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Mike pulls his massively thick uncut cock out of his pants and wags it at the camera with a smirk. He sits and back on the couch and slowly plays with his meat while he pokes a finger inside his asshole then sprays a thick mess of cum all over his t-shirt. He considers it for a second then gobbles up every drop of cum and swallows it down with a perverted smile! Nice!


Mushroom Apple Head Cock


Look at that cock head!!!

He slowly pulls his throbbing cock out of his pants and gives it a couple of easy strokes before stripping naked and relaxing on our famous orange chair.

His actions are slow and natural and he’s in no rush as he shows off his furry chest and ripped abs.

Slowly running his hand along his chiseled muscles and back down to his thick cock.

He pulls up his legs and shows off his perfect asshole before hosing himself down with a huge load of cum that leaves his perfect body glistening in the afternoon sun.


Jesse Clinton and His Cock are Back at You Love Jack







“Jessie’s 8 inch uncut cock is already rock hard as he sits back on the couch and casually tugs at his balls. He glances down at his rod quickly then bends over and starts slurping on that knob for all he’s worth! Deelicious!”

“His hand is a quick blur on his massive 8 inch uncut cock as he leans forward and gives one last lick to the head of that monster as the cum starts flying. The first shot glances off his chin and lands with a splat on his chest. The second massive shot of jizz squirts directly into his open mouth as he greedily gulps it down then opens wide for more!”

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Big Fat Long Cock


Take one uncut French dude and strip him bare naked and you got the start of something. Make him straight and get him to play with his virgin asshole on camera? Ooh la la!

This handsome young man has his mind set on getting off and he doesn’t waste any time stripping bare naked and grabbing his beautiful 7 inch uncut cock. Slowly working the foreskin back and forth across the sensitive skin of his throbbing cock head. Perfect cock …. pink and tight virgin asshole.

He spits on his index finger and works the tip inside his asshole as his toes flex and curl in response to the new feeling. Hey, he’s straight but it still feels damn good down there! He works his ass for a couple minutes then sits up and strokes a thick load of cum all over his smooth tight belly. Looking up with a sheepish grin as the extra cum drips off his fingers… Très bien!



long-white-cock-dickCOCK AND HOLE!

Enzo has his hands down his pants as the video opens. Tugging his thick uncut Italian cock to life before opening his zipper and letting that monster peek out. He teases the camera with just the head before standing up and dropping his pants around his ankles. He sits back and shoves that massive pole right up in the camera as he works a thick drop of horny pre-cum out of the slit. He pulls his legs up and crams two fingers deep inside his asshole before spraying a thick load of cum all over his ripped belly. He catches his breath then looks up at the camera with a satisfied look in his sultry brown Italian eyes.

ENZO  Fucking delicious!

Jimmie Bodine Strokes His Big Cock

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This humpy straight dude is 100% straight but he doesn’t mind a bunch of gay guys watching him get off. In fact – he likes it!  “Ya I’ll jack off for you, but listen. I only like girls so I’m not doing anything gay.”

Jimmy Bodine is playing with his rock hard uncut cock inside his long johns as the video opens. His hefty tool is poking at the thermal fabric and begging to be free so he reaches in and gives his cock a couple of strokes before pulling it out.

He strips bare naked and shows off his beautiful uncut cock and even spreads his cheeks to show off his virgin straight asshole. Nothing gay about that!

He flips back around and starts working on that big cock  and before you know it he’s hosing his smooth chest down with a glistening load of pearly white cum. He catches his breath as the come dribbles down his chest then looks up at the camera with a guilty yet beautifully perverted smile.   YOU LOVE JACK

Smooth Beauty with a Curved Fat Uncut Cock


What a juicy cock!

He’s almost giddy with horny excitement and can barely keep the smile off his face as he reaches in his pants and pulls out his thick 7 inch uncut cock. Holding that mighty beast up for inspection before stripping bare naked.

He teases the camera with his smooth body and throbbing pecker then pulls his legs up and stuffs his fingers up inside his asshole. Totally lost in a sexual trance as he watches his fingers disappear inside his body. He grabs a transparent butt plug and forces it into his tight asshole. Gasping when the blunt intruder snaps in place for the first time. He fucks himself silly with that thing then dumps a thick load of cum all over his smooth twink belly and smiles up at the camera. Perfection!  WATCH Joey Lafontaine now.


The Missing JONAS brother has a huge Uncut Cock


What a cock!

What a HOLE!

