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Beowulf was also a 5th century heroic figure, which fought against 3 antagonists, a Grendel, the Grendel’s mother and an unnamed Dragon. The antagonists of our Beowulf are sucking, fucking and jerkin-off, because it something he has to do as least twice a day. Beowulf has a hot body with an ass anybody would love to fill full of cock. Beowulf told us he’s fully versatile and he loves getting fucked as much as he fuck, but he like getting his ass eaten and fingered at the same time the most of all.        BEUNOS  BOYS



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If you find nervous young straight guys at all endearing, then Graciano is bound to be one of your favorites! Friendly enough, he was nonetheless as fidgety and restless as a jumping bean for his interview and solo! We think it was a classic case of “First Timer’s Stage Fright”. But it only serves to amplify his boyish appeal, reminding you while you’re watching him stroke his cock that this is all still new and exciting to him.


Graciano says he has never had sex with a guy,yet,  but then hastens to add that he will consider any good financial offers! When he fantasizes about guys, he pictures Brad Pitt.


Graciano came with his friend Carlos to Buenos Aires, where they both set about looking for jobs. In fact, I met Graciano at a bus stop where he was impatiently walking in little circles waiting for the bus to come and whisk him away to an interview. I gave him my number and told him that if they didn’t want him, we would! When he failed to land the job, Graciano gave us a call and before you knew it we were turning our cameras on this hot young stud!


For a slender guy, Graciano is very finely chiseled, with beautifully defined musculature, a nice dick and a very cute firm butt! He is bright-eyed, with a cat-like alertness to everything. In fact, if I had to liken him to an animal, it would be one of those irresistible alley cats you just want to bring home with you—but who may disappear as soon as they’re fed!. I think it would still be worth it, for a few hours alone with him!   WATCH THE VIDEO  BUENOS BOYS


Buenos Boys hottie latin guy Tomas


Tomas (known to his friends as Tommy) was new to the cameras when he bicycled up to film his scene and be inducted into video immortality as a Buenos Boy. He must have liked it because now he’s practically a porn star, highly visible on Manhunt, in the videos of Alexander Pictures and several other notable appearances in between. Go Tomas!

Tommy is one Buenos Boy who makes no bones about his sexual orientation—he’s gay. And he’s really happy about it. His first experience was with a neighbor boy and included lots of kissing (the sensual type!) When he talks about himself sexually, Tomas chooses his words carefully and never brags. He has a quiet confidence that is very un-porn star. He makes you as comfortable with him as he feels in his own skin.


You will see how at ease Tomas was with stripping and stroking once the cameras began to roll. He got into it with no direction, just did his thing. But whereas many models are fidgety their first time at bat, Tomas couldn’t have been happier. He likes to make noise, sigh, and moan as he gets himself off. We’re sure you’ll be sighing and moaning right along with him. Come back and see us again, Tomas!

Hot Men from Argentina at Buenos Boys

There is openness to Argentineans, an engaging directness, that amplifies even the most passing or casual connection, and leaves you feeling touched, stroked, caressed or even intimately rejected. I think I even fell in love with our cab driver. It’s as if people want to leave the mark of their desire on each other there, like a mass foreplay that frankly is intoxicating.

It starts with the way they look at you. So distinctly un-American. , They look into you, and hold your gaze, as if they were sifting through your psyche for some reflection of admiration for them, and when they find it, their expression softens. Even the married ones, the straight ones with wives and children. It’s almost as if some mutually pleasurable secret has been exchanged, and you both move on, but with the strange sensation that you’ve just made telepathic love with the man you passed that you will never see again.

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Adrian has the quintessential face of Japanese animé cartoons. He really should move to Japan! I’m convinced he could reap a fortune there as a pop star even if he couldn’t act or dance or sing a note!

Once you get past the feeling that you’re watching a cartoon illustration coming to life, you warm up quickly to Adrian’s unique appeal. Just 18, he emanates youthfulness at is simplest and most uncomplicated. Totally comfortable with himself, he doesn’t pour on machismo because he already knows he’s a man, even though his age and style give him a hint of adolescent androgyny. He’s ready with a joke, laughing with you because it’s NOT funny, and is generally just a breath of fresh air.


Argentina Beauty at Buenos Boys

Some of them are tough and some are downright trouble. Others are students, models, dancers, DJ’s, athletes or just plain laborers. The one thing Buenos Boys all have in common is their lust for life. They are the ones who shine like beacons and stand out in a crowd. I can always spot them. Everyone is going somewhere, but the Buenos Boys are different—they are searching for some place they haven’t found yet, missing someone they haven’t met yet, searching for something higher, better, worthy of all the joy and frustration and voraciousness they have to devour it with. Only the young drink life to its dregs with such joyful abandon. Those are the boys I see, and who see me.