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The streets of Berlin are melting in the summer sun.

 LIQUID HEAT, the new DVD from the German production company Spritzz.

sweaty men, warm oil, candles dripping wax,

 and copious amount of hot jizz.

This is a steamy sex film with five sizzling scenes and an equally hot story weaving around the individual sex scenes. It concerns a possible sexual predator who mysteriously stalks the streets dressed in long red pants tucked into black laced-up boots and wearing a grey hoodie under an unnecessary overcoat. Lumbering around with a large camera in his hand, he visually captures various groups of guys walking the streets, enjoying the day. He secretly snaps pictures of them and then imagines the sexual activities and excitement that the guys might get into.

Three duos, a three-way, and a five-man orgy,

go down before the mysterious stranger returns

home to check out the photos.

we rate this  movie  5 BIG ONES!



THE UNCUT COCK shares BERLIN MALEs HOT Hung German Jock Boy Muscle Stud HECTORs Big Juicy Veiny Uncut Cock!

BERLIN MALEs HECTOR Big Veiny German Uncut Cock Jock Boy Muscle Stud-1A

BERLIN MALEs HECTOR German Uncut Cock Jock Boy Muscle Stud

Meet my new dream lover, big fat veiny uncut cock-ed Hector from BERLIN MALE.  Some people call him “Igor” online and say he’s got the face of a ugly monster, I totally can look past anything with this hot German fucker and think his face is very German-East-Bloc-sexy with that big schnozzle that matches the big fat mushroom head on his bratwurst downtown!! 

Smooth, lean, ripped muscle washboard abs, meaty jock boy thighs…and that leg of a cock!!!  Hector is 29-years-old and hails from Lichtenberg, Germany and works out a good load of thick creamy muscle jock boy cum outta his XXL uncut cock while in the gym. Thats our kinda workout!!!  There are 4 video clips in all, including a slow-mo recap-playback of the cum shot.

The Uncut Cock and BERLIN MALE s HOT Hung European Jock Boy Muscle Stud HECTOR and His Big Fat Veiny Uncut Cock!

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BERLIN MALEs Hung Uncut Hottie PAUL Gets Fucked Deep By His Buddy DESCHAUNS Big Black Dick

BERLIN MALEs Hung Uncut Hottie PAUL Gets Fucked By His Buddy Deschauns Big Black Dick-1

FUCK ME!  Meet Paul from BERLIN MALE!  What a fucking rocking hot muscle jock boy body on this young uncut hottie!  Not only his his fat veiny uncut dick delicious but what an ass!!!  Paul has a problem with his bike and is lacking the proper tools to fix it, how good that Deschaun is around. The bike is quickly forgotten as this hot interracial suck and fuck gets going and Deschauns big Black dick is buried deep inside Paul’s hungry twitching boy hole!

BERLIN MALEs Hung Uncut Hottie PAUL Gets Fucked By His Buddy Deschauns Big Black Dick-2

BERLIN MALE s Hung Uncut Hottie PAUL Gets Fucked By His Buddy Deschauns Big Black Dick

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The Uncut Cock Shares Hung German Hotties Jacking Off Their Big Huge Uncut Dicks at BERLIN MALE!

Meet SUNNY from BERLIN MALE jacking off his huge uncut German cock ( below)! HOLY FUCK ME BATMAN!!! Smooth, lean ripped, those piercing blue eyes and his HOT jock boy bubble butt ass…

THE UNCUT COCK Hung German Stud SUNNY Jacking Off Big Huge Foreskin Dicks at BERLIN MALE

It is always SUNNY whenever this hot jock boy fucker is around and naked!!!  Shaved pubes and all (although you know we are huge pube whores here, especially a thick bush of golden blonde boy pubes!!! and NEVER advocate for the removal of such hot crotchness~is that even a word?)…, this blonde German fuck boy toy would deliver many hours of fun were sure!!!  I’d slurp up every last drop of thick creamy German boy cum Sunny could shoot down my hungry gullet of a throat ~ YUMMMILICIOUS!

