Exotic Handsome Uncut Men at World of Men

Luau is the long haired, tanned and lightly tattooed young man on the cover, who is tending a fire in the middle of an open field. ( I am quite sure we ran him on LATIN BOYZ…I never forget a cock! )

He yells to his friend Arcanjo who is at a distance, taking a break in the shade of a bamboo grove. Luau saunters over to join him. Taking his shirt off, he lies down with him and kisses him. Both young workers are muscular and soon totally naked. Arcanjo sucks on Luau’s dick for a long time, getting it gradually harder and bigger. Luau pushes his dick deep into Arcanjo’s mouth and throat, and probes his hole with his spit-slicked fingers.

Arcanjo turns the tables on his friend Luau, sucking his dick and inserting his fingers in his hole. Then he sits on Luau’s dick – now with a condom in place, and we see his big dick sliding into his ass. They continue to fuck lying with Luau going at him from the rear, then up on thei! r knees doggie style and finally on his back missionary-style. Arcanjo jacks off as he’s getting fucked. Luau stands and cums on Arcanjo’s tattooed shoulder. Arcanjo kneels, cums and the two kiss. They wander back to the fire hand in hand, their break over.                    WORLD   OF    MEN

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