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Hairy muscle man Chris, with great blond hair all over his body teams up with twinky Luke Desmond, the slim, toned young lad with a huge dick!  A lover of young spunk, Chris can’t wait to get on the bed with Luke, immediately stripping off and sporting a massive hard-on from beneath his jeans, just like Luke has!  Not wasting any time, Chris gets Luke to suck his hot cut cock, but when Chris gets his mouth around Luke’s 9”, you can tell just how into him he is!

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HOLY FUCK ME ALREADY!!!  Horse hung twink Niz drops his shorts and shows his fine ass off in his jockstrap! He pulls his thick fat veiny uncut cock out the side of his jock and starts to tease it. His cock is huge and so full of veins-like a roadmap for your tongue, and it grows as he strokes it hard, blasting Cum all over his football!


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The night everyone has been anticipating is finally here! Yes, that’s right. Brendan James’ and Jonny Garcia’s bachelor party. And all the guests are sexually charged, especially Brendan and Jonny. Tomorrow they’ll be married and there might not be any hanky-panky like this again but, for now, there going to fuck like they’ve never fucked before. First up on the list of festivities is Leo Domenico, the hunk Mark Snow hired to strip before the group. But this only increases their horniness. Brendan soon has dick in his mouth and Jonny, instead of getting jealous, gleefully drops to his knees beside his future husband and shares in the cock sucking, gulping down inch after inch of hot meat and rimming one of the hottest asses in Europe.  WATCH  NOW

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Getting to know our stars in an exclusive Behind the Scenes extra, we see some hot action interspersed with great scene introductions, showing off what’s in store for the forthcoming scenes! Crammed full of lovers of big dicks and spunk, sit back and get to know our stars that little more intimately! Including a special introduction to an exclusive online scene starring new Eurocreme exclusive Billy Rubens!




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EUROCREME is back and better than ever!

Taking delivery of the brand spanking new DreamBoy Hotel sign, twink-in-charge Freddie is a little annoyed they were so late, and who better to take his frustration out than tiny little twink Aaron Samuels! Left to get the paperwork, Freddie takes Aaron to the sofa, stripping off swiftly; leaving Freddie’s pale torso gleaming against Aaron’s tiny but tanned frame.


Aaron truly is a beautifully young looking lad, piercing blue eyes and a young cheeky face, skinny but toned frame and hot cock – but it’s his butt that steal the show totally! Getting fucked by Freddie’s thick dick and saggy balls, Aaron squats over then gets it doggy, with some close-ups on his face that will make you wanna squirt there and then, it’s amazing how long Freddie lasts when he’s the one there getting it in person, the lucky guy – especially when Aaron turns the tables on the man in charge and gets him on all fours and then spunked over..! however, in this tale of flip-reverse, Aaron leaves with his beautiful face covered in the boss man’s cum, not that he really minds as he sucks it dry straight after!          EUROCREME

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We had a fantastic time travelling around Europe over the holiday season.   It was unusual for us to be having a winter Christmas when it’s the hottest time of the year at home in Australia.   But we were glad that the men in Europe had no problem getting their clothes off for us when it was so cold outside.

We started our trip a very long way from home in Budapest where we were met and welcomed by this sexy Hungarian porn star Junior Varga.   At just 20 years old this straight stud has already starred in gay porn movies for some very big studios.   I had some of his work just before we arrived so I couldn’t wait to meet him.     Zac and I drew straws to decide who was going to shoot Junior stripping off and jacking off on video.   Zac won and they quickly disappeared in to Zac’s hotel room.    I snuck a peek in their later and saw Junior half naked with a beautiful fat cock hanging out of his Aussiebums.

The foreskin lovers are going to like Junior very thick hood.   There’s a lot to play with down there.   Junior put on a great solo show and blew a nice load of cum as he lay back on Zac’s bed wanking over a porno video.   What a nice welcome to Budapest!  SEE  MORE  UNCUT COCK FROM AROUND THE WORLD AT  BENTLEY  RACE

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Julien is not like most ordinary gay twinks that you may find on the web. At 25 years old, he is currently seeking to model in fashion. Julien is special because he has all the star qualities to be a successful gay porn model: good looks, cute smile, athletic muscles, smooth body, big cock.  CALL ME!




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Richard Said and Johan Volny have scheduled a board meeting with the new office boy, Nicolas Santos and they have fucking his ass on the agenda. They begin by stripping him and kissing and groping his body all over. Then Johan and Richard make the move and start taking turns blowing Nicolas.

Then it’s Nicolas’ turn to take some dick as he bobs up and down on the other guys’ cocks – going back and forth between the two. After everyone gets some more cock in their mouths it’s finally time for the office boy to get fucked. Richard slides his dick into Nicolas’ ass while Johan face fucks him. It isn’t long before Johan is shooting his load all over Richard’s face. Richard’s the next to blow his load!

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One Competition – Six Boys – Only One Winner

Following the huge success of the first two instalments, Fresh SX Young present ‘The Apprentice 3′.

Once again six hot hung  uncut young models compete over four days in the ultimate porn competition where only one boy wins!

Can you pick the winner?

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I love this movie!

We did a post a while back about  COOKING WITH SEMEN!


What a concept – boys in the kitchen cooking and having crazy raunchy sex! 

It all takes place at a fantasy cooking school, the kind you could only find in porn, where 8 hot, hung and horny young guys care a lot more about what they’re doing with their cocks than what they’re cooking. It starts with the entire cast having a ‘cumshot-tasting’ in the kitchen and progresses from there, for a total of 5 sizzling bareback sex scenes.

Cock Academy

The School Where You Learn All About ‘Cocking the Cook’

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Nothing gets me more cranked up than guys in  jockstraps and a room full of guys showering together!

Put together a group of horny college guys after a hotly contested soccer tournament and watch what happens in the locker room. The soccer kits come off, revealing hard, toned bodies and big, juicy cocks. Then they’re checking each other’s cocks out in the showers. Soon these guys are sporting hard-ons which get readily attacked by their buddies – lots of sweaty lockerroom sex – sucking, fucking, group sex, and cum eating too! 


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Starring:  Reese Digle , Liam Grant , Alan Grau , Tiago Hamilton , Tim Krauss , Paul Matus , Marco Noel , Brandon Walsh


Studio:  EuroBoy