Jay Jonas  can barely contain his horny excitement as he slowly works his rock hard cock through the thick fabric of his blue jeans. Grinning up at the camera and delighted to be getting off. He’s so damn cute! He pulls out his 8 inch perfect cock and gives it a couple of strokes before turning his attention to his asshole.

This twink is 100% bottom and he fucks his ass with three fingers before spreading his hole wide open with two fingers from each hand. He stretches his ass as far as he can get it before sitting up and blasting a huge load of cum all over his chest. His eyes are shining with delight as he reaches down and slurps up every drop of his delicious jizz.



Big Thick Uncut Cock


He squirms on the chair and fondles his rock hard cock still inside his blue jeans. He pulls that massive dick out and gives it a couple of strokes before kicking off his pants and sitting back on the chair. He pulls his legs up and exposes his hungry asshole .

Then comes the  transparent butt plug. He works that toy in and out of his well-lubed hot little tight hole  then pops it out just in time to dump a thick load of cum all over his belly. He scoops up that mess and gobbles it down like a good little bottom!



Donkey Dick Skinny Lad Uncut!

donkey-dick-horse-cock-boyHe’s playing with his rock hard uncut cock inside his long johns as the video opens. His hefty tool is poking at the thermal fabric and begging to be free so he reaches in and gives his cock a couple of strokes before pulling it out. He strips bare naked and shows off his beautiful uncut tool and even spreads his cheeks to show off his virgin straight asshole. Nothing gay about that!

He flips back around and starts working on that cock like there’s no tomorrow and before you know it he’s hosing his smooth chest down with a glistening load of pearly white cum. He catches his breath as the come dribbles down his chest then looks up at the camera with a guilty yet beautifully perverted smile. 100% straight? Damn.

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HUNG Jeremy Jacks his BIG Uncut Dick


Jeremy’s intensity is burning off the screen as he pulls his rock hard cock out of his pants and shows it off. Teasing the camera as he slowly rolls the foreskin up and over the senstive skin of his cock head. His eyes are locked on the camera as he falls into the sexual trance of pure desire and the world slips away… He pulls his legs up and explores his ass with a slippery finger before spreading his cheeks and proudly showing off his bright red asshole. He grabs his cock one more time and squirts a delicious load of skater jizz all over his smooth belly then licks up every last drop. Deeelicious!



Donkey Dick at You Love Jack

I love a nice Donkey Dick!

He pulls his massive pole out of his pants and wags it at the camera with a grin before showing off his tight little asshole. He crams a transparent butt plug in there and fucks himself real good before squirting a thick load of piping hot cum all over his belly. That’ll stick to your ribs!  WATCH NOW!


Cum Dripping Blonde Twink YOU LOVE JACK


He pulls his rock hard cock out of his pants and gives it a few strokes before pulling up his legs and exploring his tight little asshole with his fingers. Once he’s good and horny he sits up and edges his cock – bringing himself to the edge of orgasm over and over only to deny himself the relief he needs so badly!

When he finally allows himself to get off he shoots 10 huge blasts, YES  10!!! of glistening white goodness that fly through the air and drench his t-shirt with a splattering mess of delicious twink cum!


Big Long Cock with a Furry Butt Hole and Loads of CUM

Devon takes his enormous 8 inch uncut cock out of his pants and holds it up for the camera’s approval. He glides his hand along the thick shaft as he looks nervously down at the camera – excited to be showing off but still unsure of his new found sexual desires! He slides his finger into his ass and fucks himself before sitting up and dumping a beautiful load of creamy white cum all over the smooth bare skin of his chest and belly. Welcome to the gay side, Devon!  SEE MORE  AT  YOU LOVE  JACK!


Why Wasn’t I Blessed with a Huge Long Uncut Cock?

He arrives at the studio and Mick pushes his pants down to reveal his massive 9 inch uncut cock poking at his underwear. After giving that monster meat a few more gentle strokes he reaches inside his shorts and releases the beast. He can barely wrap his hand around his beautiful thick shaft as he finally reveals every last inch of his Italian manhood.

Mick invites the camera closer as he slowly works his big uncut cock. The view is incredible as every vein and wrinkle of this meaty shaft is captured in glorious HD. Working the foreskin up and down his bulbous cock head. Expertly milking a single drop of precum from his tremendous cock.            Only at  YOU LOVE JACK

Another Hung Huge Cock Twink Boy!

