Big Uncut Cock at Lucas Entertainment


I don’t know if Zander Craze is attracted to bears, but he sure loves his teddy! Recently when Zander returned to the Lucas Entertainment set in Berlin we got these amazing photos of him. He’s also sporting a hot pair of Andrew Christian briefs (I’m surprised he was able to stuff his elephant-trunk dick in them, though!) and a Lucas Entertainment cut-off. All I can say is look at that ass of his!

Uncut Spanish Hunk Adriano Carrasco is every man’s dream: the Madrid pornstar is a power-top showing off a huge cock and sculpted body. When Adriano is having sex he loves the feeling when he first penetrates his partner, and he dreams of experiencing the feeling one day with Rod Daily. Aside from Rod, there are plenty of other guys ready to get in line to experience his uncut dick!

Breeding Prince Charming


Join the Lucas Men as they compete for the honor of “Breeding Prince Charming”, with Brian Bonds as the star of the show! A cast of hot and horny contestants starring Marq Daniels, Sergeant Miles, Rico Marlon, Damon Heart, Andrey Vic, and Adam Killian compete, plot, suck, rim, and fuck their way to the finish line. Who will beat out all the other guys and earn the grand prize of Brian Bonds for a night of “Breeding Prince Charming”?


Lucas Entertainment is a leading American producer of gay bareback porn. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in New York City, the studio has an enduring reputation for creating the highest quality of content, including plot-based adult movies, premium men-in-suits content, raunchy fetish sex, and award-winning hardcore action unlike any other studio. Movies like Raw Double Penetrations, Bareback Sex Fest, Raw Threeway, and Bareback Party At My Place showcase some of the company’s best sex.

Lucas Entertainment films in the United States and in many exotic locations around the globe: Spain, Greece, Israel, Costa Rica, Mexico, etc. The studio’s roster of exclusive models features some of the hottest men found in the U.S., including Dylan James, Drae Axtell, Vito Gallo, and Sergeant Miles. James Castle, Stas Landon, and Michael Lachlan are among the studio’s top-tier Europeans exclusives. In 2013, Lucas Entertainment was the first major gay studio to exclusively film bareback content; Dato Foland, Adam Killian, Brandon Wilde, Sean Xavier, and Trenton Ducati are among those who made their raw premiere with the brand.

Additionally, Lucas Raunch showcases the filthy side of Lucas Entertainment: the site collects the raunchiest videos, photos, and models. The studio specializes in the following fetishes: water sports, foot worship, fisting, sex toys, and cum. And Sex In Suits is the latest website launched by Lucas Entertainment featuring our “Gentlemen” line of films. Our models have never had hotter sex dressed to the nines like they are here.  GET  IT  NOW!

STAS LANDON at Lucas Entertainment


Lucas Entertainment is excited to announce Stas Landon as the studio’s new exclusive model! The beefcake Stas is all muscle with a beautiful face and a thick hard dick that’s always ready for action. The new exclusive is a native of the Ukraine and currently lives in Moscow where he works in banking. But don’t be mistaken: Stas Landon isn’t shy about removing his clothes to show off his all-star physique, which will leave you wanting much more as soon as you see it.

Stas has the heart of an exhibitionist: he loves modeling for the camera, and having people watch him while he’s having sex is a major turn-on. So taking a shot at performing in the gay porn industry was a natural first step, and Lucas Entertainment is the studio he’s chosen to make that debut with. Stas’ favorite position to have sex in is doggy, especially when he’s the top. Having sex with men while traveling far from home is one of Stas’ favorite pass times — especially if it’s taking place in a hotel.

New Uncut Star FX RIJOS RIOS

fx-rijos-rigios-gay-pornFROM CHICAGO, this new porn star is HOT HOT HOT  and working for several studios! 5’10”  with  9″   of  uncut  cock!

FX Rios has some of those classic Latino attributes on display: his beard is finely manicured, his hair perfectly barbered, his skin looks like caramel, and he has a cock we’d all love to suck!

