Nicolas Taxman and Stany Falcone Heat things up at Kristen Bjorn


Nicolas is an aggressive top, yet he knows exactly how to raise his partners level of pleasure to a level of ecstasy. Pounding away at Stany’s hot hole, Nicolas feels Stany’s desire drawing his cock in deeper and deeper. Nicolas’ passion has risen to a fevered pitch, his pounding of Stany’s ass has become relentless and very aggressive. Pounding harder and deeper until the light of ecstasy eclipses all else.

Nicolas pulls out and his hot load is shot completely above and over Stany. Nicolas knows that Stany has not yet reached the full height of his ecstasy and sits down and has Stany mount him. The rhythm builds as Nicolas gives his hard cock to Stany for his pleasure and use. Stany rides Nicolas to an eruption of pleasure pulsating throughout his body.

Kristen Bjorn – Casting Couch and Behind the Scenes

In order to find the world’s hottest men and best performers, at KRISTEN BJORN we make casting videos in many different countries to see how well new candidates perform in front of a camera. These auditions are usually made between new candidates and experienced actors.

These 24 scenes presented here were chosen by our website members as some of their favorites!

Kristen Bjorn Hot Euro Uncut Orgy Sausage Fest 1&2

ORGIES!  By the masterful KRISTEN  BJORN

7 hours of non stop gang banging uncut man meats!


Muti-award winning director Kristen Bjorn has long been famous for his huge orgy scenes. Here we present a collection of his very best orgy scenes, with a multitude of hot studs from all over the planet, 7 hours of non-stop group man-sex, and enough cum to float an ocean liner!   go to   KRISTEN BJORN  now!

Marc Jacobs & Harry Louis Publically Announce their Love

I think it is so funny when celebrities “come out” in the press – when it was already a known fact.

Marc Jacobs, world famous fashion designer and our very own Harry Louis announce their love to the world.  The announcement also coincided with Marc’s birthday.  Harry is from Brazil, is 5’9″, 165, 8″ uncut and versatile. Haven’t they been dating for like 2-3 years?

Harry has starred in Skin Deep Parts 1 and 2, Casting Couch 82 and 177 along with our new release this year Double Dippers.

We want to wish Marc a very Happy Birthday celebration and we would like to wish the couple all the love and happiness in the world!


um, paging Tom Cruise…….

Bel Ami plus Kristen Bjorn = Foreskin Feast and SEX CITY

OMG !  BEL  AMI  plus  KRISTEN BJORN. I just watched SEX CITY  1&2, over the last few days. WOW! Foreskin everywhere!


SEX CITY features a cast of 18 of the sizzling Latin and Eastern European models from both studios – Dennis DNello, Maikel Cash, Dolph Lambert, Dario Dolce, Sascha Chaykin, Manuel Rios, Bruno Jones, Alex Orioli, Gael Goceva, Bradon Manilow, Benjamin Bloom, Elijah Peters, Milo Peters, Christian Herzog, Lucio Saints, Nicolas Taxman, Vadim Farell, Scott Carter.


This movie is HOT! Young European Bel Ami models and Kristen Bjorn’s Latin muscle men are great combination. Each Friday , they have been  posting  a new scenes for members only , before the film was launched on DVD or VOD, this month.

4 and half hours of foreskin and beauty!  2  DVDS,  $109.


The Combo Double DVD version includes the following extras: 

  • 30 day membership (or membership extension) with the purchase of the two-part bundle
  • Filmed in HD
  • Widescreen format
  • A cumshot review
  • A photo gallery 
  • A Behind The Scenes Gallery  
  • Extended previews of SEX CITY, Parts 1-2 
  • Total value of $175 for just $109.95


Kristen Bjorn and BelAmiOnline collaborated in creating an exotic eruption of man-sex combining the hottest Eastern European and Latin studs from both studios! Set in Barcelona, Spain, Sex City, Parts 1&2 is guaranteed to blow you away in more ways than one!