His thick uncut cock is dripping with precum as he pulls it out of his underwear and shows it off for the camera. He takes his time playing with is massive meat before he pulls up his legs and slides two fingers deep inside his bright pink asshole as he covers his t-shirt with a delicious load of stringy white cum. Of course, he reaches down and eats up that load – this is YouLoveJack


Horse Hung Donkey Dick at You Love Jack

Man there is nothing like a big horse cock in my mouth! And that piss slit! Wow! I just want to bury my tongue down there and suck the come right out of that monster!

The video starts with a close-up of this Italian twink’s beautiful face as he works his cock through his jeans. The camera work is spectacular as he shows off every bit of his 9.5 inch monster before sliding two fingers inside his ass and depositing a load of delicious cum all over his belly!

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Lukas Wilde returns to You Love Jack!

Ahhhhh  to  be  19  again. I WISH!

Lukas is back for his second homemade video for YouLoveJack and this horny little French-Canadian twink keeps getting hotter every time I see him!

He quickly strips and shows off his beautiful uncut pecker to the camera with a quirky urgency that let’s you know he can barely wait to get off. Once he’s naked he stuffs his fingers up his ass and squirts a gigantic load of cum all over his smooth twink belly. Dinner is served!

Don’t you wanna bury your tongue in his sweet hole?? If you rub the photo, you can almost smell the sweetness of it!


Recycle Your Cum Young Man!




Danny slowly works his beautiful uncut cock and grins at the camera as he checks himself out in the camera’s LCD monitor. He slips two fingers deep inside his ass before blowing his load into a shot glass. Of course he drinks the whole thing down and licks the shot glass clean!

Way to go, red!

or  green?


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TWINK Tyler Brandons Fat Mushroom Headed Uncut Cock at YOULOVEJACK

Meet TYLER BRANDON ~ YOULOVEJACKS TWINK OF THE YEAR!   From Tylers short blonde hair and big pouty lips to his skinny body – there’s no doubt that Tyler is the twink of the year! But once you see his massive 7 inch mushroom headed uncut cock you might just nominate him for twink of the century!

Tyler shows off his meaty uncut cock as he slowly works his fingers inside his asshole. One finger is replaced by two. Two fingers are replaced by a butt plug and next thing you know this perfect little twink is blasting a load of cum so powerful that it hits him in the chin! Nice aim, twink!

The video starts when Tyler drops his shorts and sits back on the couch wearing only a pair Ginch Gonch underwear covered in the cutest monkey pattern. But the only thing that matters is the massive boner of a dick stretching his briefs all out of shape. He gives his cock a couple of strokes through his underwear before dragging the camera in for a close-up.

Once Tyler’s got it positioned between his legs he grabs his pulls up the leg of his shorts and lets his fat uncut cock pop out. He gives his rod a couple of quick strokes the pushes his shorts down around his ankles as his rock hard cock bounces against his tight twink belly and leaves a delicious trail of precum glistening on his perfect skin!

He scoots his ass forward and pushes his uncut cock head right up in the lens. You can tell this little twink is totally into showing off and he can’t help but grinning in the background and he rolls his foreskin off the sensitive skin of his mushroom cock head. Letting the camera linger on his bare manhood for just a second before grabbing his cock and stroking the foreskin back up and over his cock head.

Tyler pushes the camera back a bit and just lays back on the couch as he lazily jacks his meat. Looking like a little angel as he expertly works his cock. Slow deliberate strokes – nothing hurried and nothing put on. Just a vibrant young man pleasuring himself the way he does is nobody else is around.

As he slowly jacks his uncut cock his free hand trails down between his legs and starts to poke around his asshole. He pulls the camera back around to the front and pulls his feet up to show off his asshole as he spreads his cheeks wide open. Nothing shy about this one!

He grabs a bottle of lube and greases up his finger before bringing it to his asshole and pushing it deep inside his body. His expression barely flinches ad he drives his digit two knuckles deep in his hole. He slowly slides that finger out and spreads his cheeks wide again for another shot of his asshole now that it’s been violated.

One finger felt great so he lubes up his middle finger and drives 2 fingers into his ass as his eyes bulge wide and his mouth opens with an involuntary gasp. There’s no doubt that this twink is a bottom and his hungry hole is itching to be filled! He drives both fingers back inside his ass and begins the slow fucking motion that will get him where he needs to go.

Slowly he fucks himself. In and out with precision before sliding his fingers all the way out and showing the camera his bright red asshole. On fire from all the solitary attention! His blinks open and holds a tiny little gape for a second before clamping shut just in time to be violated by his probing fingers one more time.