FX Rios knows what he’s good at, and that’s taking a cock up his ass; he especially loves it when his meat flops and bounces off of his stomach while his top choice of the night has railing his ass. And the best part of all is when the top grabs ahold and pumps his load out!




Michael Lucas Uncut Cock Suckers

LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT is doing such HOT gay porn these days!

Hot uncut men and hot action!


Adam Killian is a gay porn star of a near legendary proportions, but he is tested when having to nearly unhinge his jaw to swallow up Vito Gallo’s cock. Jonathan Agassi takes not one dick but two as he swallows Kriss Aston and Will Helm in an old fort overlooking the island of Ibiza. Rafael Carreras and Damien Crosse sneak away to a warehouse where they get their uncut Cuban cocks hard for swapping some deep blowjobs. Issac Jones is held captive, and the only way he’s going to be able to free himself is to use his mouth to pleasure Adriano Carrasco’s big, floppy dick. Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez shoves his huge fat cock down Jonathan Agassi’s throat.

Both Adam Killian and Jonathan Agassi pair up with each other where they strip out of their suits and 69 one another. Jonathan just can’t get enough, as he hosts a suck-fest threesome with Giuseppe Pardi and Rob Nelson. Harry Louis unleashes his big fat uncut cock for Hugo Martin to suck. And blond hunks Aaron Mark and Carsten Andersson suck each others cocks.  LUCAS  ENTERTAINMENT – WATCH  NOW


Hairy Uncut Dude @ Lucas Entertainment

hairy gay guysAlessio Romero and Derek Parker fuck each other raw: Our favorite barebacking beefcake Alessio Romero returns to see if he can handle Derek Parker’s raw cock. Alessio loves furry and beefy men, so Derek couldn’t be a better score for him.

Alessio particularly enjoys eating out Derek’s ass before fucking him deep and hard. Derek wants a piece too, so Alessio is more than happy to turn around and oblige.



Juicy Uncut Fat Cock


Jake Andrews flip fucks raw with boyfriend Rafael Lords: One question that’s been asked quite a bit for several months from Lucas Entertainment fans is when Jake Andrews will be making a return to the studio. He had been in retirement, but recently emerged from his gay porn hibernation with his boyfriend, the newly announced Rafael Lords. Upon seeing Rafael for the first time, you might recollect the ever-popular Armond Rizzo: its no secret the first noticeable similarity is their size. Rafael Lords is compact and ready to fuck bareback!

Rafael begins his scene with Jake Andrews intimately submissive: they closely hug and hold each other while removing their clothes. What follows? What else could, but Rafael sinking his teeth into Jake’s big, fat cock (which looks like it’s gotten bigger since last he performed). And take a look at Jake’s body at 07:20 — the fucker couldn’t look more cut! If watching Rafael Lords riding Jake Andrews is what you’re after, take a peek at 18:05 — it’s a stellar raw fuck loaded with passion and affection!


Huge Fat Uncut Cock at Lucas Entertainment


Holy Fuck!

who can truly handle Johnny Venture’s massive tree trunk uncut cock.

besides me!

No one should be faulted for giving up on the first try after taking a seat on it, but there are a handful of guys who have been brave enough. Meet Darius Ferdynand, an ash-blond hunk who is up for the challenge.

First he opens wide and works out his jaw on the sheer width of Darius’ fat uncut cock — the kid is lucky it didn’t lock up on him, but then again, Darius looks like he is a champion at sucking dick. Johnny wants to take proper care of Darius so he first eats out the bottom’s hole with his talented tongue. His cock is next and  he takes a seat down on it, rides it cowboy style, then spins around for the reverse! Darius and Johnny have great chemistry — Johnny’s cock can be too much for some, but Darius can’t get enough of it!


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Buckets of Cum and Uncut Cock at Lucas Entertainment


The guys at Lucas Entertainment are “Unzipped,” undressed, rock hard, and ready to have some of the hottest and sweatiest sex  and buckets of cum, caught on film! The famous D.O. returns to take a pounding from Trenton Ducati. Vito Gallo gives Troy Daniels such a working over he shoots two loads and then – we’ll, you will see, WATCH  NOW!

