Today I have published my first shoot with this very cute Polish boy I met in Berlin last month. I saw some pics that 19 year old Kevin Babik had posted on his personal profile. They were photos of him showing off his fetish for sneakers. I really wanted to get him to model for me. He took a lot of convincing, and eventually he was curious enough to come and meet me.

Apart from being very cute, Kevin really surprised me when he pulled out that very fat uncut dick. He had trouble working his big cock and balls in to his cock ring. I’m really impressed with the photos we took in the Berlin studio. Kevin is a really sweet boy who had just moved to Germany. We had a lot of fun making the shoot. We ended the shoot with a video of Kevin ramming his fat cock in to a fleshlight and then blowing a huge load of cum all over me. What a nice way to end out first meeting!    SEE MORE

Shower Cock

big-fat-uncut-cockI was just checking out this shoot that my mate Zac Frevo did with London based hottie David Circus. He first met Dave in 2012 when we were visiting Budapest. Dave was one of the many hot Hungarian we met during that trip. So both Zac and I were very excited to hear that he had moved to London during our trip there in winter. So it was a good chance for the guys to reunite and have a little bit of fun in Zac’s hotel room. I loved watching the behind the scenes video of this shoot as Zac directs Dave to stand on top of the bath tub to give them more space in the tint bathroom. I’m not normally in to pretty looking guys, but Dave has a certain smouldering sexyness about him as he smiles at the camera. Make sure you check out Dave’s behind the scenes video to see how many times Zac needs to adjust that speedo! There was definitely a lot of flirting going in that bathroom. Dave’s jack off videos are also posted now at BentleyRace.


Lycra Wrestling Singlet and Uncut Cock


One of my mates caused a big stir amongst members when I first posted our sex scene together earlier this year is John Pavel. The muscly 22 year old Romanian is actually a professional boxer. He spied the wrestling singlet amongst the gear in my suitcase and really wanted to try in on.

I think the highlight of my trip all the way to Bucharest was lying on the floor between those massive thighs taking photos of John slowing slipping out of that wrestling singlet and eventually exposing his thick uncut dick. We had a lot of fun that day taking photos and videos in the shower, on the bed and then this wrestling gear/flexing scene.   BENTLEY RACE

Hung Twink


How would you like to sit on that?

He said “I was getting really turned on while you were taking my photos”.  He looks great in his super tight little pink shorts.  As he pulls them down his thick uncut dick grows big very quickly. And soon he’s pumping it to full mast in his fist. For his video scene Rick gets to pump my fleshtoy until he’s blowing cum across his skinny torso. I love watching Rick in action as he goes to work on that thick tool.  Very soon Rick will be back again sharing that big dick with some of my other mates.

Rick Dalton is just one of many of our mates keeping us entertained throughout this long hot Australian summer  @  BENTLEY RACE


Fat Uncut Foreskin from Hungary

O M G !!!!

I have never seen such FAT FORESKIN in my whole life!

It’s a great start to the long weekend here in  Europe.  We are kicking off the weekend with this shower scene from our sexy straight mate Junior Varga.   Junior was hugely popular when I posted his first video of jacking off that great fat cock on my bed.   Junior has done a couple of porn videos before.   Even a video getting fucked by guys!

So I guess you could say that our straight mate is very open minded.   And I can tell he’s open to suggestions as he shows off that beautiful hairy bum in the shower.   And that has to be the thickest foreskin I’ve ever seen!   I almost got a shower from it as I lay on the floor shooting from below.    Junior is a 20 year old Hungarian model.   He has only just recently starting exploring doing more adult modelling.    He doesn’t speak much English, but who cares?!

I hope we’ll be seeing more of our sexy new mate very soon.


Bentley Race Mates

Harry Louis without Marc Jacobs

This is one lucky bloke!

Eating the cum from Harry Louis – the same special nectar Marc Jacobs gets to swallow!

I made dam certain that there was time in my Europe itinerary to hang out with my gorgeous mate Harry Louis.   I’ve been totally smitten with the sexy porn star ever since we met a few years in Germany.     We had fun doing this shoot in my tiny London hotel room.

Once we finished stripping off and taking these photos we started Harry’s video.   It had started out as a solo with Harry stripping out of his little shorts, releasing that beast of a cock.   But soon enough Harry grabbed the video camera himself while I started sucking on his dick.   Harry’s got quite a mouth stretcher of a cock on him.   It didn’t take long before he was holding my head back and blasting my face and mouth full of cum.    But what I didn’t realise was that Harry was actually super soaking the room!

