Horse Cock Erick Lewis

25 year old Erick Lewis comes to us from St. Petersburg, Russia. Erick is Straight, single and works as an Exotic Dancer at a local nightclub. After the interview, he begins rubbing his amazing body. His guns are huge and he has abs of steel! He removes his jeans, showing off his smooth tight ass, massive thighs and finally his huge uncut cock.

Even soft he is hung like a horse!

His underwear comes off and he sits back with a leg up, stroking his massive man meat! He rubs his cock across the seat of the chair, then stands and shakes his tool back and forth. Bent over he tugs downward on his cock, showing off his huge, firm balls. Erick is now hard as a rock and accelerates his stroking action. He moans as he reaches his peak, delivering a thick, white creamy cum shot across his dark skinned body.


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Sometimes I feel like a Daddy – sometimes I feel like a twink!

Look at that cock head and foreskin! People laugh when I tell them we are foreskin  aficionados! There are so many types of uncut cock and so many styles of foreskin. I love this small little  head (glan) with it’s foreskin delicately tucked around it…..ah….so many cocks… little time!


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Foreskin is the most variable organ in man.

The point has been made somewhere that circumcision wouldn’t have been invented if there were no use for it, and I think that point too is valid. Parts of the world where it has been practiced tend to be hot areas where water is often in short supply: Egypt, Pacific coastal Peru, and Australia, among others.

Dorsal slit is not totally ignored, but I think it was more common in the USA a couple of generations ago. It’s long been called “the French cut” by American physicians in the apparent belief that the French perform it in preference to circumcision where they consider intervention to be necessary. (I don’t know if this belief is true; perhaps you, located in Europe, can make a better determination of its accuracy.)

Between World Wars I and II it was done on a lot of kids born in the Orlando, Florida area. I went to school with some of these guys, and all of them appeared content with their lot. One of my roommates who I could see had a dorsal slit was convinced he was circumcised, and I didn’t dispute his belief. I think the chief reason dorsal slit was more or less abandoned in the USA was the appearance of the Gomco clamp and the Plastibell, both of which made a total circumcision nearly as easy to perform as a dorsal slit, even by a less-than-skilled surgeon.

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Cliff and Logan are hot, hot hot! Cliff is kind of a bad boy and poor “innocent” Logan is going to feel that roughness up and down and all around! These two guys scorch the screen!


more of the MODELS

Cliff and Logan are hot, hot hot! Cliff is kind of a bad boy and poor “innocent” Logan is going to feel that roughness up and down and all around! These two guys scorch the screen!


more of the MODELS

Hot Young European Model Twink with a BIG COCK

Julien is not like most ordinary gay twinks that you may find on the web. At 25 years old, he is currently seeking to model in fashion. Julien is special because he has all the star qualities to be a successful gay porn model: good looks, cute smile, athletic muscles, smooth body, big cock.  CALL ME!




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VOTED One of your most beautiful models. I loved his smile – even the occasional smirk. I loved his face, body, cock and asshole. He could top or bottom me. I also thought that Higgings’ shots were good – esp. his use of the tit clamps, chains, belt, etc.

A delicious meal from those balls and that splendid uncut cock. A glorious model despite H’s attempts to ruin all with some of his usual props. Could spend long hours exploring every sq. inch of Jiri’s body, head to ankle. What tits, what legs! And everything else in between. Almost passed him over when I saw Higgins was photographer – but he always manages a few good shots.


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Meet BADPUPPYS Matt Mills pictured above.  From the UK, this 23 year old twink is always fucking horny and ready to drain a hot thick load of boy cum from his big ole swinging balls into his foreskin to be lapped up!  From his punk spiked hair to his tattooed twink body, this Euro boy has the whole package. Watch as Matt strips down to his comic strip print boxer briefs pushing his huge uncut cock out the side. See how it takes both of his hands to squeeze the cum from his foreskin. You won’t believe your eyes!

 Meet AJ From Badpuppy pictured above!!!  Be honest ~ can’t you just see yourself dropping to your knees in front of that long, uncut cock with AJ backed up agaisnt the stove!  Aj is one of the hottest Badpuppy models we think we’ve seen.  AJ is tall, lean, reddish blonde pubes and oh so hung and has that look .. you know the one… “wanna fuck”…

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Curved Bent Crooked Cock

Have you ever been fucked by a curved, bent crooked cock?

Some curve up . . . . others curve down.

Some bend to the left . . . others bend to the right.

What’s the best curved cock to be fucked with? Curved up or curved down? I know it depends of de position you take, but let say: If its the doggy position for example… Some of you have experience of the very curved cock? Specialist of the very curved ones, please reply…

This guy I hang out with has a fantastic cock that curves upward. It feels AMAZING when he fucks me while I’m lying on my stomach or in the doggy position!

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