He slides his fingers out and reaches for a transparent butt plug which he lubes up and slides inside himself with ease. The camera is zoomed in close for a macro shot as he slides that intruder in and out of his body as his poor little asshole stretches and contracts as it matches the girth of that transparent beauty. Every glorious detail captured in full HD!

Tyler shoves the butt plug in deep and lets his legs fall as he returns his attention to his aching uncut cock. He sits up on the couch so the plug is still buried deep in his ass and starts to work on his cock. His head falls back in gentle surrender as the sensations build and he’s on the road to sweet relief.

There’s a simple beauty to his actions as he just relaxes and lets the sweet sensations build. He stops every so often to look right in the camera as he holds up his perfect uncut cock. Letting it stand perfectly still as if he’s us to take control of that monster. Lovely!

Poor little fella is aching to get off and he just can’t hold out any longer so he positions the camera one last time and gets ready to nut. His hand becomes a blur on his cock and in a couple of seconds his body tenses and the cum starts to fly. And does it ever!

Stream after stream of delicious twink cum blasts out of his cock and coats his bright blue t-shirt. The first two streams hit him chest high and the third blasts him straight in the chin. Before he’s done he’s glazed himself in swirly mess of creamy white goodness that only a twink could deliver! Fucking hot!

He takes a second to catch his breath as he gives his still hard cock a couple more tentative strokes before letting it flop back on his smooth twink belly. He looks right in the camera with a little grin before sitting up to show off the mess he created on his t-shirt. It’s a work of art and his cock was the paint brush!

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The Uncut Cock Asks Is Extra XTRA INCHES Hung Hottie MIKEL Also TOMMY FINCH From YOULOVEJACK?

Okay, so lets start our “The Uncut Cock Asks Is Extra XTRA INCHES Hung Hottie MIKEL Also TOMMY FINCH From YOULOVEJACK?” journey here…   Meet Tommy Finch from YOULOVEJACK.  Tommy Finch’s girlfriend isn’t all that keen on him doing porn but Tommy doesn’t give a flying fuck! He’s in it for the money, and he’s always wanted to be a porn star so fuck it and fuck her!  He still considers himself straight but he admits to doing stuff with other guys. Once or twice – but he’s not gay!(alledgely) I say, figure that out on your own time biotch- let’s see some skin-and in Tommy’s case-some fore-skin!

He’s fully clothed when the camera starts and after a quick adjustment to make sure the camera is pointed in the right direction he hops back on the bed and grabs his huge uncut cock through his pants. His face is all business as he watches himself in the video camera’s LCD monitor. Flexing and posing as he gropes himself.  He pulls off his shirt and can I just say? Holy body by soloflex, Batman! His smooth, lean, ripped boy body is beautifully defined, his strong arms and pecs rounding out his gifted frame. He tosses his shirt aside and tugs roughly on his nipples for a second before unzipping his pants to unleash the monster inside.

Tommy’s wearing a jock strap under his jeans, and his cock is already stretching the thing all out of shape as he pulls his pants down. You can make out the head and shaft perfectly inside the jockstrap as he kicks his pants off and settles back on the bed for another grope.  Tommy reaches in his jock and strokes his uncut cock roughly. Showing it off beneath the fabric and stroking his manhood into a raging hardon that the tiny jockstrap can’t contain! As his cock strains against the fabric he spins around and leans over to give the camera a nice shot of his nearly virgin asshole.

He leans back and spreads his cheeks to reveal his perfect little pink pucker hole to the camera. Tommy leans around to check out the view himself and grabs both cheeks to really spread his ass open and reveal his most private and oh so inviting spot.  Once Tommy’s satisfied with the show, he hops back up on the bed and stokes his cock a few more times inside the jock. You can totally see the foreskin slipping back and forth over his cock head underneath the stretched fabric… I’m not huge into underwear myself but this is some pretty hot jock strap action that can’t be missed!

But enough with that. He pushes down the little jock strap and flicks it aside to reveal his cock in all its bare naked glory! And, hello. 8 inches long, uncut, mushroom crown cock head and perfectly straight. Amazing cock, beautiful face AND a killer body? Enough is enough, Tommy!

There’s no rush now, and he casually strokes his big uncut dick while sitting on the bed. The camera is up nice and close as his big cum filled balls bounce in their loose sac with as his fist strokes his thick shaft. He leans back and gets comfortable while he strokes that cock and checks himself out in the LCD monitor. He moves the camera back a bit and gives us a full view of him laying on the bed jacking off.