Lucas Entertainment EXCLUSIVE

LVP196_04_Toby_Dutch_Tomas_Brand_Alejandro_Alvarez_03 LVP196_04_Toby_Dutch_Tomas_Brand_Alejandro_Alvarez_06

Exclusive Web Scene

Tomas Brand and Toby Dutch spirit themselves away to a beautiful European hotel where they meet with their favorite barebacking bottom to play with — Alejandro Alvarez. The trio lay in bed fondling, touching, and kissing before Alejandro makes use of his sexual talents and begins sucking on Tomas and Toby’s uncut cocks — and we see very clearly just how thick and tempting Tomas Brand’s monster is in particular! It’s Alejandro’s firm ass and smooth tight hole Toby Dutch and Tomas Brand are after, so the couple takes turns fucking the hungry bottom deep, rough, and raw. At the height of the action, both Tomas and Toby slip into Alejandro Alvarez at the same time for some hole-stretching double penetration!


Uncut Cocks Galore

Uncut-cocks-Michael-LucasBrent Alex pays a visit to Lucas Knight’s photography studio to have some nudes taken, but he needs some inspiration in order to feel more comfortable. Lucas is happy to help him out: he takes off all of his clothes, which in turn lets Brent know there’s nothing to worry about. After a few shots in the nude, Lucas pulls a Terry Richardson and decides the photos would look better with his dick in Brent’s mouth. What ensues from here? Lucas looses the camera completely, bends Brent over the equipment rack, and fucks him bareback!


Michael Lucas to Allow bareback at Lucas Entertainment

Michael-Lucas-bareback lucas entertainmentThrow the condoms away – Michael Lucas is going to allow bareback. And studios should these days. With instant HIV tests – it makes sense.

He tells queerty:

What caused you to loosen your opposition to bareback porn? I wonder if it’s the changing nature of prevention with the advent of undetectable guys and PrEP.

For many years, as you know, I was vocally opposed to bareback sex in videos, because I felt that it was putting the models in danger. But times have changed. HIV treatments can now reduce viral loads to the point where, as far as we can tell, they pose little to no risk of transmission.

Combine that with PrEP treatments for HIV-negative people, and we’re talking about a much, much lower danger than was previously the case. My position on bareback sex in porn has adapted accordingly. And not just in porn: I have changed the way I have sex in my personal life, too. I am HIV-negative, but I have recently been seeing someone who is HIV-positive, and we have sex without condoms. So I feel fine, now, with asking my models to do the same.

Every model who works with us must be tested for all STDs; this has been mandatory since we started making condom-free films. Every model has to show a clean test taken within the previous 10 days. I also always talk to my models about PrEP and give them information about it. I’m not a doctor so I can’t prescribe it to them, but I’m happy to say that many of my models have started using it — as I do.



Full story here:$


Michael Lucas to Film Movie about Russia

michael-lucas-russia gayMichael Lucas of Lucas Entertainment will make a new film – NOT about his gorgeous uncut cock – but about RUSSIA.


He has has long used his fame as a platform to speak out about causes he holds near and dear, and as a Russia-born gay man it’s unsurprising that his next project is a full-length documentary that will raise more awareness for the atrocities being committed against LGBT people in his native country.

Lucas is raising funds to complete the film titled The Campaign of Evil: Russia and Gay Propaganda with a Kickstarter campaign. He says…..

Since growing up as a confused gay child in the former Soviet Union, it has been my dream to show the world a vision of what it is like to be a member of the LGBT community in my former homeland.

As most of the world moves forward toward gay equality, Russia is seemingly heading backward. Antigay sentiment and legislation are spreading rapidly throughout the country. Earlier this year, the Russian parliament passed a ban on so-called “gay propaganda” that effectively makes nearly any public discussion of gay equality a crime.

