Uncut Men of Color from the UK

We have been getting comments lately about TWINKS  and I wanted to share this everyone –

Do the guys with uncut cuts suddenly die or disappear after ‘Twinkdom’ ? the bugger that selects what pictures to download onto this site is obviously OBSESSED with bloody twinks! and the daft thing is, I’ll just bet he’s some doddery old man in a back room somewhere!
But anyway, who ever does the choosing, please tell him that there are other uncut guys in the world besides bloody ‘Twinks’ OK.


To which I answered –

HI Mark!

Thanks for the note!  We try to run a balance of all ages, for all ages.  I am so sorry if it appears we are twink biased – we are NOT.

-Though I will tell you, the twink models send us more images, than the older guys. 

– There are 4 times as many young models (under 28)  than there are older models, say over 30. 

-And the twink sites sell better than the older guys.

But we really do try to cover all ages. We just don’t get enough quality content for the older guys. But we’ll try to be concious of this in the future.


Oh, PS –   I am not some doddery old man in the backroom! Iam 34.


The  ONLY site dedicated to horny, hung, british black men!

MEN OF COLOUR delivers dark meat by the truckloads!

Guys jerking off, ass play, nipple play, and lots of sucking and  fucking,

by these  “allegedy”  straight  guys!


Uncut men of Color


We just found the only site dedicated to British black and mixed-race guys. Most of these guys have girlfriends, so they only show their faces to members, but we’ve got some preview pics of their black, uncut cocks and tight asses for you to enjoy. Some guys even take butt plugs, receive blow-jobs and fuck ass.
Well worth a visit if you like European  MEN of color.

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