Vintage Male Nudes….





ah…..vintage male nudes!

There is something so beautiful about the art of the male nude in black and white, that is sometimes lost these days.

In the pre-Stonewall era before the advent of the gay rights movement, male nude photography was kept underground. Photographers feared police confiscation, harassment, and worse. This volume uncovers the work of ten different photographers produced during this suppressive period—images hidden away for a generation in private collections and closed archives. The majority have never been published. A full range of styles is included: gleaming muscle gods shot in the physique magazine style, sun-dappled outdoor nudes from the 1960s, and artful black-and-white studio portraits by George Platt Lynes. Uncovered restores a lost chapter to the history of the male nude photograph and reintroduces more than one hundred unsung classics of male erotic photography to the world.

Photographs from over 10 photographers – lots of foreskin!

the Author…
Reed Massengill is a photographer and writer whose work has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for biography. He has authored and edited several books, including Self-Exposure: The Male Nude Self-Portrait and The Male Ideal: Lon of New York and the Masculine Physique. Victor Skrebneski (foward) is celebrated as one of the world’s finest fashion and portrait photographers.

The book retails for about $45,

but you can pick it up at Amazon for about half price!

Uncovered: Rare Vintage Male Nudes

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