”Cristian Torrent is one of my favorite hairy men on BUTCH DIXON’s site. He’s a gay porn photographer’s dream come true. His cock stiffens on command, he gives good attitude in a photo session, he sucks dick like he really loves to – and he does – and he can take a big dick up his ass hungry pig bottom ass just as well as he can fuck like a power top and drill his bottom to orgasm. In “Noisy Orgasm,” you’ll see Cristian adoring his big cock in a mirror. And I just love how he smeared his big load of spunk all over that mirror!

He’s also done a hardcore fuck scene with a sexy Cigar Smoking Daddy “Oliver” where he swallow’s Oliver’s hige mushroom headed daddy cock like it’s execution day and this fat, uncut dick is his last meal. But I think where Cristian really shines is in the video “Who’s the Boss?” This sexy bald man is playing the foreman of a construction company and he’s got to haul in one of his workers for a little discipline session. His worker, Ulysse, has been running his mouth about the boss, so now Cristian is teaching this fucker what a mouth is really used for. And this construction worker has little choice: either suck his boss’s fat dick or hit the unemployment line. This Sexy Bald Man gallery features Cristian Torrent all by his lonesome. Just you, him, and that delicious, long uncut dick. Enjoy!”

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BUTCH DIXON SAYS…”Ben Statham is a cute muscle boy BUTCH DIXON has been working with for a while. He’s a real sweetheart, and a damned good cock sucker, too – well, from what we’ve seen anyway. Ben has a beautiful body ~ that ass, and asshole, and those eraser nipples that are wired ~ YUMMM. He works hard in the gym and I love every crease and crevice of his lean and muscled body. I’d love him a whole lot more if his chest were a little hairier, but what are you going to do? You’ve got what you got. Ben recently filmed a video with hairy daddy Tim Kelly, which is debuting later this week, and I was extremely jealous.

Watching Ben snuggle up in Tim Kelly’s big, strong arms got me revved up. You can see more in Mad Passionate Sex and you’ll notice how blissful Ben looks curled up next to his daddy. The final result was more like watching two men making love than having sex. (Check out the free preview at Cum for Daddy.) And one of the things I love most about this bald guy is his big hard uncut cock. I asked him to tug and pull on his foreskin and he sure did. I love it when a man has a loose foreskin and Ben’s got ample enough to play with. I get so hard thinking about sucking and chewing on it. Enjoy!”

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What a deliciously fat, mushroom headed uncut cock! That big ole fat cock head is a cock sucker’s dream come true. And he loves working his big nipples over too!