Gay Pride in Budapest Hungary June 11-18

 Earlier this year, Police gave   Budapest Pride and it’s organizers  a little bit of  drama!  But everything has been ironed out and all events are moving full speed  ahead!

WE are very excited,  we’ll be attending and covering the main events this year! 

With all the architectural style of Paris and Prague but without the accompanying expense, Budapest is fast becoming a holiday hot spot. Ever since Hungary’s entrance into the European Union in 2004, the city has been progressing at the rate of knots — but, thankfully, prices have remained low.

Hungary offers easily affordable restaurants and bars, making this the perfect place to go for a bachelor party or wild weekend away. Expect to pay around $13 for a meal out with drinks and $3.50 or so for a pint of beer. Do look out for restaurants without prices on the menu, however — this is a known tourist trap and should be avoided at all costs. Budapest isn’t only great for night owls; as it also offers a great cultural scene — most of it cheap or free, such as the Danube River, Buda Castle and Fishermen’s Bastion. Before you leave, make sure you pay a visit to the Szechenyi Turkish Baths, which you can get for $4 if you take less than two hours.We’ll be giving you some more reports, as it gets closer!

More details  and  information  at  BUDAPEST  PRIDE!

(Men of Hungary  @KRISTEN BJORN )

Peters Twins Twincest is back in Sex City part 2


Gosh those Fucking Twins make me dick so hard it drips! And I don’t mean an STD!  I mean  precum! – I just can’t get enough of their hotness! They are back this at Kristen Bjorn.

Sex City Part 2         Elijah & Milo Peters and Christian Herzog
We have tempted and teased you up to this point, now see what the Peters twins said was impossible to do.  Watch as these two hot, sexy twins learn the joys and pleasures of feeling their cocks rubbing against each other deep inside of Christian’s hot wet ass.  But first they worked his ass over with their tongues and fingers, all at the same time.  Now that is a double dip of pleasure

See it all at  KRISTEN BJORN

ENCORE More Uncut Cock from Kristen Bjorn

We got such a huge response from Kristen Bjorn Costa Brava the other day, this came across my desk last night, and I just had to run it  ASAP!

Take a ride on the wild side in Casting Couch 219 with Rob Nelson and Lucio Saints. These two exchange a hot passion that has both men face fucking each other with a hard and deep pounding. Lucio opens up Rob’s hot hole so that you can see how pink, wet and deep he will go.

Rob and Lucio devour each others cocks, mouths and asses with their huge uncut cocks. Watch as their cocks remain rock hard as they get pounded by one another. This is a hot Casting Couch not to be missed.

See it all at KRISTEN

A Boat Load of Foreskin and Uncut Cock at Kristen Bjorn

No pun intended!  A  boat load of foreskin arrives at KRISTEN BJORN!

Cast: Alex Marte, Lucio Saints, Nacho Valente, Nicolas Taxman, Rob Nelson, Scott Carter, Nathan Lewis, Ray Andres, Justin Harris, Tony Madrid, Raul Enguidanos, Marco Salgueiro, Pau Casserras, Lucas Fox.

It’s Summer time on the Costa Brava, where the world’s sexist men gather for sun, surf, and some of the hottest man to man sex ever witnessed. Join an international cast of 14 rock hard men on an unforgettable Mediterranean adventure, and find out why Costa Brava means The Wild Coast in Spanish!

A cast of 14 of the world’s hottest men             

Directed by Kristen Bjorn

Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Extras: Photo Gallery, Behind the Scenes Gallery

Deep in Foreskin and Uncut Dick








At one time, he was considered by some critics to be the world’s foremost porn director. His productions feature decidedly masculine, amply muscled Latin-American and European men, and are often filmed in exotic locales around the world. Bjorn’s movies are distinctive in their hands-free cum shots as well as in multiple cum shots per scene.

He still rocks it out! This is from SKIN DEEP.

Should have been called  FORESKIN DEEP!