This is a fantastic angle of a fit young dude jacking off without a care. Nothing set up here – just Tommy laying back on the bed and getting himself off like he always does. The lack of set up makes it hotter somehow – it’s natural and relaxed. Just like it should be!

He hops up onto his knees and gives us another spread ass view of his asshole before getting down onto the floor and bringing the camera in for another nice closeup. He sets it up on the ground looking up at his cock as he grinds his hips back and forth – humping the air. A couple more quick strokes then back to air humps. Stroke, stroke, air hump. I give him points for creativity!

With the camera still on the ground, Tommy spins around and flashes his asshole one more time. His ass crack is right up in the lens and he reaches down and strokes his cock between his legs. Slowly grinding his ass into the lens as he beats his meat, getting closer and closer to release. Finally he hops back up on the bed and he’s ready to go.

For some odd reason, Tommy sets the camera to black and white mode as he gets ready for his cum shot. This is like the porn equivalent of eating crackers in bed – if he wasn’t so damn cute I’d be mad! But he is so cute so… black and white it is!

The light is cascading across his beautiful chest and belly as his hand becomes a blur on his cock. His face is locked in concentration as he gets closer and closer… Almost there… Then he grunts, “Ungh, I’m gonna cum!” as the cum starts shooting out of him in buckets.

The first shot paints a straight line from his cock head to his neck. He adjusts the angle of his cock just a little bit and the second shot hits him squarely on the chin. Four more streams of jizz shoot out of his cock and glaze his perfect torso and then he’s done.

He sits up and looks directly in the camera with a glob of cum dangling off his chin. He wipes that goo off and takes a look at all the cum on his chest and belly before laying back down and relaxing – his cum-soaked body glistening in the light.

His face shines with pride as he caresses his big uncut cock one last time before resting his head back on the pillows. Tommy’s not a porn virgin anymore……

The journey continues here at The Uncut Cock as YOULOVEJACK shares this about Tommy Finch “Returns”:

Tommy Finch is a man of few words and it suits him just fine, as shown here in Tommy Finch Returns. According to this hung hottie, “Why bother talking about my big uncut cock when I can just show you?!”

Turns out he has a lot to show us too! Those brooding dark blue eyes… That tight athletic body and perfect 8 inch uncut cock… That smooth bubble butt and puckered little pink bung hole – just begging to be fucked! Shut up and show me already!

Tommy’s all bundled up in a knit sweater as the video begins, but in a matter of seconds he’s almost naked and sits back down on the couch dressed only in his underwear – his raging boner poking at the seams just struggling to be freed!

Tommy pushes his shorts down and pulls the camera in for a beautiful closeup of his cock as he absent-mindedly tugs at his balls. Tommy’s blessed with one of the finest looking dicks this humble pornographer has ever seen. 8 straight inches of mouth-watering goodness capped off with a beautiful mushroom cock head – perfectly sized and begging to be sucked.

We see a lot of jacking-off techniques around here and Tommy’s definitely all about his nuts. In fact, Tommy can’t seem to keep his hands off his aching ball sack – tugging at the loose skin and stretching his balls way out from his body before letting them snap back into place. Something tells me Tommy has a little kinky side going on down there…

Tommy pushes the camera back and sprawls out on the couch naked… lost in the pleasure that’s mounting with each stroke of his beautiful uncut cock. His eyes never leave his own crotch as he strokes his veiny shaft with one hand while the other works on his nuts. Every once in a while he’ll glare up at the camera, like he’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar! Then it’s back to business like the camera isn’t even there!

Tommys fingers trail down from his balls and he starts to rub his ass hole as he beats his massive cock meat. As the tip of his middle finger massages his asshole he gets an idea and hops down on all fours. He leans way back and spreads his gorgeous bubble butt, exposing his perfect little asshole’s pink eye to the camera’s unblinking eye!

Now I should tell you that Tommy Finch is straight. Yup, he fucks pussy but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know about his ass hole and the pleasure it brings him. In fact, he quite enjoys playing with his ass A HOLE LOT! He hops up on the couch and spreads his butt cheeks one more time before bringing one of his thick fingers up to his puckered pink bung hole. A little bit of gentle pressure and that finger pops right inside his hungry boy butt!

The camera’s in tight for this one and you get a perfect view of this gorgeous straight dude fingering his own ass. His ass stretches wide as he drives his middle finger inside himself. All the way to the knuckles… then slowly pulls the digit back out. Over and over he penetrates himself, while his rock hard cock stands at attention a few inches away. Oh, Tommy’s into it!