What I caught in the face was only part of his load.   The window about 4 feet behind was dripping with quite a lot of hot cum too.   Had Harry been saving up for weeks???   This boy shoots a massive load of cum!



Big Barcelona COCK at Bentley Race

LATIN FEVER from Spain!  So Cigano came and visited me during out stay in Barcelona. He’s a big porn star over there and i just had to meet up with him and see how good he really is. He was awesome fun. I had him over for a couple of beers and i managed to get his cock out. Man did it taste good. After a nice long face fuck session with this hot muscle boy he creamed him self, and my face – so he headed for the shower.

Still rock hard i just needed to get some hot pics of him watering down. He put on a pair of my Aussiebum swimmers and showed off for me and the camera. Still horny and hard he dropped the speedos and had a nice wet wank under the shower..



Amazing Cock at Bentley Race Aussie guys


I’m totally in love with my Aussie mate Aden. Like me, he loves to get naked and show off his hard cock. Recently I made him do some of my house work before I’d let him get naked and play up for me.

Aden is totally new to making porn and loved every minute of his debut video. Make sure you check out Aden pulling at the foreskin of his long uncut cock until it is fully erect and leaking precum. Aden jerks out a beautiful thick load and then bends over to lick it all up. Yum!


Monster Cock from Down Under


When I first met Andy Lee I was pretty amazed at how tall he was! I mean this guy is huge! I’d seen the photos that Andy sent me before we met and I still had no idea he was gonna be such a big guy. It was pretty funny because I had planned to take these shots of him in my small hotel bathroom. So by the time he got in there there was barely room for me to get in with the camera. It was actually a lot of fun hanging out with this blokey straight guy. We joked about as he tried not to wet me while I lay shooting on the bathroom floor below him.

The second surprise came when he dropped those speedos. Andy is really hung! Fat and long! Now that’s one really big dick.

Andy was a bit shy at first so I left him alone for a little bit while he worked his cock hard. And it just kept getting bigger! And then it pretty much served as a spout pouring watering all over me. This was a solo shoot for Andy’s first scene. But now that I have seen that huge bull cock, I’d love to see him fucking.

see more   BENTLEY  RACE

Big Fat Uncut Cock from Budapest

We had a fantastic time travelling around Europe over the holiday season.   It was unusual for us to be having a winter Christmas when it’s the hottest time of the year at home in Australia.   But we were glad that the men in Europe had no problem getting their clothes off for us when it was so cold outside.

We started our trip a very long way from home in Budapest where we were met and welcomed by this sexy Hungarian porn star Junior Varga.   At just 20 years old this straight stud has already starred in gay porn movies for some very big studios.   I had some of his work just before we arrived so I couldn’t wait to meet him.     Zac and I drew straws to decide who was going to shoot Junior stripping off and jacking off on video.   Zac won and they quickly disappeared in to Zac’s hotel room.    I snuck a peek in their later and saw Junior half naked with a beautiful fat cock hanging out of his Aussiebums.

The foreskin lovers are going to like Junior very thick hood.   There’s a lot to play with down there.   Junior put on a great solo show and blew a nice load of cum as he lay back on Zac’s bed wanking over a porno video.   What a nice welcome to Budapest!  SEE  MORE  UNCUT COCK FROM AROUND THE WORLD AT  BENTLEY  RACE

Self Sucker Aussie Guy

As we waited for Marco Pirelli’s scene to start with our other Aussie star Tate, we started messing around and taking these shots of Marco while Tate filmed.   My mates love shooting with Marco.   Apart from being a really sweet guy with a cheeky smile, he is also swinging quite a large cock and loves to fuck.   This Italian hottie has been hanging out and fucking on video with us now for a few years.   My mates love getting rammed by his thick tool and taking a load of his Italian cum in their face.   Marco is the only guy I know who is as flexible as me and can suck his own cock.   It’s really hot to watch.   Soon after finishing this shoot Marco and Tate got naked and fucked like wild animals.

You gotta see Marco in action.  BENTLEY  RACE


Taylor can Self Suck his Big Fat Uncut Cock

An absolutely delicious cock on this guy!     So once he got naked I started the video while he layed back on the couch and started jacking with my fleshlight.   And they cock amazingly grew even bigger!    I loved watching Taylor shove several fingers up his hole while I filmed.

