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Uncut-cocks-Michael-LucasBrent Alex pays a visit to Lucas Knight’s photography studio to have some nudes taken, but he needs some inspiration in order to feel more comfortable. Lucas is happy to help him out: he takes off all of his clothes, which in turn lets Brent know there’s nothing to worry about. After a few shots in the nude, Lucas pulls a Terry Richardson and decides the photos would look better with his dick in Brent’s mouth. What ensues from here? Lucas looses the camera completely, bends Brent over the equipment rack, and fucks him bareback!


COCKS Uncut…Dean Monroe at UK Naked Men


Dean was in Chicago last month for the Grabby Awards and we chatted about his foreskin…and his abs!  WOW!~ Dean is EVERYWHERE!   Titan Men, Men at Play, Michael Lucas…and this month, UK NAKED MEN.

We’ve always found it’s possible to ‘look and not touch’ for…just so long. Dean’s been doing his daarest too, but when Issac the maintenace man finds he has his hands full with a faulty light fitting, it doesn’t take Dean very long to take full advantage of the situation and get his mouth filled with the sexy stud’s, hard, veiny, uncut dick.

Issac Jones continues to conquer the world of porn with his Galic charms, honing his performance with each shoot and surprising us every time. Who better to bring out the best in Issac than porn legend Dean Monroe? Dean’s perfectly maintained body has Issac’s uncut cock rock hard from the moment he unzips the overalls and Dean wastes no time in sliding the full length into his eager throat. Issac puts Dean’s famously talented arse through its paces, filing it with tongue, fingers and hard cock, until both are shooting huge jets of cum.

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