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Hard Brit Lads RYAN YOUNG

Stunning young cutie Ryan Young is just 18, and years of being athletic at school have given him a tightly toned body and strong muscular legs. With his golden tan and striking blue eyes, he is a great looking young lad, and with a perfectly formed uncut 7 inch cock, a very sexy lad too. Currently he defines himself as straight… but luckily for us, Ryan is happy to experiment with guys.

Ryan reaches for some body oil and begins rubbing it in to his chest, arms and abs, making them glisten and stand out, and he gives us frequent little cute looks to camera. He takes off his shorts and squeezes the stiff bulge in his tight white boxer briefs, teasing us for a bit, before finally peeling them down, making his cock spring out.

Its a good seven inches, and uncut, curving upwards slightly. Ryan pours some clear lubricant over it, rubbing it all in, then begins sliding his foreskin gently back and forth over the throbbing head of his dick.

He  jerks off hard.. His muscles tense, his abs looks great, shiny with oil and sweat and he beats away at his meat.. and its not long till Ryan is shooting several jets of hot boy spunk over his hard sweaty six pack. As he catches his breath he squeezes out the remaining drops which drip down over his fingers.   HARD  BRIT  LADS