THE UNCUT COCKs Hung German Hottie Dirty Blonde Boy Jacking Off Long Veiny Dick Foreskin

So we can’t find the name for this hung German hottie so were just calling him HUNG DIRTY BLONDE from BERLIN MALE ! (above)…  This dirty blonde hottie is exactly the kinda young, hung horny boy I’m looking to pick up off the street, in an alleyway, park or from a seedy club when I’m in Germany!  One look at this fucker’s lean body…and you just know he’s hung and a horny fucking pig boy in the sac!  Smooth, lean and packing that long fat uncut dick- I’d like to try and fit his uncut boy cock in all my orifices!……over and over again! YUMMMMM!

Horse Hung German Uncut Cock Huge Balls Low Hanging Sac Blonde Boy FABIAN BERLIN MALE-1

So I have to admit, usually in these multiple shoots…I save the best for last…GOOD LORHD!  I about shot a load without touching my dick when I saw FABIAN at BERLIN MALE!  I think Fabian should be my new lover!  Holy Fuck!  Fabian is my total German boy package…  Horse hung uncut cock-fat, wide, veiny long-ugh UBER HOT!!!

Horse Hung German Uncut Cock Huge Balls Low Hanging Sac Blonde Boy FABIAN BERLIN MALE-2

And those full ripe lips you could kiss on with his flagpole of a cock buried deep inside your guts!!!  Blonde, lean, smooth, full bush of golden brown pubes and a set of cum full balls and huge low hanging ball sac…enough to tea bag the entire gay population of Boston!!!…That’s it!  Fabian, I’m cumming to Germany!

The Uncut Cock Shares Hung German Hotties Jacking Off Their Big Huge Uncut Dicks at BERLIN MALE !

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Hot Uncut Twink Meat from Europe!










2 new imports  from Berlin!

Look at how Luca holds that damn snake!


Robbie reminds us of a young musician with the same name. And once he smiles we´re helpless in love with this young stud. His well build body and nice uncut cock are just too inviting to be overlooked. Best of all he is an active fucker and gay…


More of Robbie…

Luca hails from Berlin (actually he is a real Berliner) and has quite a few nice things to offer. As soon as he drops his pants you know what I am talking about.

This well hung boy is gay and versatile!

More  of  Luca…


Berlin Boys fuck and suck and swap loads!







I only got a few pics from this shoot –

Mariano wasn’t realy aware of whats coming when he agreed to be the bottom in this action set with Carrey. After the first few minutes and with Careys big one up his tight hole you can read in his face that he is enjoying himself. But theres more to come and Carey is not giving him any rest –

see more of the  fuckfest on Berlinmale !


Hot Sex, Uncut Cock and a bit of Kink from Berlin Male and Spritzz











I have been a fan of Berlin Male for some time. And

now they are making movies with their models under

the name SPRITZZ and they are distributed in the US

by Marina Pacific. HOT HOT HOT!

This is the first production – MILLION DOLLAR BOY –  The very high quality of the film, the sumptuous staging and the handsome young models can promise a great success to his DVD and to the upcoming new releases of this label. The story deals with a mysterious high-class brothel where rich customers get to know the very handsome german lads of the Black Lady. She has set up a cyber-deck to fulfill every dream with sporty and smooth boys in their twenties in sex worlds called: Latex (they have a guy wrapped in latex, head to toe!) , Oil69. Man-on-man, threesomes,…

10 sexy young men in the best hardcore action you can imagine!

BERLIN  MALE            Marina  Pacific

Berlin Male and SPRITZZ Present COCK ATTACK












Street punks, craftsmen, bikers and men in suits – here they all have one thing in common: smoking hot, monster hard-ons eagerly on display in king-size format on DVD.

Cock Attack!

Sunny massages his 22x7cm straight-boy meat pole at the gym, Marcel is chatted up on the street for sex, and the other boys work their rods until they spritzz their juice. There are even some intense sex interviews with the models. Very, Very HOT! It is so great this company has jumped in to the DVD  market!

All the uncut models you love from


COCK  ATTACK  DVD  from  Marina Pacific