Stop Male Infant Circumcision in the US


LAST WEEK,  UNCUT  NEWS   resported that 12 years ago, the US passed a law banning female genital mutilation, also known as female circumcision. To mark the anniversary, protesters marched in Washington DC  last week, to protest that male circumcision is still legal.

These activists call themselves “intactivists”, and are pushing for an end to public funding for circumcision. So far, 16 states, including Washington State, have banned Medicaid funding for the purposes of circumcision. According to the International Coalition for Genital Integrity, state governments can save $1 million a year by cutting public funding for circumcision.


In other  news….


The American Academy of Pediatrics is said to be revisiting their policy on infant circumcision. The 1999 policy puts it that there are some possible medical plusses to circumcising, but that they don’t outweigh the known risks and drawbacks, or warrant routine circumcision. Nonetheless, they sum up that parents should weigh cultural factors when deciding about circumcising their sons. This part blows my mind since it’s not even a medical opinion.

Their policy is followed by other agencies like the American Medical Association, and it has a big impact on whether insurers can get away with not covering the infant procedure.

I’d like you to write to the AAP policy task force and remind them that their new policy needs to reflect human rights, the immense value of intact genitals, and the fact that babies aren’t at risk for STDs.

Dr. Susan Blank, Chair – Circumcision Policy Task Force
American Academy of Pediatrics
141 Northwest Point Blvd.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

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3 thoughts on “Stop Male Infant Circumcision in the US

  1. I admire your persistence in worshipping the foreskin, but here’s what the American Academy of Pediatrics is likely to conclude later this year: “After a comprehensive review of the latest medical and scientific evidence, the American Academy of Pediatrics concludes that all males should be circumcised, preferably at birth, as a matter of both personal medical well-being and general public health to protect themselves, their future sexual partners, and society as a whole from a number of debilitating, life-threatening, and costly diseases.

  2. This is rubbish.
    Soap and water are as effective as circumcision, apart from being cheaper and less painful.
    Moreover, circumcisions can and do go wrong and then the only solution is to cut the whole appendage off and try to make a “girl”. This never works, the result is just a mutilated male.
    Lately there has been talk that circumcision prevents HIV infection. This is manifestly untrue:
    In Africa almost all the tribes in the southern hemisphere practise circumcision, as do the Muslims and the Christain Ethiopians in the north, yet the continent is riddled with HIV.
    Mr Bill Gates has been persuaded by this clever piece of propaganda to set up a trust for the circumcision of Africans. Result: you do it anyway, but why not apply for a grant while you’re about it?
    The poor rich man has been hoodwinked!

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