But it wasn’t long before I was joining in with Taylor sucking my cock and then me shoving his legs in the air to get my mouth down on that hot hole.   You gotta make sure you watch this video right to the end to see how much cum Taylor blows all over himself.   I love to watch him SELF  SUCK  HIMSELF!!


Hung Uncut French Dude

When I first met Mickael David during his visit to Australia I talked him in to modelling for me in the inner city streets of Melbourne.   There’s usually plenty of photography students from the nearby school taking photos in the streets, so usually I don’t stand out.   Except this time my model is naked and sporting a hard cock.    We mostly disappeared up lane ways, but occasionally restaurant kitchen staff would suddenly appear to find me taking photos of Mickael’s jockstrapped bum.

So we would move on to find more locations.   I could see that Mickael was enjoying our daring afternoon of streaking outdoors as his cock grew progressively harder.    We had so much fun run around finding new places to get naked.   He even talked me in to whipping my cock out before we headed back to my apartment.    I love these dirty Euro boys who like to show it off.

Mickael shot several scenes with us during his short stay in Australia.   Some solo action, some action with me and fucking my mate Ryan.   We like to keep our visitors very busy while they are downunder.


French Dirty Boy and Aussie Hung Stud


I’m pretty excited to tell you about this scene I shot with my mate Ryan Anderson and visiting French dirty boy Mickael David.   I had been hanging out with Mickael for a few days during his stay in Australia.    He wanted to meet me and some of my mates.    Mickael and I had already hooked up on cam so I suggested I bring some of my mates around so I could film some more of him getting it on.

Ryan loves getting fucked and couldn’t wait to drops his pants for Mickael.    We started shooting out in the city’s lanes before heading back to my place where the guys could get completely naked and fuck.    The guys played around quite a lot before they got to the fucking.    So by the time Mickael started working his cock in and out of Ryan’s hole, Ryan was already to shoot his load.   But we made sure he held on longer to make sure we at least got a few different fucking angles.   And eventually he couldn’t wait any longer and squirted cum everywhere!

Ryan has become a very popular bottom with my mates and the members on the site.   He will be back getting plowed again very soon.    And hopefully I will cross paths with Mickael again some where.   He really is a dirty little fucker.



Race Marshall Hot Uncut Cock


He slowly works his rock hard 8 cock and slowly strips bare naked to reveal his amazing atheletic body. He stares down the camera with his steel blue eyes as he slowly works his monster cock then sprays a huge load of cum all over the coffee table. He bends right down and licks up every drop of his creamy white goodness. Waste not, want not!     




Horse Hung Twink Bat Boy


Why can’t I find one in Chicago?!?!

I’ve been really busy this past week shooting loads of new scenes to keep our BentleyRace fans busy.   We’ve been shooting a lot with our new mate Kody Blue.   Kody is such a great sport when it comes to getting naked outside.   We actually did this shoot in the public bathrooms behind my building here in the city.   Kody was dressed in sports kit when he started to pose for me as I layed on the bathroom floor taking these photos.   I reckon he grabbed the bat for protection.   After turning 18 Kody turned up with one of my other mates ready to get in to his first shoot.   He started out big by getting naked on my roof early one morning.   And now he wants to hook up with some of my mates for some hard action scenes.   The members are already warming to this big dicked twink and I’ve had many requests to pair him with some of my other well hung mates.   

 I can tell that Kody is going to be a huge hit at BentleyRace.

HUGE HORSE COCK from Bentley Race


I was so impressed by my new well hung mate that I got to shoot with Paulo once more during my brief visit to Europe.   Paulo is planning a big career in porn.  He tells me that he loves to fuck both guys and girls and plans to get his own porn site up and running.   In the meantime he didn’t mind practicing modelling for me.   I didn’t actually get to measure the giant cock swinging between his legs, but I can tell you that it wouldn’t fit in my mouth!   Paulo was such a good sport offering to model for me.   He’s very proud of his dick and it really comes across in the photos and videos we made when we hooked up.   I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of Paulo Massa very soon!