He’s getting a little too excited so he flops back on the couch and goes back to work on his cock and balls. His uncut cock shines bright red as it strains to be harder than it can possibly be… Ahhhh…. that crown of a mushroom cock head…ugh…His expression is lost in pure pleasure he expertly works his big balls and strokes his thick cock shaft.

Tommy’s in a rythym now and it’s amazing to watch this hung straight stud just lay back and get himself off. Nothing put on – he’s not showing off or putting on any airs. Just pure uninhibited jacking off action as the camera silently records every move that Tommy makes.

Tommy can’t stop thinking about his twitching ass so he pulls his legs up and stuffs that finger back in his hungry hole while he works his cock with the other hand. His eyes are glued on the camera’s LCD monitor as he watches his finger dissappear inside his boy butt… Sending shivers up and down his legs as each stroke penetrates his perfect pink pucker hole.

Tommy’s eyes roll back in his head as he finds his prostrate and the flood of pleasure consumes him. He lets his legs flop down with his fingers still buried in his ass as his cock hand becomes a blur on his shaft. Racing now towards his inevitable orgasm.

Tommy’s tight little atheltic lean boy body tenses – his washboard abs standing out in perfect relief as he reaches the peak of pleasure… One more stroke, and another then he stops and points his cock at his chest. At first nothing happens, then the cum starts to fly!

The first glob of cum slaps against his belly and dribbles back down towards his uncut cock shaft. The second hits him square between the tits. A gorgeous creamy white line of cum glazing his torso. The third stream of cum shoots clear over his shoulder and two more smaller jets decorate his pubes before it’s over and the waves of pleasure come quietly to an end.

Tommy Finch checks out the cum mess he made before letting out a loud sigh and collapsing onto the couch. This hot puppy is spent!

Okay, so then I cum across these pics of MIKEL from XTRA INCHES and for me, I see Tommy Finch…  What do you think???

 XTRA INCHES says with no mention of Tommy Finch:

“8 inch straight guy Mikel goes to the gym 4 to 5 times a week, and it shows with his tight, lean, ripped smooth body. There is something hot about watching a straight guy jack off, perhaps it is pining after something you cant have!?! Mikel puts on a masculine, sensual show, posing in his jock strap and showing off his ass before pulling out his big, hard as rock dick. He powerfully jerks off (big balls slapping around) until he tells the cameraman he is going to cum – and boy does he cum! Shooting up onto his neck and all over his hard chest.”

Okay, sounds like Tommy Finch to me, what do you think???

The Uncut Cock Asks Is Extra XTRA INCHES Hung Hottie MIKEL Also TOMMY FINCH From YOULOVEJACK?

Fuck me Dude!



I’ll admit it. I have a total weakness for nerdy and sexy. I know. I know. I love a uber-masculine, muscle stud like the rest too, but give me a geeky little hipster who can’t help but shove things in his hole—and I’m all over it. Take John Murray on You Love Jack, for example. He’ll stretch himself out with three fingers and then happily shove a transparent butt plug deep inside his ass. This guy is in absolute delight and quickly sprays himself with a huge load of cum. And after he gobbles us every last drop of his load, I ask myself… what’s not to love?


Jessy Karson’s Self Suck and Cum Swallow from his HUGE Uncut Twink Boy Cock at YOU LOVE JACK


Alright, we admit it…We are totally in lust with this hot hung French boy and his big uncut man cock. We featured him recently for a shoot he did with VIDEO BOYS, we have some pics from a “shoot” (and swallow) he did for SQUIRTZ and this is his most recent with YOU LOVE JACK.

What’s not to love about Jessy Karson. Totally versatile (although he is mostly topping on camera these days) ~ can pound a hungry pig bottom boy or throw his legs up in the air and get piggy himself, begging to be filled up with the biggest of cocks. Hot inked lean smooth boy body, big balls and ball sac full of cum and that massive uncut cock with tons of foreskin rolling off his dick, even when rock hard (that’s called a C10) and the way he sucks himself off and swallows up his hot loads of cum…YUMMMMY!

Jessy Karson-we think you have a VERY BRIGHT FUTURE ahead of you doing amateur gay porn and we look forward to be one of your biggest advocates and fans!

JESSY KARSON’s ~ DOWN THE HATCH Self-Suck and Cum Swallow Video at YOU LOVE JACK