Extra Long Foreskin












ok- so my foreskin will never be that long!

but we get a lot of questions about Foreskin Restoration.

And TLC TUGGER is the leader in this area and they

make a tapeless device that DOES GET RESULTS!

A restoration device, or tugger, is a device used for applying

tension to skin during the process of non-surgical foreskin restoration.

Those who use such a device employ the technique of tissue expansion,

which causes new skin to grow.

If you have been cut, and really want foreskin, this is the device

to use for you.

TLC Tugger

29 thoughts on “Extra Long Foreskin

  1. #6 is so beautiful, i would love for my cut cock to be natural. I was robbed of my foreskin. I’m so jealous of uncut cocks, very sexy.

  2. I love long foreskins, they are such a turn on. Mine is quite long and i love it when someone fiddles with it… or slips their finger or tongue inside…. I get very wet with precum and love it when I can let my slippery knob lide around inside my foreskin … it feels really nice…. I wish I could suck myself. I also love seeing white cum cofering a foreskin and dripping out the end…. mmmm and it tastes good too!

  3. i am a huge foreskin pig , love long overhanging foreskin on older men.i live in London and want to meet any older men with long overhangs

  4. Jesus was circumsised when he was 8 days old as in Jewish traditio. But He was resurrected intact. Many churches claim to own his foreskin. James

  5. Joey Pachell: I am in the process of restoring my skin, using tape. Little by little I am getting a nice overhang. How long did you have to do it to get your overhang?


  6. I’m a 53 yr. old bi male have been restoring for years I have full coverage over my
    head. I recently had to see a urologist and when he examined me he peeled back my
    skin and I could see the confusion on his face but he diddn’t say a word. would love to
    talk with other men in my area that are restoring so if your in winnipeg manitoba let me
    know at, ronkalder@yahoo.com The longer the foreskin the better

  7. I love a full meal of about two weeks worth of cheesy smegma, followed by about eight wads of thick cum deep down my throat.

  8. Hi cheeselover: I have had some experiences with guys with cheesy smegma, while it is kind of fun, it really smells pretty strong. But, a nice uncut cock is a wonderful thing isn’t it?


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