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Hunky Young Anal Virgin Jamie Plays with his First Vibrator – Shooting a Nice Load
Jamie has grown to like being filmed and photographed though after sticking a vibrator up his ass he did say something like ?ummmm, not sure I want to be doing that too often!?

so I guess we will have to find something else to do with him! He does a great job at playing with the vibrator, saying it does feel pretty good when it is on slow buzz; fast vibration said it makes him feel like he is being shaken inside! Considering this welsh lad started off on camera quite shy and hardly wanting to show off naked he has come a long way and ends today?s shoot with a nice sticky mess.

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Scandal at School – With English Lads Model





Can You Imagine Having a Teacher this hot?!?!

This model appeared  on  English  Lads this month. Allegedly, the pics  were a couple years old. This model is now a teacher. And school got wind of it all! And was about to fire him, but during the media frenzy, he just  resigned.

the Model – Mr Handley, 25, has insisted the pictures were taken some years ago before he became a teacher.
His sister, Sophie Desai, defended him, saying: “He had no idea they would be used in this way.
“He has been a bit naive but has done nothing wrong. The photos were not taken for this purpose. We have no idea how this has happened.”


Speaking from his home in Willesborough, Kent, Mr Handley told the Sun: ‘I didn’t pose for anything pornographic.’

Questioned about a picture of him fondling himself through his boxer shorts, he said: ‘I wouldn’t say that – I was just holding it.’

WHAT? REALLY? – Yeah, when I just HOLD  MY COCK, it sprays white liquid all over my ripped  abs, too!



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Dave is a cheeky young lad who admits he likes the idea of showing off on camera! He strips down to his boxers and shows off his muscled and tattooed body grabbing himself through his briefs you can see the blood is pumping! A little more playing and when he pulls down his boxers his cock rears into view, no point being semi when you can be erect! Dave plays around showing off his hole and before long he is on his back with two fingers going in and out bringing him to a great climax!

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