The city of Moscow has outlawed Gay Pride parades for the next 100 years. Adoption of Russian children is forbidden to citizens of any foreign country that permits gay marriage. And legislation is now being considered that would permit the Russian government to remove gay people’s children from their homes. The Kremlin has chosen the LGBT community as its scapegoat in a populist campaign against supposedly decadent “Western” values, and there are ominous signs of much worse to come. Violent attacks against Russian gays or suspected gays are more and more common. Videos of young LGBT people being taunted and tortured have been widely distributed on the Internet.

Donate to Lucas’ campaign to complete the documentary here.

Garage Grease Monkey SEX

lucas-1 lucas2

Mathew Mason is a grease-monkey mechanic, who is more interested in checking out his colleague, Fernando Torres. When the day comes that they’re alone together in the garage Mathew moves in and lets Fernando know just how into him he really is. It’s a risky workplace hookup, but both guys are willing to take the chance.

Mathew is an expert bottom with a hungry mouth ready to suck up cock and foreskin, so that makes Fernando a perfect match for him. It’s no wonder Mathew has been lusting after his hot mechanic, and once the jumpsuits are stripped off and the cocks are popped out, Mathew starts in with a blowjob before giving his ass over to Fernando. He hops on top of the Latino and gives him a ride Fernando won’t soon forget!    LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT

Face Fuckers from Lucas Entertainment


If you are into oral, uncut cocks and buckets of cum – this is for you!

pictured – Two of the most popular Lucas Men, Adrian Long and Mathew Mason, begin the fifth and last scene of “Face Fuckers,” and you won’t believe their skills! Adam Avery and Brandon Jones crawl into bed together and suck cock for fun. Hayden Colby gets between Preston Steel’s legs and worships his dick. Alexy Tyler and Jason Vault follow up and flex their throats for the pounding they’re going to receive. And Donnie Dean bites off more than he can chew (so to speak) when he picks up Johnny Venture!

Runtime: 193 minutes

Open your mouth, wet your tongue, and prepare your throat, because Lucas Entertainment’s  “Face Fuckers” are ready to shoot their loads! Over 30 of the hottest and horniest Lucas Men get ready for some unbelievable dick-sucking action than can only be delivered by the deepest throats in the industry. In over two hours of pure oral-sex footage, many of your favorite porn stars make an appearance, including Vito Gallo, Jonathan Agassi, D.O., Rafael Carreras, Alexy Tyler, Adam Killian, Jessy Ares, Dale Cooper, Adrian Long, Hayden Colby, Brandon Jones, and Michael Lucas. Get ready, because the “Face Fuckers” show no mercy!  LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT  and  Lucas RAUNCH

Lucas Entertainment Imports MORE Uncut Cock

concreteMLA49_3D_front-310x240 CONCRETE JUNGLE Auditions 49!

2 hours of HOT SEX AND HOT MEN!

It’s a wild and unruly place in both the “Concrete” kingdom of New York City and the lush Jungle of Costa Rica, and there’s no better place for the sex-crazed men of “Auditions 49” to let loose for some hot fun! Adam Killian introduces Fernando Torres before fucking his Latin bubble butt. Marco Troper bends over and clenches his teeth as he handles Rafael Carreras’ legendary uncut Cuban cock! All-American stud Spencer Fox bangs Brayden Forrester. And Darius Ferdynand tests the limits of his ass by riding Johnny Venture’s mega-thick uncut meat. Watch out while sneaking a look at our hot guys at play: it’s a “Concrete Jungle” out there!


LVP145_3D_back-256x178OUTDOOR SEX! Lucas entertainments SEXTERIORS.

Lucas Entertainment highlights its hunkiest “Sexterior” landscapes along with all of the hot guys working up a sweat in the great outdoors! Will Helm and Damien Crosse have passionate sex on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Adriano Carrasco gives Jay Roberts a fucking he will never forget in a secluded woodland grove. Zach Alexander services Rafael Alencar and his legendary uncut monster cock while exploring the beaches of Fire Island. A relaxing boat ride turns into ass-pounding action for Adam Killian and Christopher Daniels. And Trenton Ducati sneaks away with Jonathan Agassi to fuck each other on the rocky shores of Greece. Enjoy outdoor sex with some favorite Lucas Men and their best “Sexterior” action! LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT