Peters Twins Incest Piggy Party at Bel AMi

More Incest and gay twin action!

The action begins fast in Part 2 of the Peters Twins Orgy shortly after all 8 boys shoot their first load. This time the bubble asses of Milo & Elijah Peters will reap all the joy in this condom free orgy. Watch as Manuel Rios, Luke Hamill, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Alex Orioli, Sascha Chaykin & Ennio Guardi tag team our identical twins. The hottest boys in the world plus daily content updates exclusively from!


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Twins Brothers Peters Twins Back for a 3 Way

Milo and Elijah Peters are back today in this, the first part of a 2 day special with Dario Dolce. Todays scene begins when Darion catches the twins admiring each others bodies, this turns him on and within no time he is fucking the smooth ass of Milo (or maybe it is Elijah) condom free! Plus some serious brother on brother action that you can only see

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PETERS TWINS ARE BACK with a piggy sex party

The most famous gay identical twins (who are in love with each other!)  in the world are back in action and this time getting gang banged by 6 hot, hung muscle studs!

Watch as Milo & Elijah get treated to a special afternoon where they are the center of attention for some of the biggest cocks in the BelAmiOnline family. In part 1 the Peters Twins live a cock suckers dream come true sucking off 6 hung studs! Make sure to catch all 8 cum shots in this scene. Hot boys, big dicks, and daily content updates exclusively at!


Peters Twins at Bel Ami – Brotherly Love


I personally do not see anything wrong with gay incest. So what if 2 brothers like to fuck and suck each other?

a new Peters Twins video is live on the site! This time Milo & Elijah film a home video for you of what they do in private. The Twins go all the way again, but this time with a more personal view of things.

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Milo and Elijah the Peters Twins at BEL AMI

bel ami peters twins

More news on the Peters  Twins!

Johan wrote on his blog (he called them Radek and Michal) The brothers have ambitions to become big stars and they’re really going out for it. They’re regulars at the gym, they practice martial arts, they work hard at everything that will keep them in class A condition.

I had a big problem keeping straight who is Radek and who Michal, since they’re almost identical – you have to check very carefully to find some difference between them. The boys, who are very communicative, gave me a clue; they told me their dicks curve in opposite directions but I’m still not sure which is which! You see what great bodies they both have, I’d say they’re perfect, and their six packs are really something. When George saw them he said immediately they could be cover boys.

bel ami peters twins milo and elijah


Personally, I don’t find incest  between  same  sex  gross. Now  a  brother and sister, thats  twisted!

 In their latest movie featuring perfectly sculpted, doll-like twinks doing things people their age probably shouldn’t be doing, real-life twins Milo and Elijah Peters allegedly got so carried away during their four-way scene with Luke Hamill and Sebastian Bonnet that they just couldn’t keep their hands off…each other. When BBFC censors saw the scene, they cried foul—so much so that the scene had to be edited so that it could be distributed in the U.S. Scandalous!

When questioned by Bel Ami (apparently the company politely asked them to try not to gravitate toward one another so much), the twins casually replied, ”If we do it at home anyway, what’s wrong with doing it on film?” And just in case you’re unsure what “it” means, they clarified: “Everything.” Um, alrighty then… So, like, where’s the video of that?