Fat Uncut Cock at Bentley Race

I was pretty excited last week when Robbie Price contacted me and wanted to meet me for a shoot.   This super cute 20 y/o student is on vacation in Melbourne.  He had sent me a message some time ago after seeing the site.   I really wanted to see Robbie stripped naked outside, but it was way too cold on the day of the shoot to do it.   This is Robbie’s first shoot.  The shots were taken my by mate mate Zac.  He told me that the shoot was really hot and Robbie was hard and precumming on him as he was taking the photos.   I love Robbie’s fat uncut cock.   He told me that he loves to be fucked so I will get him back very soon to see him take on some   big    cocks.!!

Long Cock of Foreskin and Mouthful of Cum


I’m totally in love with my Aussie mate Aden.   Like me, he loves to get naked and show off his hard cock.   Recently I made him do some of my house work before I’d let him get naked and play up for me.  

  Aden is totally new to making porn and loved every minute of his debut video.   Make sure you check out Aden pulling at the foreskin of his long uncut cock until it is fully erect and leaking precum.   Aden jerks out a beautiful thick load and then bends over to lick it all up.  Yum!


BENTLEY RACEs Jock Boy Ass Fucked Hard and Deep By Huge Uncut Cock

BENTLEY RACE has this to say about Max Morcom and Clint Harrlord’s HOT rape fuck and suck video shooting:

“We had a lot of fun making this steaming hot scene between my mates Max Morcom and Clint Harrlord.  Clint has the hottest plump round bubble butt jock boy bottom and teamed up with the well horse hung Max and his thick juicy fat uncut cock~ well, they make the perfect match.  Clint has no idea that Max is breaking into his apartment to tie him up and force his big uncut cock inside of all his warm wet holes.  But by the end of the scene Clint couldn’t hide his willingness and excitement.  After being ridden hard and deep by Max and getting coated in Max’s thick cum load, Clint blows his own thick juicy boy jizz all over himself.  You have to check this hot ass scene out—these guys really know how to fuck!

Jock Boys Ass Fucked Hard and Deep By Huge Uncut Cock Only at BENTLEY RACE

Hot Couple at Bentley Race – Muscles and Ass!















I’m really excited about the post today on BentleyRace.  Early in summer I was down the coast with Chad and Troy enjoying a day at the beach.  When we arrived there weren’t many people about so we decided to get some photos of the guys playing in the water and stripping off on the beach.   The day was absolutely perfect!   It wasn’t long before more people turned up and we had an audience.   Later I invited them back to my place to shoot a video.   Troy surprised me and jumped in the shower with Chad, and it wasn’t long before they were getting each other’s cocks rock hard.

Chad offered to give Troy a massage.   Troy returned the favour by giving Chad a long hot blow job…  and then Chad without warning flipped Troy around and started fucking him really hard!   Chad fucks like an animal!   I love watching him hump Troy in all these crazy positions.    Eventually he pulled out and dumped his hot creamy load right into Troy’s waiting mouth.

You have to see the video…  these guys are animals when they fuck.   This would have to be one of the hottest scenes I have ever shot.   It’s no wonder the guys are lining up for their chance to

 appear on BentleyRace.


Bentley Race Guy – Uncut Cock and Hungry Arse








After showing me a few board tricks on my rooftop Brodie told me he had a lot more to show.  He couldn’t wait to get his gear off!  He wasn’t even worried at all about getting caught out by the office workers in the office blocks surrounding my building.   He quickly wriggled out of his gear and proceeded

 to show off his fat uncut cock.

Then when it got too hot we headed back inside

where Brodie started to show me how to handle

a dildo and drilled himself like crazy with it!  

 Eventually he couldn’t help but to blow a thick load all over himself!   

 I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of this

skater hottie on BentleyRace.


Bentley Race – Foreskin times 3!











Everytime I need a worker at my house, I have this fantasy I am going

to open the door, and be greeted by some hottie. Of course, it never happens –

except in the movies!

When the tradesmen turn up to fix Josh’s TV they didnt expect to be servicing the muscle boy as well!    Chad and Troy are back in this action scene with BentleyRace favourite Josh.   When there’s a delay in the repair the boys fill in the time by taking turns at fucking Troy over Josh’s couch.  Make sure you check out the hot scene where the boys begin sucking each other’s cocks, getting each other a long rim session before plowing into Troy’s tight butt.    Chad gives it to Troy raw again and again until his fat cock is exploding!  And then Josh and Troy help each other reach a creamy climax.

These photos from   BENTLEY RACE   don’t show nearly

enough foreskin, but they are HOT!