Hung and Uncut Extra Big Dicks


There’s massive rods, huge schlongs, large penises and then there are colossal cocks and they do not get much bigger the extra big dick on Jessie Alan at Extra Big Dicks.

 Jessie always knew he was packin’ more in his underoos than the average guy. His main tattoo across his navel that reads “Thug Love” crowns the impressive sight just beneath it. Jessie’s rock hard python is at full mast as he jacks that meat slowly.

He takes his time so we get a close up view of his monster meat and those weighty nuts of his as they dangle below. He sits back and bites his lower lip as he concentrates on that monster dick he’s taking care of as he switches up his stroking using different techniques to keep his cock rock hard. His breathing begins to deepen as his fist goes into a flurry. His heavy balls are now tight up against his cock base! and he’s seconds from exploding. He grunts aloud as his thick meat sends volley after volley of thick cum all over his navel and happy trail.



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