RYAN ROSE and Bel Ami

The Last Rose

“When I first started this journey, I knew who I was. That’s changed a few times since then, but now I have the biggest puzzle of all: Who am I? Where do I go? I guess that depends entirely on where I want to be.” – Ryan Rose

At a turning point and tormented by an uncertain future, Ryan Rose follows his Instagram obsession Alam Wernik to Prague. Through the eye of his camera lens he stalks the young social media star who seems to have a fondness for roses and handsome European men. Ryan often finds himself distracted by beautiful faces, chiseled bodies, and enormous uncut cocks, but the sight of a single rose always brings him back to Alam, his primary obsession. Will Ryan find true love in Prague or will he move onto the next chapter of his life and pass Alam The Last Rose?

STARS  Ryan Rose, Alam Wernik, Sergio Cavalli, Adam Archuleta, Jon Kael, Andrei Karenin, Joaquin Arrenas and  Damon Heart

Himeros.TV – New Kind of Adult Site


YOUTUBE personality DAVEY WAVEY has come with an EXCITING EDUCATIONAL  and  EROTIC  concept!  

What is Himeros.tv?

Himeros.tv is like porn. But better.

Most of us learn about gay sex from the porn we watch, but porn isn’t created to created to teach you about pleasure, connection or the power of your sexuality. We created Himeros.tv to enhance your experience of sex and sexuality through juicy erotic videos, co-created with a team of sex coaches and talented cinematographers.

How does Himeros.tv work?

Being a part of the Himeros.tv community is easy.

First, you need to join. Due to limited availability, and because we want to keep this project intimate, there may be a waiting list. Once we have a spot for you, we’ll send you an email.

Once you are a member, you’ll have access to our complete video library, blog and live cam content. Each Monday, we’ll upload a new, professionally filmed erotic video. And each week, we’ll host a live cam and chat wherein we discuss the video, our experiences practicing it and any questions that you might have.

Who started Himeros.tv?

Founded by online personality Davey Wavey, Himeros.tv is co-created with a team of sex coaches, cinematographers and models.

How is Himeros.tv different from regular porn?

Make no mistake: Himeros.tv features fully nude, erotic videos featuring sex between men. So how is it different from traditional porn? The answer is simple: Intent. The intent of porn is to arouse you and make you cum. It’s a worthwhile pursuit and something of which we are fans! However, the intent with Himeros.tv is to enhance your experience of sex and sexuality. We want to show you new ways to experience pleasure, discover your desires and express yourself in ways that bring you joy and ecstasy.


Vatican 2– GAY PORN and PRIESTS

bel-ami-vatican-gay-preistsThe BEL AMI boys head to the Vatican and make a series of sexual bargains to do whatever it takes to get one of the Swiss Guards in bed. They begin by talking to priest-in-training Joel Birkin who says he can help them if Kevin does whatever he wants. Kevin happily obliges prompting Joel to go to the Monsignor (played by Jean Daniel) to see if he can borrow his Swiss Guards for Kevin. It’s not so cut and dry and the boys must do whatever (and whoever) they can in order to get one of these coveted guards in bed.

Kevin Warhol, donkey-dicked Joel Birkin  (BELOW)  , supermodel Hoyt Kogan, muscle hunk Zac DeHaan, Gino Mosca (who looks like an Italian Superman, tbh), dreamy Claude Sorel, and more.   VATICAN  2 !    HOT HOT  HOT!    Watch  NOW!



SPRITZZ and Liquid Heat










Hot Uncut Guys –

Hot videography!


The streets of Berlin are melting in the summer sun.

 LIQUID HEAT, the new DVD from the German production company Spritzz.

sweaty men, warm oil, candles dripping wax,

 and copious amount of hot jizz.

This is a steamy sex film with five sizzling scenes and an equally hot story weaving around the individual sex scenes. It concerns a possible sexual predator who mysteriously stalks the streets dressed in long red pants tucked into black laced-up boots and wearing a grey hoodie under an unnecessary overcoat. Lumbering around with a large camera in his hand, he visually captures various groups of guys walking the streets, enjoying the day. He secretly snaps pictures of them and then imagines the sexual activities and excitement that the guys might get into.

Three duos, a three-way, and a five-man orgy,

go down before the mysterious stranger returns

home to check out the photos.

we rate this  movie  5 BIG ONES!